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 0Posted on Sep 25th | re: Puig Destroyer - "Attrition" (Stereogum Premiere) (4 comments)

Not to mention all of Cannabis Corpses song titles are just reworkings of CanCorpse titles:

-”I Will Smoke You”
-”Force Fed Shitty Grass”
-”I Cum Bud”
-”Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red”


-”I Knew You Would Bubble”
-”(The Bag That Is) Mine”
-”We Are Never Ever Getting Stoned Together”
“You Belong With Tree”
“22 (Pounds of Marijuana)”

 0Posted on Sep 16th | re: Win The Beatles In Mono 14-LP Vinyl Box Set (1451 comments)


“Half the World Away”

can’t it be both?

This headline confused me….

well i don’t either, but i sure as hell remember outkast….

Bite your tongue dickhead.

Would you prefer he settle into a nice career of phoning it in for the rest of his life, or would you prefer he be honest and cut the cord.

Also the reason he has all kinds of money is because he’s half of Outkast.

Remember Oukast?

While I think the check-out at the Coachella set was certainly troubling, I have to say I like his candid and unabashed honesty here. You can tell he’s struggling existentially with this stuff, and that he doesn’t want to mislead anybody (anymore).

Writing and releasing this missive did absolutely no good for anyone in the world other than maybe Henry Rollins. You want to talk selfish??? Jesus.