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Exactly. MF Doom did it. Why can’t they?

You know, I’ll actually listen to Deadmau5′ opinion once he makes some electronic music that’s actually interesting to listen to.

Seriously though, I’m not gonna pay hundreds of dollars to watch people fake it on stage. The fact that people try to back raves up by saying, “It’s all about the experience!” is bullshit in my opinion. If you have to be rolling on drugs to truly enjoy something, then it’s probably not really all that enjoyable.

Win had a real point too. I stopped going to Sasquatch after 1/3 of the festival-goers were just ravers. They kind of really divided the whole demographic and the original point of having a predominately indie-rock festival to and end. I would have loved to go to the dance tent at the end of the night at the Gorge, but I’m not interested in essentially going to rave. I’d much rather listen to a DJ like Girl Talk, who puts one of the best live shows you can possibly go to and dance my ass off to that.

Festivals are all about making money though, and who can blame them? EDM sells tickets. Lots of tickets. And the fact that people are willing to pay a total of over 500 dollars for a weekend is enough evidence to back that argument up.

I’ll see you soon Bumbershoot. It’ll be refreshing to see lots of local acts and then a fair share of big ones.

lets all take bets!

I’m guessing a B.S. in liberal arts and minoring in philosophy.

Please, please, please do a full tour. :O

 0Posted on Apr 14th | re: Watch Arcade Fire's Full Coachella Set Featuring Debbie Harry (5 comments)

Thank you based Win for calling out the people who are ruining festivals.

 +12Posted on Apr 14th | re: Watch Kids Try To Use A Walkman For The First Time (15 comments)

“I’m such a 90′s kid, but I wasn’t born in the 90′s.”

What in god’s name has happened?! :(

 0Posted on Apr 7th | re: The Coachella Diet Is A Thing (11 comments)

Well, thankfully I’m not going to Coachella, so I’ll just continue surviving off of pizza at work and Rainiers.

 +1Posted on Mar 29th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (21 comments)

That’s why I think medium sized festivals are where it’s at nowadays. I won’t go to Sasquatch anymore. I’m just going to Bumbershoot from now on. Amazing art festival and only 120 bucks or so for 3 days. Can’t wait regardless of the lineup.

 +5Posted on Mar 28th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (21 comments)

I’m just saying. This is about the only article where we can get a bit off topic.