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Where the Wild Things Are?

Either way, Weezer’s consistency (or lack thereof) confuses me. I can’t tell if I’m just attached to the memories of the Blue and Green Albums in high school, or if they’re genuinely just unchanging for the most part. Or if they’re like living on life support and the cord needs to be snipped.

 0Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Metal Band To Play In A Box Until They Run Out Of Oxygen (12 comments)

Hahaha, fuck. I can see Brian Williams now.

 +5Posted on Jun 30th | re: Bon Iver - "Heavenly Father" (14 comments)

Also, the loop in the song is fucking maddening, like gnat that gets in your sweaty ear while you’re running.

 +3Posted on Jun 30th | re: Bon Iver - "Heavenly Father" (14 comments)

It appears as though Mistah Braff is in a competition with himself for having Indiest Soundtrack to A Film Indier Than Garden State. And, admittedly, I did love Garden State’s soundtrack, I don’t know if I can handle another competition between the World Cup, Wimbledon, and MLB, Dr. Dorian.

 0Posted on Jun 29th | re: Ryn Weaver - "OctaHate" (21 comments)

I really dig this track.

That said, for some reason this unfortunate thing popped into my head as soon as I heard it the first time:

 0Posted on Jun 29th | re: Dozens Of Avicii Fans Get Too Fucked Up In Boston (11 comments)

I bet the SNL skit writing dudes are clinking beers in some office right now.

 0Posted on Jun 29th | re: Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2014 (183 comments)

Someone needs to tell me the secret of getting into Future Islands, because I’m tryin’. Just when I start to like a song, something negative happens, or I’m reminded of the lead singer’s likeness to an alternative universe Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, and I just can’t take that seriously.

 +1Posted on Mar 25th | re: Black Lips' Cole Alexander Disses Lorde, Drake, & Macklemore (58 comments)

I’ve never listened to a Black Lips song—at least not while I was in a cognizant state of mind. Regardless, this guy seems like so many burned-out, pseudo-activist floaters that I see around my neck of the woods. Even if he had valid points to express, it’s like gnomes in his brain are just dicking around instead of working at the articulation machines.

Even still, Lorde is mostly whack (though relatively harmless) for a variety of reasons. One of which being a more intelligible, more informed version of what Cole was trying to say.

 0Posted on Mar 24th | re: The Black Keys - "Fever" (63 comments)

edit: Patrick Carney’s EDITORIAL facial expressions.

 +2Posted on Mar 24th | re: The Week In Pop: The Mis-MGMT Of Foster The People (86 comments)

I read somewhere that Mark comes off as a “moody boy” and the lyrics on this album tried too hard to sound urgent but ultimately came off as pretty trite—I’m mostly paraphrasing, by the way.

I’m aware of the fact that Foster the People fall under the umbrella of “a band people that love to hate”, but in the defense solely of some lyrics (and catchiness), “Are You What You Want to Be?” is probably one of the most pertinent, relatable songs in the pop/alternative/whatever the fuck genre to come out thus far. Granted, it’s definitely candied. It also has some clichés, but so does everything.