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Pretty good. I can’t tell if the dude in the Ray Bans gets it in the end and is just refusing to acknowledge it or not. The disguise is passable (i guess), but once that dude said “because I am Drake”, it’d be pretty damn hard to still not get it. ha

 +3Posted on Mar 21st | re: Is Record Store Day Bad For Record Stores? (26 comments)

It’s the only time of the year that I hear the words “Record” and “Store” together, so it can’t be all bad.

 +2Posted on Mar 11th | re: Chipotle Sues Frank Ocean (29 comments)

You sound like you know your Frank Ocean.

 0Posted on Feb 24th | re: Kendrick Lamar - "m.A.A.d City (James Blake Remix)" (5 comments)

James Blake is infinitely more talented than I am at electronic music production (and singing)… but I’m still pretty sure I could do better. You got the stems bruh? I’ll give it a whirl…

 0Posted on Feb 21st | re: Kendrick Lamar - "m.A.A.d City (James Blake Remix)" (5 comments)

I don’t know if you can call that a remix so much as a steaming pile of shit with a Kendrick sample wedged into it.

 +8Posted on Feb 20th | re: Conor Oberst Issues Statement About Rape Accusations (36 comments)

Well I, for one, was looking at his name differently when I saw it in the media ever since that story. So, assuming there are tens of thousands of people out there who could say the same, it’s entirely justifiable to say that it has significantly damaged his career. If he knows he didn’t do it, and can prove that she is spreading such heinous lies about him for attention, I say go after her with everything you’ve got. And then give the proceeds to the people who rely on the general public to take accusations like this very seriously.

 +8Posted on Jan 28th | re: Vampy Weeks Thought Trent Reznor Was Pissed At Them!! (33 comments)

Wow that was so awkward. They wanted out of that conversation the second he made that radio comment.

 0Posted on Jan 28th | re: Stream Broken Bells After The Disco (7 comments)

Thanks, not sure if someone changed the link above or what but it is now taking me to a different web-page, which auto-launches the correct page in iTunes. I guess it’s the artist page as opposed to the album page that was showing before maybe. Thanks though.

 0Posted on Jan 28th | re: Stream Broken Bells After The Disco (7 comments)

Link keeps crashing Chrome for me. And in IE everything but two tracks are greyed out and I don’t see a “stream whole album” button. Am I an idiot? Don’t answer that…

 +2Posted on Jan 20th | re: Youth Lagoon - "Worms" (4 comments)

Was definitely wondering the same thing. Trevor posted the song on Facebook along with this: “FYI: although there’s no real sound in the vacuum of space, it’s possible to translate the electromagnetic radiation fluctuations and charged particles of these celestial bodies into conventional sound. So now that you’re no better of a person at all for knowing that, A collection of artists have come together to take audio recordings of planets that were gathered by the Voyager 1 & 2 space probes and manipulate these frequencies in music. This is my piece.”