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I said the same thing when his first solo album came out and got slammed for it. Doesn't make it any less true, though.
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May 22, 2015 on Christopher Owens – “Selfish Feelings”
That whole paragraph was on some Pynchon shit. That or it was written by a third grader. It's either brilliant or stupendously bad.
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May 21, 2015 on 48 Bands That Took 20 Or More Years Between Albums
She reminds me way too much of Marnie from Girls for me to take her seriously.
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May 14, 2015 on Ryn Weaver – “Octahate” Video (Version 2)
Nah, I'm good.
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May 12, 2015 on Stream Brandon Flowers The Desired Effect
Most correct headline in SG history.
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May 11, 2015 on This Elliott Smith Documentary Clip Will Make You Wanna Listen To “Tomorrow Tomorrow”
"As a tall man, short boys are, in my experience, way the fuck worse." Fuck you.
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May 6, 2015 on Stream Downtown Boys Full Communism
Definitely their best since Z. "Spring" is a monster, and there's really not a bad track in the bunch. Very consistent, even as the styles change dramatically - will 100% be a go-to this summer (along with Alabama Shakes, Nai Harvest, and Chance the Rapper. Let's just assume that last one.).
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May 4, 2015 on Stream My Morning Jacket The Waterfall
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April 29, 2015 on Chance The Rapper Says Surf Will Drop Within A Week
Love the Braids album, but "Miniskirt" almost ruins it for me. Way too on the nose. Opening track is one of my favorites so far this year, though.
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April 28, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Mew +-
Wait, really? WHY?
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April 28, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Mew +-
I could never get into Guided by Voices...
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April 25, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Young Thug Barter 6
Am I the only person on this board who likes me some JM? He wails live. I think this could be a cool concert. Please don't hurt me.
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April 24, 2015 on The Grateful Dead Reportedly Planning To Tour With John Mayer After Farewell Shows
Why are we downvoting this person? It's an opinion. Just because Built to Spill and Pavement are the BEST doesn't mean he/she can't think otherwise. Still, they're the best.
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April 22, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Young Thug Barter 6
Someone call Meredith Graves. I don't know why, but I think she needs to read this.
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April 22, 2015 on Sylvan Esso Wrote “H.S.K.T.” About Miley Cyrus
WAIT. Built to Spill, Speedy Ortiz, Alabama Shakes and San Fermin all had awesome albums out this week and THIS gets AOTW? https://collegecandy.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/marty-mcfly-confused-in-back-to-the-future-gif.gif?w=640
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April 21, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Young Thug Barter 6
This is the worst poster. The lineup is also not great.
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April 14, 2015 on Glastonbury 2015 Lineup
On another note, I remember the first time I heard this album and will tell that story now just because. I was working at a giant, flagship Borders music section in Boston. We would receive boxes and boxes of albums before they were released (to be played in the store's overhead speaker. This would never happen nowadays because internet) and the music staff would fight over what they got to take home. I ended up with stacks of CDs every other week or so, and in one of those stacks was Alligator, without any official album art work, by a band I'd never heard of. I played it at some point out of curiosity and did not like it. I found it to be morose and I thought Berninger's voice was off-putting. Also, I was 20 and didn't know what good music sounded like. But there was something about the music and the sound that made me want to listen to it again. And when I did I liked it a little more. After about a week of this I decided that not only did I not NOT like this album - I loved it. And that is how I came to love The National. Also, it's become a prevailing theme in my music-life that many albums I end up loving I actually don't really like at first, but for some reason am drawn to repeat listens. The end.
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April 13, 2015 on Alligator Turns 10
Still my favorite album by The National. It's got a distinct messiness (dare I say "drunkenness?" Will I admit that the level of "drunkenness" in an album can win me over? Yes.) that will forever hold a place in my cold, drunken heart.
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April 13, 2015 on Alligator Turns 10
This guy is a straight up star.
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April 12, 2015 on Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – “Sunday Candy” Video