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 +3Posted on Oct 29th | re: The War On Drugs: Mark Kozelek Is "Such A Douche" (110 comments)

Ohh, OK.
At least he’s got plenty of time to troll…

 +4Posted on Oct 28th | re: The War On Drugs: Mark Kozelek Is "Such A Douche" (110 comments)

what the hell does that even mean?

Still not entirely sure why Stereogum devotes so much space to Taylor Swift? She hasn’t really done anything to warrant inclusion on an indie blog, so what exactly is the criteria here?
Writing about Miley Cyrus working with Flaming Lips makes sense, but you don’t go writing about her on her own, so why Swift?

 +1Posted on Oct 21st | re: The Smashing Pumpkins - "Being Beige" (49 comments)

It’s not so much a matter of “letting them shine,” they could still shine at a lower volume. I think they’re so up front in the mix that everything else just sounds like background music and the whole thing doesn’t take off, for me. It doesn’t sound “blended.” Like, he’s right up front and everything else is way behind him. I’m not a sound engineer, so I can’t really explain it…
It’s a subtle thing — vocals on his previous recordings, for example, were still clear but weren’t right in your ear, like they are here. It’s like seeing a band and there’s one guy who’s turned up just a bit too loud above everyone else.

As I mentioned, it seems to be what a lot of bands/singers do when they get older, which I don’t really get… when the voice “diminishes” with age, you’d think it would make more sense to “blend” it a little more…

 +2Posted on Oct 20th | re: The Smashing Pumpkins - "Being Beige" (49 comments)

Surprisingly though, most of the (valid) criticisms I’ve read for the song so far are criticisms of the song itself, and not just the usual “I hate Billy Corgan” stuff, which is something, I guess. Believe me, I wanted to love this song.

 +4Posted on Oct 20th | re: The Smashing Pumpkins - "Being Beige" (49 comments)

On second thought, this song would probably be fine as a mid-album ballad or something, but as a lead-off single it’s just weak (and apparently it’s the first track on the album, which also isn’t terribly promising). These days rock is deader than dead and if Billy was as serious about making an impression as he constantly says he does, he’d have to put a much stronger foot forward.
But we’ll see how the rest of the album is.
And as for Tommy Lee, this could just as well be anyone drumming on it.

 +4Posted on Oct 20th | re: The Smashing Pumpkins - "Being Beige" (49 comments)

to be fair though, the “barely tolerable” Pumpkins of the 90s were still a massive arena-filling rock band that sold many many records.

 +1Posted on Oct 20th | re: The Smashing Pumpkins - "Being Beige" (49 comments)

yeah, surprised to see how common a complaint it is. i thought it’d just be a few of us

 +7Posted on Oct 20th | re: The Smashing Pumpkins - "Being Beige" (49 comments)

I don’t get it man. Why do all his new songs have vocals that so dry and up front… with all the effort he puts in to his guitar sounds and music, it all just sounds like background music.
This is still overly safe VH1-friendly radio rock with surprisingly little mmph. Had the vocals been mixed a little differently it would have made a huge difference, like the backing vocals at the end. Why do all bands at “this phase” in their careers mix their music like this?!

After following all his updates over the months I was just expecting SO MUCH more. Not exactly the exciting return I’d have anticipated. I only hope the rest of the album is better. Maybe this was just the “one more go at a hit single” move… usually there’s always one per SP album.

 -2Posted on Oct 15th | re: Ariel Pink Dissed By Grimes, Dismissed By Madonna (201 comments)

I don’t think he necessarily was either. You think Madonna or any other singer hasn’t had producers bring in new songwriters to crank out hits? You think Madonna is as relevant or making music as good as she is now?
It’s career decisions. What Ariel’s saying could be applied equally to any male artist. He even says he liked the songs she did in earlier albums.
I see what you might mean about the “gyrate hips” thing, but again, men can make dance music too. It was specific to Madonna, but he wasn’t AT ALL saying “She can’t do anything without a man to help her do it.”
Not even close.