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Experimental electronic producer Lee Bannon has teamed up with Charlie Benante, who is best known as the lead songwriter and drummer in the thrash metal band Anthrax, on a new drum ’n’ bass track. “RMF-3″ will be included on Bannon’s forthcoming Main/Flex EP. The early moments of the song feature the sampled voice of a child accompanied by the sound of flashbulbs along to a muted, ambient build. About a minute in, the track spits fire as it staggers toward something cosmic, accompanied by a sound that can only truly be likened to a fast-bouncing slinky or the hollow gurgle of Aphex Twin’s “Digeridoo.” Listen below.

At this point we are all well aware that Dizzee Rascal puts out some hyper-stylized and weird, objectively “cool” music videos, like the one that we saw last year for “I Don’t Need A Reason.” However, his new video manages to exit the realm of the “weird and cool” and can instead be found categorized under the “supremely fucked up.” The video for “Couple Of Stacks” was directed by Emile Sornin, and is well-suited for a Halloween premiere — its content is so gory that it comes accompanied with a note of caution. Taking on exhausted horror movie tropes, Dizzee Rascal sneaks around a haunted mansion while brutally murdering its inhabitants in a variety of somewhat humorous, mostly disgusting ways. What I find to be particularly disturbing about the video is not so much the fact that these deaths are nausea-inducing (albeit slapstick), but rather, that every single person murdered in the video just so happens to be an attractive young woman. Oh, and two guys get some of their appendages chopped off. Maybe that’s just another horror movie trope that I’m looking too far into, but I doubt it. You can watch the video on Noisey.

Today, Public Enemy announced that they will be reissuing deluxe editions of both 1988′s It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back and 1990′s Fear Of A Black Planet, which will include quite a few exclusive add-ons, including rare bonus mixes, instrumental re-workings, and essays by both Questlove of the Roots and Andres Torres of Wax Poetics. Additionally, the Nation Of Millions reissue will include a live performance DVD. Check out the extensive tracklists below.


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