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That’s fine, and I get that, but it’s not something I (and even a lot of people in the comments over there) enjoy. Plus, A lot of times HateSong just results in someone spewing their personal philosophies and relating them back to the song, making it more analytical than joking around. Interesting? Maybe, but more often than not it’s pretty monotonous.

And yeah, there are plenty of songs I hate with a passion too. I can’t stand Karmin’s “acapella” (discussing it with my friends, I get physically (yes, physically) upset talking about that song), but I think once it gets more serious and analytical, the fun’s gone and it’s just pure (but justified (sometimes)) negativity.

And that’s the thing! A lot of times they interview guys I like (I think Jonah Ray is really funny, and Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit has done it before too) but even people who I know are cool and likable just come across as dicks. Criticism can be funny sometimes, but the whole fact that it’s “Hate”, rather than “Criticism” makes it more obnoxious than funny.

Although Nick Thune’s association of “1st of the Month” with his mom catching him masturbating was amusingly bizarre. But that one had more to do with association with a personal story than straight up disliking something.

While I do think AV Club has some cool articles, their “Hatesong” feature is always kind of a waste of time. They bring in comedians and stuff who talk about things they hate. 90% of the time, people railing against things they don’t like for extended periods of time just gets old. If they brought in people to talk about one song they really love? Way more interesting to read. At least in my mind.

*sweats uncontrollably*

 +3Posted on Aug 23rd | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (49 comments)

In case you didn’t see, you might want to check out Ian Cohen’s solo Decade review. Sure, the guy can be sometimes insufferable, but he had some really cool things to say about TWIABPAIANLATD’s “Whenver, If Ever” in addition to the rest of the emo revival.

 +1Posted on Aug 23rd | re: Grace Turns 20 (51 comments)

I know it’s weird to suggest he would have done what his dad did, but he might have had it in him to do some incredibly experimental and weird stuff. Tim’s “Starsailor” is still one of the weirdest (and most kickass) albums I’ve ever heard.

 +7Posted on Aug 21st | re: Run The Jewels - "Blockbuster Night Part 1" (35 comments)

Ah I keep forgetting Rashad’s album (probably because it’s one of the first that came out this year). Yeah, that was good.

 +4Posted on Aug 21st | re: Run The Jewels - "Blockbuster Night Part 1" (35 comments)

This is fire. It’s exactly what Hip-Hop needs this year (and every year).

 +3Posted on Aug 21st | re: Run The Jewels - "Blockbuster Night Part 1" (35 comments)

You’re so right about the weak Rap albums this year. Other than Pinata, I can’t even name one that was really worthwhile. Ratking and Cunninlynguists were pretty decent, but not entirely memorable. Run the Jewels will hopefully change things.

 +15Posted on Aug 21st | re: The Knife Break Up (29 comments)

I think the earth would break if that happened