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Not the best week, but from all those albums in consideration, yeah, Right from Real was very good and you can listen it multiple times. And I just realize it’s really two EPs.

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Yeah, that Mariann Faithfull song must be on the top. Nothing I’ve heard this week can beat the almost perfect “Late Vitorian Holocaust”.

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I was one of that R.E.M. fans who met the band because of Monster. As an innocent kid, I started to like that “alternative” music, and before listenning the album I thought every worldwide hit single like “Losing My Religion” was contained here. After that, Monster was my favourite album from the band, like the soundtrack for those days.

Now, I feel a strange affection for those melodies, but I can’t say Monster is really great with true confidence. It’s not bad at all, but sounds so “seudogrunge” sometimes that I understand some people think this is the sound of a band making money in the mid-nineties. It’s always good to come back to Monster, but I only recommend it maybe once a year, nothing else.

I’m kinda scared. If this song gets popular, Jeremih is going to release a video with the Pitbull version? That can screw the summer jam of many forever!

I wanna forget that Jeremih let Pitbull rape “Don’t Tell’ Em”. “Ella es una loca, ella me provoca, a ella gusta la fiesta”, “No le digas que me llame a su amiga” COME ON!!!! WHY? That doesn’t rhyme or make any sense

I’ve been singing it for months, when it was released with the YG remix, which is obviously the version that finally getting some notoriety. That was amazing, was my summer anthem, and I’m pretty sure that NOBODY NEEDS THIS STUPID PITBULL VERSES. Nobody needs Pitbull in music at all.

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Wow, I haven’t heard a lot of albums from this week that I could like. Laetitia Sadier released something these days???

Anyway, I can’t think in any other choice different for AOTW than Too Bright. It’s like a I Am a Bird Now for this decade.

SYRO and the GOAT album are very good albums, but it’s been months since I listened something so good as Too Bright.

I don’t know you, people, but “Don’t Tell ‘Em” is my summer anthem of 2014. And this new version is still great.

Last year, this guy gave us “Bo Peep” with Shlohmo, and now “Don’t Tell ‘Em”. I really want to have that anticipated album, to find at least one song like this.

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OH MY! I liked a lot his two previous albums, but Too Bright is instantly something else. Not even “Queen” and “Grid” prepare you enough for this.

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I know what will happen with that Ariel Pink song on me. The same way as “Round and Round” or “Only in my Dreams”, at first I like it but just meh. Then, days go by, months go by, I listen it again, and BOOOOOM, a strange all time favourite. But right now, “Grid” rocks over everything I hear this week.

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Last time, Perfume Genius was on #2, because according to Tom, that Yankovic’s “Tacky” video was better than “Queen”. COME ON! NO WAY! “Grid” and “Queen” are simply awesome and are putting the expectations around that new album veeeeery high. If the album doesn’t accomplish those expectations, at least we have not 1, but 2 out of this world videos and songs.