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 0Posted on Aug 17th, 2012 | re: The 20 Best K-Pop Videos (127 comments)

as if sexual abuse and plagiarism didn’t exist in the western entertainment world :) the only valid reason here is racism. The US will certainly not embrace kpop into mainstream trends very easily. I think Europe is more open.

 0Posted on Mar 24th, 2012 | re: The 20 Best K-Pop Videos (127 comments)

By the way what I really love in Bigbang is their ability ON STAGE. They are simply hyper, and you can’t help but drool over the way they control the stage. Lady Gaga, please take a look and *learn* :) Fantastic Baby live on SBS Inkigayo. And those clothes, holy grace, it’s friggin awesome!

 0Posted on Mar 24th, 2012 | re: The 20 Best K-Pop Videos (127 comments)

It’s a very good list and I agree with most of it, though I would have switched the first two :) I watched 2ne1′s only once and it was enough. I keep raping the replay button on Fantastic Baby, though. That MV is just the best I have ever seen in my whole three decades of years. :) Bigbang is seriously THE force in today’s K-pop, and if there’s a God up there, he’ll help them conquer this bloody *boring* pop scene worldwide. I have stopped lisrening to US/Anglo-saxon pop LONG ago, and I’,m so glad I discovered K-pop, because as cheesy and manufactured as they are, it’s *fun* to listen to, dance to, never bores you because it is so versatile in styles and genres. Especially Bigbang, I could do with listening to their discography all day long without turning the player off once!

By the way, Steregum, maybe ou should do some more in-depth research on how K-pop works and what this industry is like, because behind the glitter you’ll find some pretty nasty stuff like, these kids (cause most of the idol members are still teens or arely out of their teen years) are worked to nosebleeding, and IV stands are literally part of the tour buses. I could tell some stories on how many times the Bigbang boys ended up in hospital for exhaustion. It’s just a pretty cruel world, that K-pop scene. If you don’t work 130% 24/7 you might as well just flush your career down the toilet. Would be worth a nice article IMHO.

 +4Posted on Mar 17th, 2012 | re: The 5 Best Videos Of The Week (31 comments)

yeah in Korea they would be banned for using such an English word. Their song Knock out was banned on several tv stations because the word Ppogigayo (knocked out) is slang. banned for one single mild slang word that indicates having consumed alcohol. :))) they wouldn’t dare to use the N word :D or the F one :) K-pop lyrics are almost all completely free of any swearwords or serious implications of anything “immoral”, otherwise songs get banned. So compared to American music trends, K-pop lyrics are as pure as a white rose. LOL :) some songwriters try to rebel, like Bigbang’s G-Dragon did with the lyrics of Knockout but it resulted in the video only circulating on youtube, and never on music channels. Korea is a funny society. :)