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That setlist is no joke.

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No Twilight Sad!? That’s easily my number 1.

Shirley is such a class act. It says a lot when she walks off stage and lets Marissa destroy the crowd form guitar orbit with her own bandmates.

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Two of my favorite lyrics from 2012 in this one song.

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I’m trying to remove the “Cursive” from this equation and determine if I would like the song anyway. Leaning towards the negative on that…

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I can’t get any of them to work. Too many redirects.

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Comparisons to Kate Bush are okay—Natasha is definitely a contemporary artist that drew at least some of her inspiration from those before her, like every other musician. But to lead off an article with a direct implication that there would have never been Bat for Lashes without Kate Bush (hence the world, “offspring”) is kinda lame.

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Actually, why can’t she just like whatever bands she likes at the moment?