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man, I miss Mastodon. I'm glad they're following their muses and so on, but. I do miss that Leviathan-era stuff. Is there another band carrying that particular torch now?
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November 26, 2016 on Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Breaks Leg Starting His Motorcycle
I'm both for and against this. Ultimately this was mostly about pissing people off, which is kind of an important thing to be able to do. But I'm pretty sure he could've come up with a more creative way to do it than this.
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November 26, 2016 on “Anarchy In The UK” Turns 40 Today So Malcolm McLaren And Vivienne Westwood’s Son Set £5M Of Punk Memorabilia On Fire
Arguably the best part of the Starboy collaboration right there.
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November 22, 2016 on Daft Punk Selling Prints Of Their Portrait In The Weeknd’s “Starboy” Video
I know, right? I would've expected he was going to call for the outright demolition of every car on the planet if his demands were not meant or something.
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November 22, 2016 on Morrissey Shares Letter Asking General Motors To Offer Vegan Leather
I have never seen this man in motion. The stills of his face seem quite enough to keep him on mute. Great choice, Grammys
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November 22, 2016 on James Corden Will Host The Grammys
I mean, I worry for Kanye. On the one hand I do seriously believe that as a human being the guy's got a unique set of filters in terms of how he sees the world. Actually reading his rant word for word, there's a lot of stuff in there that comes off to me as a guy fighting to keep his head above the water while looking at the world around him. That said, it also seems like Kanye is caught up in the grips of a slow-burning, Akira finale-level meltdown. Each time feels like a bigger thing than the last one was. I don't know where this is heading but it definitely feels like it's heading somewhere Not Good, like in another year Kanye ends up being the Syd Barrett of hiphop or something.
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November 21, 2016 on Kanye West Cancels Rest Of Saint Pablo Tour
This probably is going to read why more facetious than I want to it be, but... Uh, is Kanye, like, okay? Are we watching a psychotic break in slow motion here?
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November 20, 2016 on Kanye West Calls Out Beyoncé, Jay Z, Hillary Clinton, & Barack Obama Before Cutting Sacramento Show Short
I mean, He's got very little incentive or cause to sugarcoat one god damn thing at this point. Moby's frequently a wearying man in public, but the only thing I'll fault him for in this letter is his failure to hit the space bar reliably.
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November 9, 2016 on Moby Writes Letter To America: “What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?”
It's probably not saying a lot, but this preview video was a lot better than any of the ones he put out for Pale Emperor and Born Villain.
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November 8, 2016 on Marilyn Manson – “Say10″ Video
I usually chalk that moment up to Halloween. I'd hoped Manson would use it as a day to NOT traipse around in black and pancake makeup and maybe dress up in overalls and a corncob pipe or something. But it's probably a guaranteed payday for him every year, so....
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November 8, 2016 on Marilyn Manson – “Say10″ Video
I'm kind of impressed the Doom mask works that well with glasses.
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November 2, 2016 on MF Doom Officiated A Wedding In His Mask
Can't say he didn't try, with the Joanne hat and off-pink cardigan to attempt to hold the look together, but that control box is uuuuugly.
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November 2, 2016 on & Kendall Jenner Unveil Wireless Headphones That Look Like Stethoscopes
I don't know if I can approve or disapprove this. Maybe Iggy will be credited with handclaps that are edited out or something.
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November 1, 2016 on Iggy Pop Has Made Five New Recordings Since Supposed Farewell Album
Far be it from me to misconstrue Aerosmith's deep conceptual underpinnings with the goings and doings of the Obama Administration.
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October 31, 2016 on Trump Supporter Joey Kramer Says Bandmates’ Obama Photo “Not Representative Of Aerosmith”
I get what you are saying but seriously I like this version of Muse better than regular Muse, so...
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October 28, 2016 on Muse Cover The Cramps For Halloween
Like Morrissey would really accept entrance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to begin with.
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October 22, 2016 on Morrissey Says Brexit Was “Magnificent,” Implies He Should Get Into Rock Hall Before PJ Harvey
I have this weird feeling like over the last 8 years RHCP somehow became the next Aerosmith.
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September 9, 2016 on Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Go Robot” Video
can I have more of this? can't we just make this a thing?
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August 24, 2016 on DJ Shadow – “Nobody Speak” (Feat. Run The Jewels) Video
Call it Hardwired. Or call it Self-Destruct. You don't need both.
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August 19, 2016 on Metallica – “Hardwired” Video
Not true. These are all over where I'm from in Wisconsin.
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August 9, 2016 on New Order Launch Beer
Wow. I can't recall the last time I heard something so listenable get tweaked into something so unlistenable. This better have helped fund the new album.
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August 9, 2016 on Uh… Soundgarden Just Released An EDM Remix Of “Spoonman”
'Dive and Slam' actually does sound like a Nine Inch Nails song title, too.
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August 3, 2016 on New Nine Inch Nails Song “Dive And Slam” Out Next Month? (UPDATE: Never Mind)
I wonder if Twiggy will end up on the new record. I'm guessing, based on these videos, probably not.
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July 28, 2016 on Marilyn Manson Tour Is A Mess
I'm getting the weirdest vibe that they're hoping anyone who likes Rihanna will click play on that.
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July 26, 2016 on Behold Smash Mouth’s New EDM Song
I imagined a much more standard-issue Marilyn Manson cover out of this, so getting something a little more unconventional has to be noted, but this is...still messy and stilted and unnecessary.
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February 18, 2016 on Shooter Jennings – “Cat People” (Feat. Marilyn Manson) (Giorgio Moroder & David Bowie Cover)