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First single I’ve liked from this album. Still not a fan of that title though, oof.

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Dude, what the hell?

 0Posted on Aug 4th, 2013 | re: Drive-By Truckers Albums From Worst To Best (39 comments)

The Dirty South is my personal favorite. Could never imagine ranking Decoration Day in the top 5, let alone as number 1.

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Depressingly middle of the road and uninteresting, doesn’t even feel like Jay is trying anymore.

“Billboard reports that the Recording Industry Association of America has changed its rules. Now, an album no longer has to sell 500,000 or a million copies, respectively, to go gold or platinum, and those certifications, which once had to go out at least 30 days after an album’s release, can now be awarded immediately.”

Okay see the way you have phrased this make it seem like it’s worse than it is. Jay-Z didn’t make anyone change any rules here and the rules that were changed won’t really have that much of a music sales anyway (with the exception of in this particular case). Going Platinum has never meant selling 1 million copies to consumers, it only measured copies sent to retailers. So both before and after this rule change, Jay-Z would have technically already sold 1 million copies of his album to a retailer (in this case, Samsung) before the album’s release.

Literally all that has changed is the 30 day classification (which was put in place to account for returns, something completely irrelevant for digital sales). Since they have deemed that 30 day waiting period irrelevant, Jay-Z can now say he went platinum the day his album came out instead of having to wait a month. Make sense? It really effectively changes nothing..

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All great songs but if I have to pick one I will definitely associate with the summer time specifically, it’s Blurred Lines.

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Grimy as fuck, gross as hell, hardest album of the year, craziest album of the year, catchiest album of the year. Brilliant.

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Well that was mildly amusing.

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This album is fun but I’m not really getting much out of it to be honest. Feels really self indulgent, much like the new Timberlake record. Still, there is some grooves to be gained here and there’s nothing wrong with that.