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 -1Posted on Aug 15th | re: Diplo Defends Kandi Ban Following Mad Decent Block Party Deaths (7 comments)

Well, I’ll never get those three minutes back…

 +4Posted on Jul 8th | re: Watch The War On Drugs Absolutely Slay On Letterman (13 comments)

I can point to those drums

 +7Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Grimes Explains What "Go" Is About (7 comments)

lol, dat explanation was like so cute haha and stuff

 +1Posted on Jun 27th | re: AraabMuzik - "Summer Time" Video (1 comments)

That is some dramatic finger drumming

 +2Posted on Jun 26th | re: Album Of The Week: How To Dress Well "What Is This Heart?" (33 comments)

I could never really get into this guy’s previous music or see what all the hype was about (guess I’ve just been overexposed on soft Indie falsetto guys). Gave this a try and track 1 kind of made me think my opinion wasn’t going to change, but I found myself intrigued enough as it kept going to keep listening and then… HOLY FUCK… Very Best Friend has me grooving the fuck out!!

 +1Posted on Jun 25th | re: Ryn Weaver - "OctaHate" (21 comments)

Too late to amend the Song of Summer voting list? It could use at least one good pop song…

 0Posted on Jun 23rd | re: Sturgill Simpson - "The Promise" Video (4 comments)

Yea, I thought of pointing that out as well, since it wasn’t entirely clear in the post. Although I will say that while I definitely recognized it, I could not place the original song in my head when I was listening to the album the first time and had to google the lyrics because it was driving me crazy. Part of the genius of his version, for me at least, is the complete re-imagining of it.

 +2Posted on Jun 18th | re: Sturgill Simpson - "The Promise" Video (4 comments)

One of my favorite tracks of the year.

 0Posted on Jun 18th | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far (253 comments)

“What about albums that we don’t hear until after the year they were released? I’ll use Blood Orange’s “Cupid Deluxe” as an example.”

Happened to me with Courtney Barnett. That album will prob sound like spring 2014 for me for quite some time, even though it apparently came out last year.