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Its about Itunes or not itunes its about how this big corporate bands are pretending they are finding new ways to distribute music while they are mostly using that as a stand to sell more. I will be enclined to say Yorke intentions are less money-oriented than U2 but it remains that to me there is nothing new here, how distributing through torrent will make things different than say, distributing through bandcamp?

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6$ for 8 songs = merely the price you would have paid on a itunes release, and selling regular copies on the side, I dont see any advance here,… even In Rainbows release was nothing new, the Smashing Pupmkins gave a free album on the net way before, to me its just disguised advertisement not really better than forcing your album into people’s lifes like U2.

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woahh downloading music with a torrent file soooooo groundbreaking!

oh my, listening to Carissa and forgetting all this bullshit….

Looks like you guys missed a not less gorgeous early blank page

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or maybe just experiment on them, badly

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That song is so bad it makes me wanna kill puppies

Thanks for this strong counter-argument on my misplacing another C in the name. Thanks also for cut-pasting the Wikipedia page proving that you don’t know what you are talking about. And yes I do know the matter very well, enough at least to know that many progress have been made regarding the use of animals in research and progress are going to keep on happening. Unfortunately these progress wont be hindered by stupid celebrity comments who don’t know what they are talking about. We still need animals to progress our understanding of the world, that’s sad but that’s fact. Computational models, stem cells, bioinformatics are aready helping us to decrease that need and someday we will hopefully do without animals. Meanwhile it would be great If activists spent their useful time for better aims than striking with monkey experiment pictures from the 70′s… like pressuring countries who don’t have mandatory animal ethical commitees.. like, for example, France.
Make sure you correct my grammar.

thats so fuckin untrue, read before writing! most people here dont have a clue about what science is, how its done and the regulation, its actually very difficult to have your animal testing protocol approved in the US… IACCUC anyone?