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Stop. They're like the Creed of our time.
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February 26, 2016 on An Honest Attempt At A Fair Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Review
I just remember when Discovery came out, absolutely nobody I spoke to liked it--it got terrible reviews, everybody was so put off the the cheesy embrace of 80's sounds--but looking back, they were the first ones riding that 80's nostalgia wave, and it wasn't really until, what, 2007? that the whole album took off and became an undisputed classic. The first time I remember listening to it, I remember not understanding it, but loving just a few songs (mainly the first three). It seems the new album is a completely different kind of retro (in that nobody is making anything like this right now) so of course it's difficult to process and understand. Now, of course, Discovery sounds completely of it's time. It sounds less like 80's and more like 10 years ago. Hopefully, this album won't take 5 years to really show itself. Upon first listen, I don't have any connection with any of these songs, but I feel like I could. There are a few songs that seem to slowly unfurl, waiting to reveal themselves tomorrow, or next year, or five years from now. "The Game of Love" is one of them. "Get Lucky" sounds so much better in the context of the album, rather than as a single. "Doin' It Right" has potential because the beat is much easier for our generation to process contextually. "Contact" sounds familiar thanks to everything on Italian's Do It Better. There's definitely some great stuff here. I don't expect an immediate emotional connection because this style (which was built off a love and emulation for an old sound) was never one I experienced first hand. If you don't absolutely hate it by the end of the year, we'll just call it another Discovery.
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May 13, 2013 on Daft Punk Random Access Memories Comment Party
In my head, I always imagined werrtrew as a woman?
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February 18, 2011 on I’m Looking Forward to Fatherhood
He played "Give Up The Ghost" at coachella last year with just a guitar and a looper I think. It was pretty sick. Also, the last track fucking hits home. Best one.
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February 18, 2011 on The King Of Limbs Comment Party
I think it's equally as important to get the message out there, not all writers for these blogs are unanimous. The qualification of liking "popular music" is necessary to demonstrate to the comments, just because he traditionally prefers more difficult music does not mean he is incapable of liking more popular things. Some people have a broad taste of just what you describe as "good" music. I know sometimes when I am dedicated to a band I still follow their music and probably think more highly of it than it actually is, such is fandom. The same thing happens for critics, they are people after all, which is more what the column is fighting against; this groupthink that does sometimes occur in the community.
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January 25, 2011 on Double Take: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Dear Brandon, I really, really, really, really love this column. I completely agree with the first two although that has nothing to do why I love this column so much. Most of music criticism is to just write the review, make the year end list, and then leave it alone. I really like the idea of reevaluating albums, and putting the world of music criticism in the spotlight. It's necessary and I'm frankly surprised no one has done it before. There are a lot of albums I personally don't agree with many music reviews and so far you have picked all of them. So for someone who is able to express my ideas, albeit with better skill, thank you. However, I feel this piece was more "Brandon's review of the Suburbs" rather than a "double take" at the hype surrounding it, its initial reaction, whether it's worthy of the praise, or an objective look at it again that forces your readers to react against the groupthink that happens occasionally in the music industry. Again, I agree with your point that The Suburbs does not deserve the praise it does. Arcade Fire made a living on passion filled music and their last album subjects itself to the same problem of the Suburbs, apathy. The heart in their new songs, compared to old, is missing. I haven't read any of the comments for your other articles and I'm avoiding reading the one's posted here because I don't think they will be respectful, or thoughtful. But I want you to know, as a reader, I want you to succeed so I can keep enjoying your features. I guess that's why I feel I need to let you know you may have lost sight on this last one. Not to criticize, since I could do no better, but because I do not want to see you fall off track. If you feel your next article loses some focus, try bringing it full circle back to the hype and reaction by the press, and why you disagree with that, not your opinion on the album as a whole. It will make your article seem less preachy and more informed. That being said, this feature doesn't have to do recent albums either. Eventually, you will run out of recent albums to reevaluate, so why not do somewhat old ones? I remember Clap Your Hands Say Yeah had a debut album to much acclaim, and have been forgotten since. Most blogs even left them off their respective decade lists. Is this in need of a reevaluation? Did it deserve the initial acclaim? Has time decreased the quality of the album or how we view it? I'm not saying I want you to review this album but offer ideas you can hopefully bounce off. Every time I see this feature posted I gasp and designate time to read it intently. I look forward to whatever you may have in mind. -Your Fan
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January 25, 2011 on Double Take: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
The full 4:24 minute version of this song is on youtube fuck yes!
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October 8, 2010 on James Blake Covers Feist
Ok, this is super long so I haven't read the entire thread yet, but has anyone discussed that there was a fucking shoe at the end when jack was walking back into the bamboo?!?!?!?! It was like stuck in a tree and the camera stayed on it for a while.....i thought it was weird.
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May 24, 2010 on Lost S06E18: Series Finale. R.I.P.
Anybody else notice he's wearing a flag pin? Like that was the last thing the press could've got him for
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January 28, 2010 on Liveblogging Jay Leno On Oprah
I wish the camera didn't follow Wanda's face...
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December 21, 2009 on HP Computers Are Racist
k I watched The Talented Mr. Ripley last night and I need to nominate it because it was absolutely unwatchable.
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December 14, 2009 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Blindness
Nurse Jackie Pushing Daisies Nurse Jackie just started and its frigging brilliant and should be covered. Pushing Daisies is also unlike any other show on television EVER. and its amazing
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July 16, 2009 on Videogum Summer School Now In Session
So i understand that this an eternal quest that could possibly go on until the end of time, but do you think you could at least do a summary of what you've done so far? personally i figured the quest could have stopped after Crash cuz i srsly don't know anything that could top that. but the journey still continues...
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July 13, 2009 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: My Boulder Sucks
so gabe takes adult karate classes?
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March 27, 2009 on Gabe And Max Are Your Boyfriends Part 4: Fitness Tips
Florida =( you know how bad it is
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March 27, 2009 on Videogum Been Had Turning One Years Old
CIty of God There Will Be Blood American Beauty 12 Angry Men My Own Private Idaho
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March 24, 2009 on The Videogum List Of 100 Movies To See Before You Die
ass face fuck & jizz shit
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March 16, 2009 on 30 Rock: Scrabulous