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courtesy of brooklyn vegan:


One and All (We Are)
Being Beige
Tonight, Tonight
Drum + Fife
Glass and the Ghost Children
Stand Inside Your Love
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Fame (David Bowie cover)

Ava Adore
Burnt Orange-Black

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dominoes was 2009

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i was thinking the same exact thing. this actually fits quite well with the ’59 sound-type stuff they’ve been alluding to with the past two records.

and what the fuck, when have they never been a ballads band? weird history rewrite, stereogum/stereogum readers.

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yeah the video is a little ridiculous, but definitely not as awful as i was expecting. it’s actually pretty interesting in a way, and i did like the ending.

but also wow, this song is definitely what i was looking for in their last record: classic tga pantheon stuff. after a few years of really uneven songs, i hope with this record they’re finally giving up the goods.

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i got turned onto springsteen by the gaslight anthem 6 years ago, of whom i’m grateful to see mentioned here. a fitting tribute, but i really could’ve done without lines like “Springsteen has two albums that begin with the word “born” and would’ve appreciated at least one mention of “i’m goin’ down.” it’s quite obviously the best song on the record.

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i think it’s appropriate to leave out most of the early stuff in favor of the LP-centered material. it completely represents this band, and even in an alternate history where they weren’t known for the zodiac records or the more proggy latter-day stuff, it’s hard to make the case that their 2-minute throwdowns come anywhere close to the nailed ambition of david comes to life. that record is a total masterpiece and ignoring it on the basis of “punk” or lush production would be ignorance in its purest form.

but as for “Hell, I’ve got a friend who can only get into the Zodiac series, which might surprise even its makers” – running times aside, i’ve never felt as if those songs were ever difficult to digest.

i like journey, and perry is one of the best singers of all time. but does anyone else think e is basically apologizing the whole time for being friends with him to protect his own credibility? to me, comments like “I really have a genuine appreciation for those songs now” are borderline patronizing.

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keep in mind, the argument isn’t “a transgender role should always be played by a transgender actor.” she’s merely giving the suggestion that instead of throwing an already-accomplished actor the part, why not consider a transgender actor? it’s not like they don’t exist.

i don’t get it. i’m asking about mike byrne.

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well i guess that makes that weird-ass seth meyers performance make a little more sense now. also seems like the record company isn’t doling out bad girls bucks anymore for her videos.

those are drones, btw, not hovercrafts.