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Interesting how we can scrutinize female pop stars until we are blue in the face, but as soon as we start talking about how a male pop star presents himself it is “unprofessional”. Total double standard.

 +1Posted on Mar 25th | re: Fucked Up - "Year Of The Dragon" (2 comments)

This is too too good

 +6Posted on Mar 24th | re: Stream Cloud Nothings Here And Nowhere Else (13 comments)

The drumming on this album SLAYS.

 +2Posted on Feb 26th | re: Album Of The Week: Schoolboy Q Oxymoron (78 comments)

I’m hoping this album is a grower. But so far I am more partial to Habits and Contradictions.

 +18Posted on Feb 18th | re: Stream St. Vincent St. Vincent (64 comments)

I just upvoted your comment so it would stay at zero. I feel like that is my only way to disappoint your downvote pandering.

 +6Posted on Feb 18th | re: Stream St. Vincent St. Vincent (64 comments)

After hearing “Birth in Reverse” and “Digital Witness” I was wondering if this would be Love This Giant pt. 2. On first listen though, this is definitely different (and better). The slow jams slay.

 +16Posted on Jan 27th | re: Cloud Nothings - "I'm Not Part Of Me" (37 comments)

As I have no personal agenda against Baldi, I find this song awesome.

 +4Posted on Jan 10th | re: Watch Parquet Courts Play Fallon (9 comments)

That was awesome

 +3Posted on Dec 31st, 2013 | re: Staring Down Mortality With Vampire Weekend And Kanye West (66 comments)

We should care because they are humans, just as we are. While economics play a part in our relative amounts/types of sufferings, the questions of meaning, significance, and the temporality of life are to be answered by everyone, regardless of social status. While we may not agree with Ezra or Kanye’s worldview (as Chris admitted) or empathize with their life situations, we can empathize with their attempts to find answers to these questions.

 +4Posted on Dec 19th, 2013 | re: Sisyphus (Sufjan, Son Lux, & Serengeti) - “Calm It Down” (10 comments)

Maybe I’m a Sufjan fanboy or something, but I think this track is the shit.