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I can't believe he brought out a choir, Kelly Price, The Dream, Chance the Rapper, and Kirk Franklin for that damn beautiful song.
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February 14, 2016 on Watch Kanye West Bring The Life Of Pablo And Lose A Rap Battle To Kyle Mooney On SNL
The Sims 1 was done by the guy from Devo, it was all downhill from there.
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December 8, 2015 on Hear Carly Rae Jepsen Sing “Run Away With Me” In Simlish
I think Kendrick's Alright video is the one to beat. Every scene is iconic. There's even a new verse. Also, there's a lot of meaning. Just as good at Flylo's video for Never Catch Me last year.
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November 13, 2015 on The 5 Best Videos Of The Week
90% sure that the 3rd guy in the mask is Mos Def/Yasiin Bey
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October 30, 2015 on Travi$ Scott – “Piss On Your Grave” (Feat. Kanye West) Video
I'm pretty sure he is from Fort Worth, not Houston. Not sure if it matters.
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September 1, 2015 on MICK + Leon Bridges’ Coming Home To Texas Mixtape Combines His Songs With Houston Rap Classics
Don't worry if Drake and Puff write rhymes, they write checks.
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August 18, 2015 on Puff Daddy Says He Originally Asked Drake To Ghostwrite “0 To 100″ For Him
America's Best Band is back!!!!!! This song is killer
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August 17, 2015 on Deerhunter – “Snakeskin” Video + Fading Frontier Details
S/O to Grimes' dramatically lit moshpit in her Oblivion video too. I really thought "U Mad" was on lock for this week though.
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June 12, 2015 on The 5 Best Videos Of The Week
The Family plan sharing is going to be done through iCloud Family Sharing. It's mentioned really tiny on their website at the bottom. Time to start becoming "family members" with all your friends.
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June 10, 2015 on 8 Lingering Questions About Apple Music
Is this the order in which you remembered their album titles?
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March 18, 2015 on The Week In Rap: The Great Drake/Kendrick Lamar Rivalry
Wilco? Do they count? I really agree with this list though.
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January 12, 2015 on Premature Evaluation: Sleater-Kinney No Cities To Love
Dammit Tom, you're great and now I have to go home and listen to this album from to back.
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October 27, 2014 on Premature Evaluation: Taylor Swift 1989
You're absolutely right man, I don't know why you are getting downvoted. He could have made a simple statement that could have helped a lot of people.
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July 16, 2014 on Conor Oberst Issues Statement In Response To Rape Accuser’s Apology
I really hope someone is doing an in-depth story about all the deaths at festivals recently. I feel like I have seen a lot of them as of late. When I saw the title of this article I originally thought it was about that.
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July 2, 2014 on Is Festival EDM Dying, Or Is It Just Getting Interesting?
This is a beautiful listen. I definitely have warmth in my heart for on-the-verge adult contempo apparently.
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June 9, 2014 on Stream Sam Smith In The Lonely Hour