Well, he *is* a fellow native-Germanic language speaker.

She apparently only read half of the word when she signed with “InterSCOPE,” not “InterPOL.”

The only thing I’m wondering is how long until she starts shit-talking Interpol when they don’t ask her to join.

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She didn’t say that. In her own words: “If it were up to the world I would be a racist/heroin addict manufactured robot.”

Saying you aren’t a heroin addict isn’t the same as saying you don’t use drugs.

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Amen. If he is a sexual predator (and it seems very likely he is), he deserves to be prosecuted for his crimes. Just because a person is nice to and hasn’t harmed you personally doesn’t make them a good, upstanding person overall.

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The point you’re missing is that both of those songs paid tribute to the original material, whereas you were self-righteously mocking everyone whose comments you altered, plus totally beating a dead horse into a bloody pulp after about the second or third time.

“You’ve gotta hear this one song, it’ll change your life!” would have been the appropriate lede.

I think you forgot to throw a “sheeple” in there …

Awkward wording … “cranky record store-geek stereotype” is probably a better way to phrase that.

Patrick Carney is a bargain-basement version of the worst record-store geek crank stereotype imaginable.