Sorry to harp on about this, but it’s funny how Lewis seems to take a jab at the 4AD/Beggar’s “machine” “is a lot bigger than people think it is.” Regardless of how big for an indie label they are, the effort put into preparing for this album release is a much bigger deal to them than a huge label like Warner Bros. that can afford to throw their money around on plenty of artists without big returns while RHCP, Green Day, Linkin Park, Blake Shelton, and so on are constantly bringing in tens of millions, selling out stadiums and arenas.

What I’m wondering is how much 4AD invested in this album–did they pay for any of this recording equipment he bought? Studio time, rent at the cemetery, etc.?

It says in the interview that the label had begun promoting it as well. It seems like kind of a dick move to bail mid-album cycle after however much effort and resources 4AD invested and then just turn over the recordings to a new label. Then to go on and complain about his old label not making a big fuss about it … Ever think they’re unhappy with you and don’t *want* to talk to you???

Hopefully Warner Bros. compensated 4AD well, they can definitely afford it.

Obviously they totally jacked the beat and distorted octave parts from “American Girl,” but for me it’s not really a matter of principle–I simply like “Last Nite” *way* more than “Stay With Me.” (Which I really can’t stand.)

I would say this is a pretty classy move on Sam Smith’s part, though.

Rock Panther Presents must fuckin hate him.

Gotta check that out too!

Also, has anyone else heard “Release the Beast” by Breakwater? It’s an amazing new wave/funk banger that Daft Punk sampled on “Robot Rock” and 9th Wonder sampled on “Intro” from Murs 3:16. I also love discovering great obscure old songs from samples!

 -2Posted on Jan 17th | re: FIDLAR - "If It Makes You Happy" (Sheryl Crow Cover) (8 comments)

(Pop Up Video!!!)
The ’90s–That’s where Billy Corgan’s from too, right???!!!

Frantically looking up the original! When I hear a great cover it makes me happy cuz I get to hear 2X the great music! (sometimes)

 0Posted on Jan 14th | re: FKA Twigs - "Pendulum" Video (15 comments)

“as with everything she does, it’s an absolute must-watch.”

This statement inspired me to rewatch all of her videos, and it’s incredible how fully-formed as an artist she is and has been since at least EP2. So it’s really not surprising that she’s capable of making a video (with a song) so incredible, cuz she’s been doing it since making videos for every song on EP2 (Papi Pacific and Water Me are jarring and incredible).

No, what’s surprising to me is that she just *keeps* making videos of this caliber so consistently. Can’t wait to hear (and see) more from her. I expect more great things to come.

Also, at this point Panda Bear is McCartney AND Lennon, at least as it relates to Animal Collective-related output. He’s more innovative and has the incredible hooks.

Seriously I’m not sure if I can get where you’re coming from at all Chris because the only AnCo material that makes me feel like I’m vomiting through a fault line to hell is about half of Centipede Hz.

Also “Summertime Clothes,” “Daily Routine,” “Guys Eyes,” and “Brothersport” are all amazing on their own so you’re really missing out by only listening to “My Girls.” Strawberry Jam is great, it’s what you think CHz is (Avey at his screaching-crazy-awesomest best).

I do love Tomboy, but I really can’t see it being better than Person Pitch. I guess I see it as his Mature Themes and this is his Pom Pom–a more schizo and equally brilliant companion to the more cohesive and grander scale Before Today/Person Pitch.

Anyways so I guess my point is I’m a huge AnCo fanboy and this is the greatest thing since Merriweather Post Pavillion.