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Ohh oh I forgot about this Stereogum holiday tradition–a contrarian piece of critical revisionism.

I do think it was a necessary corrective back in 2010 when people shit all over MAYA (especially when considering in retrospect its foreshadowing of a musical style growing more prominent with Arca/Yeezus/FKA twigs and the continuing debate over the NSA/civil liberties) but I think it’s a bit off the mark in this case.

FKA twigs–”LP1.” Great album period, especially incredible considering it’s her debut.

Just on a pique, I decided to Google “311 truth now” to see if anyone else was catching onto it, and I found someone with a head full of ideas that you wouldn’t believe …

Among the list of Conspirators and Perpetrators of the 3/11/11 Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown are the U.S. Geological Survey, Magna (an Israeli security products manufacturer), the IAEA, the UN, the EU, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


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Nah, I hear way more M.I.A. than L.A.M.B. here.

Please crawl back under whatever rock you just crawled out of.

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I think this whole business pulling her music from Spotify a week after her album release is a brilliant strategy for TSwift economically and was almost certainly planned in advance. Pretty sneaky though.

The demand curve for Taylor Swift music is rather inelastic, as her past sales have shown, and demand is high, so if you drastically cut the supply through all other legitimate channels, the price of her music will skyrocket. As in, people who otherwise never buy music will buy her MP3s or even her whole album, and people who usually just buy singles will buy her whole album and maybe some of her old albums too.

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First verse and chorus audio: 8.8/10

I swear her vocals were great during the first voice and chorus, and the power and subtlety that conveyed simultaneous with the 10/10 visuals was INCREDIBLE. I swear, after that I think her lungs were exhausted with those rapid-fire low notes and perfect breath control and her voice weakened a lot after that, but her pitch and was still excellent, dancing perfect, her pipes were weak. She gave it all and got exhausted by the end

Ain’t been that long. Wasn’t that like, last night?

PBMGR comes out the week before “Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance”!!!

I really like “Ray of Light” and “Bedtime Stories” before that. She *really* started going straight downhill on “Music” and most everything she’s put out since has been bad, if not outright embarrassing (“4 Minutes” and “Gimme All Your Luvin.”)