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ah kelly i am not sure if its the medication but your writing stlye makes me want to find you and beat the crap out of you, just sayin, i found you because i was looking for some one who agrees with me concerning the summer eve commercials, i saw then while watching my sick obbession tv show amercian horro family, stories , well this show is so weird i often have to pause to think about what just happen, again might be the new medication, yes summer eve i at first thought it was a joke not serious like and ad for onion tv or something. could they readlly be telling girls that the most powerful thing in the world is between their legs, that couldnt be real i am not even sure you agree with me about this horrible company, yeah and they are bad i think and its been since they opened, i can only guess what they were doing in the south in 1800's mid 1800's not a good place to be black or a women, i hope someone like anderson cooper or the view starts talking about this , i think it is the wrong messages to give to girls or anyone, just sick
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