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Great record. Good interview. Disappointed that I missed them when they were playing the Northeast.

 +7Posted on Oct 20th | re: Taylor Swift - "Welcome To New York" (65 comments)


 +5Posted on Oct 16th | re: The Next Radiohead Album May Get An Unconventional Release, Too (11 comments)

My guess is orchestral. Jonny is a master at his soundtrack stuff, and Selway always makes for the atmospherics. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thom got his electronic rocks off in his solo projects and maybe lets the others take the reins a little more on this one (with instrumentals and production – he’ll definitely be writing the lyrics/lyrical melodies). That’s what I’m hoping for, at least. Not that I don’t like the minimalist glitchy stuff, but I could use some classic RH heartbreaking instrumental swells in my world. Or guitars.

 +1Posted on Oct 16th | re: Album Of The Week: DJ Quik The Midnight Life (54 comments)

Me too – it’s not earth shattering but it’s fun, it’s got a really unique spooky dance party vibe (perfect for this time of year) because of the vocals, and it involves a member of LCD, which I always assume inherently merits some kind of alt-music news coverage. SG, what gives?

 +16Posted on Oct 14th | re: Album Of The Week: DJ Quik The Midnight Life (54 comments)

And HOLD ON. I wasn’t paying attention last week, but did I just see that Iceage’s new album was described as “‘I guess this is what Danish punks think country music is’ country move Plowing Into The Field Of Love” last week??? Did Tinashe really beat Iceage AND Caribou? Two of the best albums released this year? So many questions!

I don’t think I get Stereogum anymore.

 +2Posted on Oct 14th | re: Album Of The Week: DJ Quik The Midnight Life (54 comments)

WAIT. Is NO ONE going to mention Museum of Love’s debut album? Didn’t it come out this week? Am I wrong? I’m probably wrong, but I Googled it and Google tells me I’m not wrong. So………that should definitely be in the mix, no?

 +5Posted on Oct 14th | re: Album Of The Week: DJ Quik The Midnight Life (54 comments)

I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted. Regardless of whether or not it’s more accepted in hip hop, and thus a more “sisyphean” task to tackle, it’s still glaringly true that the standards held up to some are not held up to others, and while some are held with their feet to the fire for uttering single sentences, others have the benefit of making entire albums full of awfulness without having to defend themselves at all.

 0Posted on Oct 10th | re: Pink Floyd - "Louder Than Words" (68 comments)

And that.

 +3Posted on Oct 9th | re: Pink Floyd - "Louder Than Words" (68 comments)

The song’s not terrible, in the way that a can of Chef Boyardee doesn’t taste terrible but is still canned garbage food. If I played this for you and told you my dad’s old friend Jim and his buddies threw this together on a Saturday night you’d be like, “oh, yea, that sounds about right.”

 0Posted on Oct 7th | re: TV On The Radio - "Careful You" (30 comments)

This song is awesome. I’m still missing the distorted guitars of the first two albums, but this is pretty badass.