0Posted on Apr 16th | re: Sky Ferreira - "I Blame Myself" Video (10 comments)

Is bad that after watching this video now i think Sky Ferreira is hot? So I think it was veeery fine.

 +1Posted on Apr 14th | re: Van Morrison Albums From Worst To Best (46 comments)

Wow. Great work. Not a Van fan, but now I’m curious about his discography.

 0Posted on Apr 11th | re: The 5 Best Videos Of The Week (5 comments)

And the chase of the unicorn in Neighbors’ “Last of a Kind”? Ok, the videos this week were very good.

Easy: MILEY CYRUS. She did it so well last time…

 0Posted on Apr 5th | re: The 5 Best Videos Of The Week (6 comments)

Sorry, but I can’t stand the Puff Daddy video. He rappin’ gangsta is the most fake attempt to be cool in 2014.

 0Posted on Apr 5th | re: The 5 Best Videos Of The Week (6 comments)

I think that’s true. The Cloud Nothings video was funnier and better that some videos here (all of them but “Tolerated”).

 +4Posted on Apr 4th | re: The 10 Best Nirvana Songs (163 comments)

I suffer the same strange affinity. “Lounge Act” is my favorite moment of the album.

 +9Posted on Apr 1st | re: Album Of The Week: Cloud Nothings Here And Nowhere Else (58 comments)

I prefer Salad Days this week, and even that S.Carey release.

And that Pure X album… I wasn’t expecting a new album so soon, after the great Crawling Up the Stairs. I wanna listen it now!

 +4Posted on Apr 1st | re: The 10 Best Joy Division Songs (63 comments)

In the right moment I read “The 10 best Joy Division Songs”, I just smelled all the fight in the comments. But it’s impossible to argue what is the best song of this band when you make so few, but almost perfect records.

Maybe “She’s Lost Control” is a personal favorite just because it was the one which introduced me to the band, and I still find it awesome and fun. It’s not on the list and I don’t have any problem with that.

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” doesn’t need to be #1. Less if you listen the rest of songs here.

I’ve always consider “Dead Souls” one of the best JD songs. It’s really special in the band’s catalogue. So, I’m fine with this #1. I miss “Day of the Lords”, “Atrocity Exhibition” and “Isolation” (specially “Isolation”!) here, but great work. Every chance to remember the amazing music of Joy Division is welcome.

 +1Posted on Mar 28th | re: The 5 Best Songs Of The Week (10 comments)

This is the first time I can say that I agree with the order of the Best Songs of the Week, and song to song the music turns from good to simply awesome. I listened “A Little God in my Hands” and thought “Jesus! That song is overwhelming! It’s impossible there’s a better song in the whole year.” Then, I listened “3Jane”…