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it wasn’t really “overdramatic.” some decent humor thrown in.

i’m definitely aware there’s a connotation in the video, which may or may not be intentional

oh whoops, let me rephrase that just for you. in the context of exemplifying/excoriating “sax rock” with a photograph of clarence, i don’t find that any more offensive than tossing jake onto the tour mere days after clarence’s death for the sake of filling a hole in “jungleland.”

sorry dude

i don’t find the clarence clemons reference offensive or even in bad taste. he died three years ago, and yeah it was sad, but still, three years. even the e street band got over that relatively quickly by hiring jake clemons almost immediately afterwards.

i just find the whole idea that saxophones don’t deserve to be in rock music pretty ignorant, and especially writing off the entire springsteen catalogue which doesn’t even include clarence’s contributions even half the time. and for the other half, clarence is pretty much responsible for popularizing its inclusion to rock music and taking it to entirely other levels of musicanship. she can’t simply sit there and pretend like she’s a guitar-punk purist and hasn’t added string arrangements and other accents to her own work.

the video clearly isn’t racist, but instead of taking a more subjective point of view on the whole thing, it’s really disheartening to see her take the whole “i’m not racist, you’re racist for calling me racist, and i have multiple examples of why i’m not racist” defense. that could be chalked up to the fact she’s young and has a history of bad judgement, but she comes off as really ineloquent in what she’s written.

as for the controversy over how african americans are depicted in her video, i can’t help but think everyone is making a big deal over nothing. not to mention the double standard over not including enough diversity (hbo’s girls) and including too much diversity (this).

i really don’t want it to affect how much i love the song, though. i fucking love the song.

are you saying you hate cds because you neglected your own collection?

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ixnay is definitely my favorite too

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it’s no masterpiece, and it wasn’t starting a revolution with me as a teenager, but what does make it special for me was that it was mostly an entry into metal rather than punk. i still have my copy from 1995. some will undoubtedly say i should have gotten rid of it long ago, but there’s a certain sentimental value that prevents me from trading this record in. over the years, i still find myself going back to it every so often to feel that endorphin rush that i got when i was 15 years old, listening to genocide on my discman, volume at 11.

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that video is great too

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that song is fucking mind blowing