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 0Posted on Jul 16th | re: Radiohead Will Record In September (62 comments)

there we go buhloone, that’s my order (with the possible exception of switching those first two or having them “tied” at 1)

Double standard much…

 -9Posted on Jun 18th | re: The 10 Best Tori Amos Songs (79 comments)

If I told you all I think Tori Amos is just completely the worst…..

 +13Posted on Jun 18th | re: Stream How To Dress Well "What Is This Heart?" (10 comments)

 -2Posted on Jun 17th | re: Let's Shortlist The Song Of The Summer 2014 (286 comments)

Klingande – “Jubel (Original Mix)” (you guys need to check out this song if you haven’t)

Love Dollhouse – “Can I”

Sylvan Esso – “Hey Mami”

Clean Bandit (ft. Jesse Glynn) – “Rather Be (The Magician Remix)”

Real Estate – “Primitive”

lots more, will think

 +2Posted on Jun 9th | re: Stream The Antlers Familiars (7 comments)


 +2Posted on Jun 9th | re: Stream The Antlers Familiars (7 comments)

Caught on to this one a few weeks ago when it leaked.

My first listen or two came on my crappy work computer speakers, and I felt the whole thing was a little monochromatic and boring, and that there was too much trumpet.

But when I finally got in a headphone listen it changed everything and having heard it that way and going back to the crappy speakers it retains it’s charm.

Fact is, it IS really of-a-sound and pared back, but as much as the bombastic moments of Hospice and Burst Apart were exciting and “Epic”, it’s really refreshing to have this album whose theme is disconnect between mind, soul and body, and have it delivered in such a plaintive, searching way.

I love pretty much everything about this album; I love the notably unadorned instrumentation; I love Peter Silberman working more in his lower register; I love the questions the lyrics ask about the immortality of love and memory. I think this is a quiet and beautiful work that’s probably better than Burst Apart and nearly at the level of Hospice.

Well done.

You guys wouldn’t feel this way if you’d gotten married young and gotten a divorce.

Not that that’s what happened to me, I just feel confident it would effect the appreciation of the song….

THANK YOU! Scott was quick to point out that the song was “co-written” by Henley and Bruce, but honestly has Don Henley ever written another song this good?

Guessing that Mike Campbell did most of the heavy lifting for “Boys of Summer” too…

 +6Posted on Jun 5th | re: Axl Rose Announces Chinese Democracy Sequel, Remix Album (7 comments)

I love how Axl Rose looks like a fat comedian doing a bad Axl Rose impression these days.