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Israel being very restraint ? You gotta be fucking kdding me.

 +2Posted on Jul 14th | re: Radiohead Will Record In September (62 comments)

I stilldont understand why a lot of people keep saying TKOl is bleepy bloopy music. The only bleepy bloopy track was Bloom. Did a lot of people just stopped listening at Bloom? Everything else after that was very much guitar centric (well except for Codex). Heck they even went acoustic folk with Give Up The Ghost. So yeah, tell me people, wheere is this bleepy bloopy comments coming from?

 +4Posted on Jul 13th | re: Radiohead Will Record In September (62 comments)

Yeah, TKOL is a fantastic album.

 +11Posted on Jul 12th | re: Radiohead Will Record In September (62 comments)


I guess most here forgot that, Low, played a 30 minute all drone set last year at some big festival ? Lol

Yeah i noticed that too, event amongst my indie rock fans lol, i had to point that out

Kim Gordon has done wayy shittier versions of their songs an she gets away scot free, while yoko ono gets trashed? come on people

for the record, i love kim gordon and the youth.

agreed with you Rasmus….

so i guess ASDIG wasnt very good live eh? i should have known, i saw POBPAH live and i thought they were horrible.

 0Posted on Jul 5th | re: Austra - "Hulluu" Video (3 comments)

Agreed. I didnt really like Olympia but this ep is just fantastic

 -1Posted on Jun 30th | re: Grimes - "Go" (126 comments)

Go? NO.