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Sounds like someone took the unfinished audio demo and slapped a shitty, generic, homemade beat on it. Knowing Keef’s camp I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

Shit man you can’t expect me to pay attention to words on a screen.

Judging by the fact that he tweeted out the teaser this morning it looks like this video was probably directed by Edgar Wright (either that or he’s just a really huge Pharrell fan).

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EDIT: neglected to read the second page of comments

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Jealous by Chromeo (also I can’t believe no one has voted for this so far)

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It’s a bit presumptuous of you to assume this is trolling or that 99% of Stereogum readers aren’t interested. I would guess that the reason they post stuff like this is because it actually gets hits (and because Tom has a decent grip on what’s good mainstream pop/hip-hop) and the small yet vocal minority in the comments that complains doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Also Migos is three people and this song is pretty good.

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In harsh opposition to every other comment posted so far, I find this song to be a lot of fun. The beat is kind of incredible.

This conclusion was inevitable.

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The first time I heard The Blue Album I was 11 years old (23 now). When I heard “Say It Ain’t So” for the first time, I remember getting chills. I started rocking back and forth, furiously nodding my head, using the kitchen counter as balance support. I had a huge smile on my face. This is my earliest memory of having an involuntary reaction to music. It was so good I literally couldn’t contain myself.

The memory I associate the most with The Blue Album isn’t an altogether happy one but I think I turned out better because of it. In high school I was making out with my on-again-off-again girlfriend in my bedroom. I had prepped the ultimate make out playlist on a CD and was playing it over my speakers. Finally we got to the big moment, I had dropped “Only in Dreams” at the very end of the mix, hoping to get an emotional reaction (at the time I was really into Garden State and was all about trying to ingrain overly sentimental music cues into everyday life). The song comes on, I try and time all of my motions with the build up to the explosive climax. It sort of works, the making out gets more intense just as Rivers starts screaming “ONLY IN DREAMS” over and over again. “I always wanted to make out to that song” I say, “Eh, I wasn’t really a fan of that one” she said. In that single instant, I realized that not only did I not love this girl, I could never love her. Typing it out like this makes it sound kind of shallow (I would never break up with a girl solely over differences in musical taste, especially now that people like Lil Durk and Yung Lean populate my top listens on iTunes) but at the time it was just the ultimate representation/culmination of why we weren’t right for each other.

I’ve probably had more emotional/stupid memories tied to the heavy and messy emotions behind Pinkerton but I’ll always love The Blue Album best. It’s perfect in almost every way and it pretty much was the start of my life as someone who appreciates music. It changed me, for the better I think. I still hope to find a girl who wants to make out in perfect rhythm to “Only in Dreams” as much as I do, if I ever find her it’s guaranteed that I will propose to her on the spot.

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Well that was a heartbreaking way to start the day.