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well i don’t either, but i sure as hell remember outkast….

Bite your tongue dickhead.

Would you prefer he settle into a nice career of phoning it in for the rest of his life, or would you prefer he be honest and cut the cord.

Also the reason he has all kinds of money is because he’s half of Outkast.

Remember Oukast?

While I think the check-out at the Coachella set was certainly troubling, I have to say I like his candid and unabashed honesty here. You can tell he’s struggling existentially with this stuff, and that he doesn’t want to mislead anybody (anymore).

Writing and releasing this missive did absolutely no good for anyone in the world other than maybe Henry Rollins. You want to talk selfish??? Jesus.

 +2Posted on Aug 21st | re: Who Should Arcade Fire Cover In Brooklyn? (58 comments)

I agree with you man, I don’t like the fact they refuse to just cover a single, I’m as big a fan of esoteric album cuts as the next guy, but can you IMAGINE seeing them cover Once in a Lifetime (or Naive Melody, or Burning down the House, or Crosseyed and Painless, or……)

I remember thinking there were some weird gaps when I saw the Yeezus tour in Boston but I wasn’t sure if they were fuck ups.

Now I’m pretty sure they were fuck ups.

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 0Posted on Aug 12th | re: Album Of The Week: Kix Rock Your Face Off (121 comments)

take a breath dan. the fleet foxes self titled album is still probably still one of the best three albums released in the last ten years.

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 +4Posted on Jul 31st | re: Stars Announce New Album No One Is Lost (5 comments)

One of my favorite bands in the world for everything through In Our Bedroom, After the War but they tanked REALLY hard with The Five Ghosts and only slightly less with The North, nonetheless I’ll get psyched.

After all, what’s that saying: fool me once: shame on you, fool me twice: shame on your again, fool me three times: we’re fucking done, Stars.