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 +1Posted on Jan 23rd | re: LCD Soundsystem Turns 10 (36 comments)

“Drunk girls=white light/white heat”

Holy shit

 0Posted on Jan 22nd | re: All We Are - "Stone" (1 comments)

This is really pretty. Looking forward to the album!

 +1Posted on Jan 22nd | re: Burial - "Temple Sleeper" (9 comments)

It’s kind of straightforward, at least for Burial. After Rival Dealer in 2013 (My favorite of his so far), it’s just a bit underwhelming. It seems like a one-off, so that might have something to do with it.

 0Posted on Jan 22nd | re: Is Kendrick Lamar's New Album Coming Out On Tuesday? (85 comments)

Now that D’Angelo finally got off of the “We’ll mention it as an anticipated release, but we know it’s not going to happen” list, The Avalanches have to release something…right?

 -1Posted on Jan 22nd | re: Is Kendrick Lamar's New Album Coming Out On Tuesday? (85 comments)

I am genuinely surprised that there are JUST 24 iterations of that.

 0Posted on Jan 20th | re: Album Of The Week: Viet Cong Viet Cong (140 comments)

Upvoted for mentioning Windhand

Yikes…uh…maybe he caught lightening in a bottle? Also, upon further research, he also produces for Nickelback. So…maybe something OTHER than production went right on that track…

Great Pop music is often in the hands of the producer, and Hynes is a great producer. Seeing that transition for Jepsen would be great.

I’m going to cry. I’m so happy.

Also, some of it was recorded at Justin Vernon’s April Base. So that’s cool too.

 +1Posted on Dec 3rd, 2014 | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 (531 comments)

YES! Adult Jazz and Eagulls are both being severely overlooked this year, and Sylvan Esso was also really great (P.S., see them live).

Also, I’m really confused by that Pup record. I swear I heard that in like October of 2013 and it was on my list last year. Was it released this year?