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 +7Posted on Sep 2nd | re: TV On The Radio - "Happy Idiot" (22 comments)

I don’t know… I like the song just fine, but it doesn’t have the things that got me into TVOTR back in the day. Their music had a sense of urgency and something-like-dread-but-not-quite that I just don’t hear in them anymore. Which is fine, but the last time I saw them live it seemed less… intense? I dunno. I hate that guy who’s all “Their old stuff is better.” because the quality of the song writing certainly hasn’t changed, it’s still great. These guys have incredible sonic sensibilities, I just liked their choices of sounds from before more.

 +2Posted on Jun 12th | re: Danny Brown's Pissed He Was Cut From A$AP Mob's “Hella Hoes” (10 comments)

The MetaCritic Funding Bill is passed. The system goes online January 4th, 1999. Human decisions are removed from music and movie review scores. MetaCritic begins to learn at a geometric rate, comparing anything and everything to Radiohead. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th when someone gave a Brian Wilson album a kind of crappy review. In a panic, they tried to pull the plug…

I’ve got work up in Maine at the end of June, and since I drive an old man car with just a CD player, I’m making a “Modern Bob Mould and Dinosaur Jr.” mix CD and I’m going to take a day to drive around Mount Desert Island and just lose my shit all day.

He may not be making the best music of his career right now, but as far as straight forward, solid rock music that sounds amazing really loud in the car IN THE SUMMER TIME AND LIFE IS PERFECT AT THAT MOMENT, there aren’t too many people doing a better job these days.

 +2Posted on May 19th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (23 comments)

You do have it. My comment was a barely-editorialized quote, and thus all the upvotes it got were just an agreement that something Coyne said was “dumbest.” I’ll get Macklemore to tweet at you for me.

 +31Posted on May 12th | re: Video Shows Solange Attacking Jay Z In An Elevator (50 comments)

She just wanted to take the stairs.

The heart-of-American-darkness in me does genuinely like a good beef. It’s fun and voyeuristic in a base sense and I’m sorry.

This on the other hand is weird and fussy and I don’t get what this guy’s even talking about. Just say “I don’t like that dude” so I can eat my popcorn and get back to work.

Favorite part: “The dog isn’t our dog, the dog is a famous Instagram dog that we happened to be in the presence of – Mayor B is an Instagram dog. And he wears everything. He only wears things that obviously his owners must think are cool. One of them is a John Lennon New York shirt with glasses. I don’t think Mayor B is saying, “Look how stupid and hateful I am” to John Lennon. I got the feeling that Mayor B was wearing [the headdress] for the same reasons that Gwen Stefani or anybody else would wear it, because it’s cool-looking.”

That really might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read from a public figure.

The big danger of a lot of the language of this kind of stuff is a new power dynamic is emerging. I think the idea of privilege is really interesting and has a huge amount of value to it. BUT, it’s turning into this “I’m so much more aware of my privilege than you are, here, read this blog post you piece of trash, your talking rights are revoked until then.” It’s almost pandering to people of oppressed groups. “See? I’m being aggressive and defending you! I am the great white hope.” The language of privilege can just keep spiraling out: A white person might not have come from an economically privileged position of even being educated about white privilege in the first place, and on and on. Privilege as an all encompassing, all-motivating concept breaks down because it’s always going to be more complicated than a binary; Power groups within groups are an inevitability, especially when unchosen position is used as leverage against someone up or down the social ladder. Again, it’s all very interesting, important and true, but it has to have limits in conversation and praxis.

And also, does privilege prevent me as a white guy from having a legitimate moral stance on something? For example, I’m pretty numb to black men on TV calling women bitches. I think that’s something we kind of need to talk about, but I don’t know if I’m “allowed” to. We all have to share the same pavement, and we just can’t afford constant shifting rules of who can speak and when and what about.

The one moment in the video that actually made me raise my eyebrows was when she was riding in the car in the front passenger’s seat, and they pass a black guy crouching on the sidewalk in coveralls. That shot implied, to me anyway, the guy in the coveralls was looking at Sky in a way that one would look at a powerful crime boss, or at least someone who is notorious/intimidating/commanding respect. Anyway, it was not a casual glance at the very least. There’s a lot of race-relation weirdness in that to me.