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 -4Posted on Jul 8th | re: Conor Oberst Seeks Judgment Against Rape Accuser (9 comments)

Hopefully he sues you guys as well for spreading the lie. Nice job Stereogum!

You are missed…

 +2Posted on Jun 13th | re: Lana Del Rey: "I Wish I Was Dead Already" (53 comments)

Stereogum quarters: We haven’t had a LDR story this week, let’s make something up so people have something to blog about…

 +2Posted on Jun 5th | re: Axl Rose Announces Chinese Democracy Sequel, Remix Album (7 comments)

Michael, I didn’t want to like that album either, but it kind of kicks ass! Way more depth than anything GNR
ever did. Better lyric content as well. All and all, it’s a damn fine album!

Five people on Stereogum doesn’t understand sarcasm…

 -1Posted on May 28th | re: Lana Del Rey - "Shades Of Cool" (29 comments)

You’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking. Lana Del Rey is way more relevant to the music scene than Cobain.

 -2Posted on May 27th | re: Lana Del Rey - "Shades Of Cool" (29 comments)

Please don’t compare Nirvana to LDR.

Nirvana=touring in a shitty van for years and playing shows every single night to earn their big break.
LDR bought hers with a lot of money from her rich father.

Brace yourself! I listened to the album a ton and whenever that track comes on, I get goosebumps.

Aron, if you haven’t heard the whole album yet, it’s to put it quite simply, “Intense!”.

As strong as, “Your love is killing me.” is, “You know me well.” takes it to a whole new level.


One of the best vocal performances I’ve ever heard.