They were afraid these songs “mightn’t be heard?” Does he know what band he’s in?

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Elbow – The Take Off And Landing Of Everything

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True Confessions Time: If they had a reality show that was just Adam and Blake hanging out together just doing everyday things like grocery shopping, I would watch it all day.

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I don’t see any white ones. They all look yellow to me.

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I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

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Wouldn’t mind seeing Tweedy give his own rendition of “The Pit”.

Ok, fine. American Express, I’ll sign up for one of your cards now. You’ve convinced me.

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I dig it. Build A Rocket Boys! was a bit of a letdown, though it has some great songs on it. I’m getting a good vibe that this new record will be the proper follow-up to the beauty of The Seldom Seen Kid.

Cheers, lads!

Doesn’t one have to be a dork in order to even think about starting a band? That’s just how it is, really.

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Holy hell this is awesome! No one does it better. The combination of his voice with some of those lines sent chills down my spine. At least three or four times. Sorry for the stupid rhymes.