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 0Posted on Apr 18th | re: Throwing Copper Turns 20 (50 comments)

Uhhh, to the author: you do realize the name of the sixth single is “White, Discussion” and not “White, Conversation,” right? Easy mistake I’m sure.
That was probably the best song on that album anyway.

I was definitely into Throwing Copper by 1995… shit, EVERYONE was. Then by 1999 yeah, they were already basically has-beens. Very much a product of the 90s, didn’t really belong to any particular scene, and by contrast come off as adult-contemporary rock now.

But I also distinctly remember that the video for “White, Discussion” was played on 120 Minutes / Alternative Nation EVERY goddamn night during the summer of 1995, or so it seemed.

Ah well. Memories, eh?

 +2Posted on Apr 14th | re: Bleeding Rainbow - "Glynis" (Smashing Pumpkins Cover) (3 comments)

Yeah, this is a pretty boring cover with very sterile, lifeless vocals in classic ‘indie’ fashion. It doesn’t really do anything interesting… and how could someone even want to omit the whole “I believe in one love…” coda!?

Yeah, i kept good track of all mine, despite having a few Case Logics back in the day.
I think I found the vinyl on Amazon or something like that, almost by accident, a couple years later. It has a different cover and basically no track list or information other than what’s on the individual discs themselves, which were quite flimsy at the time, since I’m sure no one was buying them then.

Really excited about this one; probably SP’s last truly beautiful album. Adore was so criminally underrated in 1998… everyone knew the alt-rock days were pretty much over and were holding out for the heavyweights to keep the rock going. I remember the critics literally writing that the band had “forgotten how to rock,” or something.

I still buy the CDs… best way to get everything in good quality and a nice package to boot.
all their reissues thus far have had vinyl releases, so i’m sure that’ll be the case here, but those don’t usually include the DVDs and all the extras.
I still have the original vinyl pressing of Adore, which is in mono. it’s quite “warm.”

No, it was just uploaded to YouTube in 2011.

 0Posted on Apr 10th | re: Watch Dave Grohl & Krist Novoselic On The Tonight Show (5 comments)

i guess if i had my favorite band on my talk show, I’d at least TRY to ask a few reasonable questions…

It was mentioned above, but I also had the thought, “Maybe Grohl could sing and play guitar for a song, and have Chad fill in on drums.” Then at the very least you would have a tribute done only by actual surviving members of Nirvana… Smear included.
Then if they do something more subtle like Polly or All Apologies, Michael Stipe can step in… it can rotate. I think that really would make some sense.

All in all, as long is kept the spirit of a “respectful tribute,” but that’s hard to do, and let’s face it, these days is probably too much to ask.

 +2Posted on Apr 4th | re: The 10 Best Nirvana Songs (163 comments)

Wholeheartedly agree that they had way better songs than “Smells Like Teen Spirit” — iconic doesn’t mean “best.”
But yeah, In Utero is vastly under-represented.

 0Posted on Mar 19th | re: Check Out These Lego Versions Of 20 Famous Bands (25 comments)

yeah i thought the Zero shirt would be a no-brainer.