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I heard “Fancy” on my local Top 40 station yesterday and they said, “That was ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea, a 23-year-old Australian girl. Love her!” Not a word about Charli XCX!!! And she totally makes the song! So frustrating…

OR, alternatively, you can just mute Dark Side of the Moon in your media player, then turn the volume back on to toggle between the full mix, Dark Side of the Moon on its own, and the skeletal structures of the Dark Side songs on Flaming Side of the Moon!

I had them synced up, but then turned off Dark Side of the Moon. It’s a pretty cool effect because you can continue recognizing the skeleton of Pink Floyd songs in your head and kind of mentally fill in the blanks.

To the contrary, I think they’re exactly the demographic with the *most* money to spare. The kind of people who shell out $100-200 on a regular basis to see a football game and pay $30 for parking and then spend $8 per beer and have no problem with this.

The kind of people who don’t really know anything about digital audio formats and will just see and respond to all these huge-name classic rock artists’ testimony that this is “the greatest sound they’ve ever heard!” are a prime target audience.

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If we could get just go ahead and get new Tame Impala *and* Melody’s Echo Chamber albums soon-ish, that would greaaattttt …

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Speaking of him doing no wrong, have you all listened to Melody’s Echo Chamber, whose album he produced? Love that album.

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But moving on isn’t the problem–it’s the dishonest and deceitful manner in which he did it.

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Jezebel is a terrible gossipmongering website that likes to encourage women to resent other women while claiming to be “feminists,” but if you’re Thurston Moore and have just unapologetically confessed to a six-year affair with a much younger woman, the last thing you want to do is hurl “men’s rights”-sounding insults at this time.

And considering, if a prior poster’s account is accurate, Eva was having an affair with Thurston while preparing for her wedding, I’m pretty skeptical about the prospects of this relationship. I guess we’ll see how Thurston Moore feels about it in a few years, with the benefit of hindsight and in a better place to objectively judge his actions.

I disagree. It’s a bad thing to do, definitely, and generally I would hope a decent person would express more remorse about an affair and not treat it in such a blase way, but I don’t think it inherently makes you a bad person. Good people sometimes do bad things, and people change.