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Last month, Kitty released her Frostbite EP, and today she’s sharing a video for the stand-out track “Second Life.” The video, directed by the production company Many Hearts (the team of Jesse Gouldsbury and Johnny Weiss), stars the Brooklyn-based producer Maxo playing a Kitty-themed video game. It’s an impressive multimedia project that follows the rapper-turned-singer’s lovelorn narrative. Watch below.

Charli XCX made an appearance this morning on the Today Show to promote her sophomore full-length Sucker, our Album Of The Week. Every song on Sucker is a head-banging pop contortion, and “Break The Rules” is a perfect summation of what the album sounds like as a whole. There are a lot of good songs about not wanting to go to school, the Replacements’ “Fuck School” being a personal favorite, but Charli XCX’s “Break The Rules” is like an anthemic rejection of any and all fun-sucking. Watch her perform it below.

Last we heard from the Nashville duo JEFF The Brotherhood, they were covering My Bloody Valentine. It’s been awhile since the band released new material, but today they unleashed the snarling, tounge-in-cheek, vaguely holiday-themed “What’s A Creep.” There is not a jingle bell to be found on the song, but there are some allusions to Santa, “And he’ll be watching when you sleep.” You can listen to the track below and download it for free in exchange for an email address here.


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Track list is from the Soundcloud stream:

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