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There’s “BOWIE IN BERLIN,” which covers the Berlin Trilogy in-depth, including the making of Iggy Pop’s “Idiot” and “Lust for Life” albums. There are track-by-track breakdowns and production details, but it’s woven into a story about the whole time period over all, so it’s not just a strict “The making of…” book.
Starts at the end of the Station to Station era to give context, then goes through Lodger, but my main complaint is that Lodger isn’t given all that much attention. Likely because it wasn’t really a “Berlin” album. I think it’s lumped in there more because it was released just after Heroes.

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I also don’t understand the controversy… if you use iTunes, you know that Apple has access to your account / iCloud anyway… putting a free album in your account (whether it ends up right on your phone or you manually download it from the cloud) doesn’t even really seem like it was that out-of-control-unbelievable.
And again, just fucking delete it if you don’t want it. Jesus.

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yeah, that’s probably true i guess.

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I rolled my eyes when I read that she moved to L.A…. of course. I mean, I guess maybe there’s more going on there than Vancouver, but oh well.

I also couldn’t help but wonder: how the hell did Grimes get enough cash to build her own damn studio!? Unless, it’s just like, a room she can put a microphone and a keyboard in.

Beautiful version. You can tell where they used some of the banjo parts in the final version to nice effect. Jeez, if only he could write a song this pretty today.

Haven’t heard the album, as it’s yet to appear in my iTunes (even though it says “Purchased” in the iTunes store), which is frustrating.
But Jesus, what a boringly middle-aged album title. “Songs of Innocence,” really!? “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)?” “California (There is No End to Love)?”

Obviously not commenting on the music, but the titles alone screeeam “boring middle aged rockers.” I simply can’t stand how many of ‘em get old and get boring and don’t even realize it. Especially when Scott Walker’s out there being so bad ass at 71.

i dunno, i was 13 when I first heard Rape Me, and without the internet or research or whatever, I got that it wasn’t literally about “please rape me again.” I mean, sometimes it’s just obvious.

Damn, that’s a fiiine set list.

So uh, results are a little inconclusive.
Either way, whether or not people are told if they won MTV awards in advance doesn’t even matter cuz the awards themselves are so pointless

Notice how she said “I hope what happens tonight…”
Sure, maybe some of them are told in advance, but she probably had all this planned to go down IF she won.