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That’s a lot to pay considering you don’t even get to play real instruments.

“he probably needs to get the fuck out of here with that comparison, don’t you think?” Most unnecessary probably OF ALL TIME.

I was shocked not to find the Vampire Weekend version on here, until I googled it and realized that “I’m Going Down” is the Boss song that they cover. Most of Mr. Springsteen’s catalog runs together for me…

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The way they sell out the tickets and then release their lineup a day later basically says that they want festival goers to not give a shit about the music. What’s disappointing is that quite a few halfway decent midcard acts that I would like to check out will count this as their Chicago visit.

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Give me Smile Like You Mean It and For Reasons Unknown please

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I don’t disagree with anything you said, but I think one of the big benefits of Spotify you miss is that it makes it makes it a lot easier for people to discover new music. When anyone with an internet connection and a Facebook account can listen to any song they want for free and get suggestions from friends and other people with similar taste, it can help artists reach an audience that the traditional model wouldn’t have. This benefits the artists who don’t get played over and over again on the radio. I’ve discovered many artists this way; I may have stumbled upon them eventually but Spotify made it easier. This has lead to me buying concert tickets and even records that I likely wouldn’t have without the service.

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What they are saying is Spotify doesn’t pay a specified amount per stream, they pay based on the artists percentage of the total overall streams. Those two are different… say you increase your streams from 1M to 2M. Under the pay-per-stream method you would get twice as much in royalties. But under the percentage model, if every other artist also doubled their streams, but Spotify’s total revenue didn’t double, you would end up with less than twice as much.

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I could tell while reading through the list that it was building up to Corduroy as #1. No arguments there. Black and State of Love and Trust belong there. I guess I’ll have to forgive you for those omissions since the “Rockabye Baby” compilations weren’t out yet in the early 90′s. Release is a personal favorite. Elderly Woman… would make my list for sure. Red Mosquito. Footsteps. This band is great because three different “types” of Pearl Jam fans (none superior to the other) could come up with three completely different lists.

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The only song from Wincing to make this list isn’t one I particularly care for. It is a decent song, but there are so many more amazing songs on that album.