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Well I don’t see how the fact that he was bald was relevant…

 0Posted on Sep 12th | re: Kenny G Is An Obsessive Stock Trader (6 comments)

I ask myself that last question daily.

Sometimes I swear these guys are fucking with me. I couldn’t stomach 30 seconds.

 +1Posted on Sep 5th | re: Watch Alt-J Play "Left Hand Free" On Letterman (9 comments)

So if the story behind the song is true, and they wrote it as a joke, why are they still playing it?

Could not get into Put Yr Back N 2 It despite multiple attempts (due to all the praise it received), but this new single is promising.

 -1Posted on Aug 15th | re: Diplo Defends Kandi Ban Following Mad Decent Block Party Deaths (7 comments)

Well, I’ll never get those three minutes back…

 +4Posted on Jul 8th | re: Watch The War On Drugs Absolutely Slay On Letterman (14 comments)

I can point to those drums

 +7Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Grimes Explains What "Go" Is About (7 comments)

lol, dat explanation was like so cute haha and stuff

 +1Posted on Jun 27th | re: AraabMuzik - "Summer Time" Video (1 comments)

That is some dramatic finger drumming

 +2Posted on Jun 26th | re: Album Of The Week: How To Dress Well "What Is This Heart?" (33 comments)

I could never really get into this guy’s previous music or see what all the hype was about (guess I’ve just been overexposed on soft Indie falsetto guys). Gave this a try and track 1 kind of made me think my opinion wasn’t going to change, but I found myself intrigued enough as it kept going to keep listening and then… HOLY FUCK… Very Best Friend has me grooving the fuck out!!