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also, I can’t hear “Jesus Don’t Want Me For a Sunbeam” without getting teary eyed – it’s so poignant. I know it’s selfish to think, but if only he stuck around to create a few solo albums in the same vein, or even if he had collaborated with Michael Stipe, like they had planned before heroin got in the way.

Thanks for the write-up

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in the Heavier than Heaven biography it was pointed out that Cobain chose to decorate the stage with easter lilies – I find it so fascinating that he created this beautiful, but very funeralesque atmosphere – how appropriate and haunting.

in the same biography it mentions that initially Kurt was sad after the taping. to quote:

“…he was saying he was “a shitty guitar player” and “No one liked it” and “They just sat there silently.” There was a lot of assurance to go around, which Cobain wasn’t buying. But as he was getting into his hotel elevator at the end of the night, he seemed, for a moment, to accept that he’d pulled it off, asking: “I was really fucking good tonight, wasn’t I?””

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Syro left a bigger impression on me than I Care Because You – I think it might tie in for 3rd with SAW II. It’s really fucking good.

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That’s one of my biggest peeves too. It’s so pointless. M83′s “Hurry Up” was on double vinyl but it’s a DOUBLE ALBUM. I’m in Halifax, NS (Canada) and pay a lot for vinyl – $39.99 plus tax for FlyLo vs $24.99 for Caribou – the extra vinyl makes a huge price difference.

They’re both excellent albums, but I will be spinning Caribou way more often – for obvious reasons and because it’s my definite AOTY (Canuck bias maybe;)

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I saw them play it live in 2004, it was pretty great – they used a steel drum for the riff and it sounded beautiful

yikes – seems like a bit of an insecure, homophobic prick

they should’ve recorded in Iceland again

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fav LP of the year so far

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these guys are amazing