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To clarify, the song on the 7" is not a Jack White song. It's from a one-off group called The Brushoffs featuring Third Man regulars Brendan Benson, Dominic Davis, Ben Blackwell & Olivia Jean
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August 10, 2017 on Jack White Partners With Detroit Tigers For Exclusive 7″
As this article points out. Sheryl Crow is punk as fuck
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August 1, 2017 on Sheryl Crow Turned That Tweet About Her Being Dead Into A Song
Fact: Julian Casablancas could beat the shit out of Ryan Adams
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July 31, 2017 on Ryan Adams Is Roasting The Strokes On Twitter
I agree with this, but the biggest travesty for me is Michael McKean not getting nominated for Better Call Saul. Ridiculous! Performance of the year
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July 13, 2017 on Jack White, Chance The Rapper, Common, Stranger Things Theme Nominated For Emmys
It sounds like a song from a training montage of an 80s action movie
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July 8, 2017 on Jet Un-Retire With Shitty New EDM Song
Kind of sounds like Win just jacked Debbie Harry's flow from 'Rapture'. Definitely my least fav of the singles so far.
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June 30, 2017 on Arcade Fire – “Signs Of Life”
Damn! R.I.P. Can you imagine dropping what is arguably the greatest verse in hip hop history at 18yrs old? Crazy
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June 20, 2017 on R.I.P. Prodigy
And to tackle a garage rock classic by The Standells
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June 20, 2017 on Foo Fighters Announce New Album Concrete And Gold
Hopefully we get the single this week. Fingers crossed. Ronson producing doesn't really scare me. It's fucking QOTSA
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June 14, 2017 on Queens Of The Stone Age Announce New Album Villains Produced By Mark Ronson
I have a pretty sweet lineup of shows coming up over the next few months: Royal Headache, Spoon, Sheer Mag, Oh Sees, Benjamin Booker, War on Drugs, Kurt V & Courtney B
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June 9, 2017 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Fuck yes. Just got my tix. See you there.
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June 7, 2017 on Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett Announce Collaborative Album, Tour
I highly doubt that 'I Give You Power' will be on the album. Seems like a one-off
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June 2, 2017 on Remember When Arcade Fire Were Good?
I've never been more intrigued by a festival's mystery guest
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May 31, 2017 on Meltasia Might Be The Weirdest Festival Of 2017
I assume it will streaming by tomorrow morning. Patience
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May 31, 2017 on Arcade Fire – “Everything Now”
I have 2 questions after watching this: How much does it cost to have Sheer Mag play your wedding? Does anyone want to get married?
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May 30, 2017 on Watch Sheer Mag Cover Shania Twain At A Wedding
So he's got 8 remaining festival sets booked on his summer schedule. Where do we set the over/under on shows that actually happen? I'm thinking 0.5, and still taking the under
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May 28, 2017 on Frank Ocean Cancels Primavera Sound Performance
I never really got Death Grips, but this I like.
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May 23, 2017 on Album Of The Week: The I.L.Y’s Bodyguard
Can we just throw that station owner in jail right now? There is no way he is not up to some seriously gross shit.
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May 11, 2017 on Country Radio Station Pulls PSA Giving Tips On How To Hide Child Porn. Really.
I think the "close your legs" comment was actually more of a poor attempt at a vaginosis joke than it was slut shaming. But either way he's a tool
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May 9, 2017 on Kings Of Leon Bassist Jared Followill Tried To Slut-Shame A Pro Wrestler On Twitter
Last weekend I woke up like 5:30am and could not fall back asleep. I lit a joint and listened to Kevin Morby's "Come To Me Now" and TWOD's "Thinking of a place" back to back and watched the sunrise. It was the most transcendent 16mins of my life, I was actually floating. You probably had to be there. Anyway, stoked for both albums
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May 5, 2017 on The War On Drugs Talk Upcoming “LA Record” In New Interview
Social media can be a pretty disgusting place, but when an artist uses for something like this: a genuine, heartfelt, information filled message directly to it's fans, it's pretty cool. Very much looking forward to midnight.
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May 4, 2017 on LCD Soundsystem Are Releasing Two New Songs At Midnight
I'm assuming that "make a fire" is Brad Pitt's slang for smoking weed
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May 3, 2017 on Bon Iver Fan Brad Pitt Now Into Frank Ocean
Lol. "Old Man gave me that when I was in grade 7"
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April 28, 2017 on Billy Ray Cyrus Changes His Name To Just Cyrus
Ja needs to step up his punctuation game.
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April 28, 2017 on Ja Rule Apologizes For Fyre Fest: “It Was NOT A SCAM”