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Can’t Get There From Here.

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I would have placed Buddha of Suburbia higher – somewhere in the middle, maybe. This album might not have been the absolute sheerest of genius, but after years of bloated drek, it let us know Ziggy finally got his groove back. Kind of an important announcement. And while I too would have listed Tonight near the bottom of the pile, I don’t think it deserves the level of scorn this write-up has given it. Oh, it deserves scorn aplenty, don’t get me wrong – but I would throw it the few crumbs of compassion this article instead afforded Never Let Me Down, which in my opinion is Turd City, population: poop. Also would have liked to have seen some leniency for the 90s output. No, they weren’t sublime masterpieces, and they might even be slightly overrated, but they’re a universe more salvageable than anything he did post-Let’s Dance and pre-Buddha of Suburbia. Can’t argue with the top two picks in this list. Low and Ziggy are pure gold. Still don’t know where I’d place The Next Day, other than to say I sure do enjoy it.

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This sounds like a Tin Machine outtake.

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Is this an outtake from Inland Empire?

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I wonder if some of those demos are actually remixes that were mis-labeled somewhere in the process of leakage? Otherwise, those are some pretty fancy demos.

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The first three songs are quite the 1-2-3 punch. It helps that “Shake It Out” and “What the Water Gave Me” were previewed, because those songs back-to-back are a lot to process. Knowing them and hearing them in succession is a whole lotta bigness. Another great 1-2 punch happens soon after: There’s “Breaking Down”, which sounds like Flo and the gang are on some serious ELO shit (I levitated a little upon hearing this one) and “Lover to Lover”, which could only be more divalicious if Annie Lennox herself were to materialize in the mix. There’s not a yawner in the bunch. Yeah, the “deluxe” version floating around is a little lengthy, but the core album is muscular and substantial. The extras are extra-ey. But they’re good extras! Oh, I love this album. Yup. Absolutely.

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Out of politeness (read: fear of downvotes) I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’m glad someone threw their hat into the “Kate doesn’t have red hair!” debate. And oh, huh – so she did go the ginger route for a minute, didn’t she? I learned something new today.

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Flo has an adjacent asthetic to Kate Bush, but it’s not at all a by-the-numbers approach or a shady appropriation. As a fan of both, I see how people can make the comparisons, but KB’s influence is just a spice in this stew, not the whole recipe.

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You know me so well! Nothing like being profiled as a Top 40 bubblegum fan because I don’t care for overproduced Top 40 hip-hop. Go blow it out your Sprite Remix bottle bong.

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It’s really hard to pick just one as a favorite, but I always seem to come back to Quicksand, so I guess that’s gotta be the one for me.