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As someone that works in Silicon Valley, I can say the satire was spot on.

so yeah, Throwing Copper came out 20 years ago.

17 years? LOL more like 8. Their last album was released in 2006. Its called IV. Its good.

Ill give you the condensed version. It plays FLAC files.

 +1Posted on Mar 10th | re: Daft Punk & Jay Z - "Computerized" (9 comments)

its like a slightly updated “technologic”

 0Posted on Mar 9th | re: Looks Like The Rapture Broke Up (11 comments)

It was “Sister Savior” that got me into this band. It was unlike anything I heard since the early 00s was about 60s garage rock revival acts. What made them stand out was how catchy, bouncy and dancy their sound was. In fact, I wouldn’t surprise me if they inspired bands like The Bravery, Rock Kills Kid, and Stellastar. If this news is accurate, they will be missed and Im glad I saw them 2 years ago.

 0Posted on Mar 7th | re: Superunknown Turns 20 (18 comments)

This was one of the many CDs I brought to jr high. Looking all cool listening to it on my cumbersome $300 discman. As a kid, I would always read the lyrics booklet as each song played. Probably cause the artwork complimented the mood and theme of each track which further immersed me into the music. I remember my favorite was the title song. It was full energy and fun to sing to. The there was the bewildering yet comical “Half.” Cant really place it, but the high pitch vocals stuck out more than the other songs. As for the runtime, it was definitely an excursion but such an enjoyable one. The dark atmosphere that it projects is what makes it staple of the era. That cresting period of when grunge was on its way out. Superunknown was like its epic send off cause really, theres was nothing like it afterwards. Still, Black Hole Sun will always have its place. The song and the video.

So…whats next on the queue? The 20th anniversary of Live – Throwing Copper? Stone Temple Pilots – Purple? Alice in Chains – Jar of Flies?

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or Diarrhea Planet

You know if it wasnt for chest rig bulges on every single person and the shadows of the cherry picker behind them, I might have believed this.

 0Posted on Feb 28th | re: Mellow Gold Turns 20 (53 comments)

I was 13 when I bought this album, and I based my purchase on “Loser.” The video of course is what sold the song though. Bold decision, but totally worth it. As a kid, Beck was was this hilarious musician that would eclectic a chuckle. I remember laughing at all the songs as they played. Songs like “Pay No Mind” “Beercan” “Soul Sucking Jerk” “Nightmare Hippy GIrl.” and the intro to “Truckdrivin’ Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat).” I didn’t know WTF I was listening to, but I enjoyed every aspect of this album for comical purposes. Listening to it now, I still smirk at the “giant dildo” part or the complete randomness of “Soul Sucking Jerk.” Its no masterpiece, but its fun to listen to.