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James Blake debuted his new song, “Building It Still,” yesterday on his BBC Radio 1 Residency program. Blake has been using his residency to premiere a handful of new tracks, many of which have been untitled, aside from “200 Press,” which he presented back in August. The songs provide patchy glimpses into what kind of an album Blake has been working on with the help of Justin Vernon and Kanye West. “Building It Still” sounds like a clear departure from last year’s Overgrown. The sample-heavy, stuttering track dips into the same veins explored on Blake’s CMYK EP, which was released four years ago on R&S, before his self-titled debut. Listen below.

Last week’s South Park episode “The Cissy” revealed that Lorde was actually Stan’s dad, Randy Marsh, living a double life as a female geologist. It culminated in the debut of “Push,” a song featuring the notable hook “Ya Ya Ya/I am Lorde/Ya Ya Ya/I am Lorde.” When the pop star got wind of the tribute, she expressed her approval and even sang a bit of it in an interview. Now South Park has released the full song, which reportedly features Sia on vocals. It does sound like Sia, but she hasn’t commented on it. Listen below.

Last month, 22-year-old L.A.-based singer-songwriter Angelo De Augustine released “How Past Begins,” the first single off his forthcoming record, Spirals Of Silence. Now you can hear a new one: “Old Hope,” a track as muted and spellbinding as the last. De Augustine’s restrained, hazy vocals have been compared to Elliott Smith, and his songwriting certainly shares similar qualities. “Old Hope” is music to daydream to; it’s music to narrate crappy weather and deep-rooted, unexplained sadness. But De Augustine recorded these songs in his bedroom — a soft hum of ambient noise underscores his lilting voice, suggesting that there is some kind of comfort to be found beneath a downtrodden veneer. Listen.


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