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Gabe is my new boyfriend
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July 29, 2013 on The Videogum Movie Club: The Wolverine
just asking http://yoisthisracist.com
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March 12, 2013 on Puddle Surprise Signals The End Of Winter
Are Marc Jacobs and Taylor Swift dating now?
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February 7, 2013 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: Steven Seagal Is Still A Dangerous Buffoon
It's been a long time since I went to a Viagra Party..... Good Times.
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December 14, 2012 on Cut Loose Everybody, It’s Friday!
what if my goals and dreams are alcohol, drugs, other stuff and getting a girl pregnant?
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June 7, 2012 on This Is Just A Good Inspirational Speech By Krispy Kreme
This reminds me of the time when Dukes of Hazard replaced Bo and Luke Duke with their cousins Coy and Vance Duke. I believe that was the point when Cooter became the focal point of the show.
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March 28, 2012 on Who Should Be Our Generation’s Darrin Stephens?
A large portion of the "We Should All Be So Lucky" posts make so much sense now. Thanks to this BR future of entertainment thing. http://youtu.be/McHVFOJhTLY I rest my case.
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November 2, 2011 on The Future Of Live Entertainment
I admire this kid's love and dedication for his chosen interest in candles. They do smell nice and the light that emitted is very pleasant and soothing. But I really hope someone introduces him to porn really soon. For the sake of humanity.
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April 12, 2011 on A Young Man Reviews His New Yankee Candles
Hannah Field's = Rebecca Black
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March 18, 2011 on See a Terrifying, Dreadlocked Vision of Hell
I'm a facebook friend of Spikes. Today's his birthday. Also, Sheryl the dog died a few days ago. His dedication to his craft is truly inspiring and maddeningly hilarious.
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December 21, 2010 on Merry Christmas From Spike Can Dance
I called Stanley to sell my decommissioned light house with spaceship button.
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November 19, 2010 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread
At 4:40 she reveals that Pleideans are plastic surgeons.
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November 10, 2010 on Colleen Thomas Explains Monday’s Secret Missile Launch
I saw a documentary about Snake Plissken escaping these celebrity assassins. But Randy and Evi have it all wrong, these people are looking for plastic surgery replacement parts.
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November 2, 2010 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: Randy And Evi Quaid Are Mentally Unstable, On Drugs, And NOT Being Pursued By A Deadly Group Of Celebrity-Extorting Assassins
As someone who is attracted to "cougars" I find it interesting that this commercial featured no cougars.
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October 11, 2010 on CougarLife.com, You Guys
Sad Keanu should go on an excellent adventure.
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September 23, 2010 on Sad Keanu Eats A Cupcake
As the great Deborah Gibson once sang "Only in my dreams...."
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August 20, 2010 on Spike Can Dance: Floor Moves
Was it just me or did he really say they like to gnaw on wood. TWSS alert.
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August 17, 2010 on This Normal Guy Has Some Important Information About Elves (Which Are Real) To Share With Us
This all could have been avoided if they hadn't cancelled the hayrides this year.
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August 16, 2010 on Juggalos Throw Feces At Tila Tequila