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 +19Posted on Aug 28th | re: Premature Evaluation: Interpol El Pintor (134 comments)

The thing about Interpol that people seem to forget is how they’ve (for years) hovered so well between ‘cool’ and mainstream. Its a balance few can successfully pull off. Not sure if I’d label them as a ‘joke’ to some like the article states but will say they definitely exploited the world of brood. Think this album is exactly what any Interpol listener, whether cavalier or diehard, should hope to expect. Its by far the closest thing to Antics/TOYBL I’ve heard. These songs are stripped down, unlike the albums that are associated with their dip for a few years which I thought were just simply overworked.

We need more bands in our world like Interpol. These guys don’t compromise. They don’t sell out and they certainly don’t try and go outside their comfort zone because, really, why should they? Their only fault is probably the difficulty they had adjusting to the loss of Carlos D because really, I don’t think a band as limited as Interpol’s sound can withstand that death rattle. What are they going to do, go all EDM on ya? And if you want fucked up Interpol, just wait for Banksy next coke induced solo project to scratch your itch. I’ve honestly been waiting for an Interpol album like this for a long time and have finally gotten this, and its a gooood thing, people…

This is as refreshing a release as I’ve heard because it feels like Interpol, it sweats like Interpol and it smells like Interpol. Turn down the lights, push play and sink into it, ya know, like ya did 15 years ago.

 +1Posted on Aug 27th | re: AC/DC Albums From Worst To Best (38 comments)

Nice band to tackle…being a boy growing up smack dab in 80′s (don’t envy me ;-/) my heart belongs to Back in Black mainly because there’s simply not one throwaway track. I remember hearing Shoot to Thrill fpor the first time as a kid, and just listening in amazement. I also think Who Made Who is a little lower than it should be but understand, its not outstanding yet it greatly affected me as a rock radio listener at the time. And you’re right….you can’t separate Bon from Brian. They both made such a great impact on the band.

It’s kinda sad to see an article where the highlight of commentary centers on the monthly douchebag moves of a self absorbed ego maniac that is Kayne West when lightly dropped into the informational paragraph reads…. “James has a few more albums in the works.” I find that much more interesting.

This at least gave me the joy of reading a passage from Infinite Jest which I’ll never underappreciate. Heres a classic example of some fool who laboriously tries to act brilliant (Rollins) and an example of another who simply exudes brilliant (Wallace)

 +9Posted on Aug 21st | re: The 10 Best Arctic Monkeys Songs (67 comments)

Do Me a Favour is missing. That was the exact moment when I realized these guys were going get better as they got older…

 0Posted on Aug 20th | re: Album Of The Week: Pallbearer Foundations Of Burden (22 comments)

I friggin love jj. They rarely let me down….and the fact that every time I listen to them I want to swing in a hammock over white sand near tropical water makes them even more gorgeous to me.

 +3Posted on Aug 19th | re: Taylor Swift - "Shake It Off" Video (90 comments)

Sometimes I think you deviant SG writers dangle articles like these around just to get a rise out of us…poke the bear, go ahead, do it!

 +1Posted on Aug 15th | re: Frank Ocean, J. Cole Share Thoughts On Michael Brown Tragedy (5 comments)

His words:
“Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black. I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free” – Cole

To me, that appears like someone who is directly responding beyond the core reality to make it his case clear that, white or black, “shit needs to stop.” A plea stemming from exhaustion rather than anger.

I immediately felt a energy similar to Lennon’s “Imagine’ after hearing the song. I guess I see his words as a cry for help rather than voice of anger. Regardless, its a deeply affecting song.

 +1Posted on Aug 15th | re: Frank Ocean, J. Cole Share Thoughts On Michael Brown Tragedy (5 comments)

In an attempt to avoid the politics regarding the incident in Ferguson, J. Coles “Be Free” stands as a polarizing and deeply affecting emotional piece of music. I applaud his effort to rise above the racial issues surrounding its context, but the reality of his pleading is unavoidable. Song of the year IMO.

Its file sharing via journalism….be happy a $9.99 monthly fee isn’t attached to it. Least you can voice a comment and get honest and humble responses from a staff that appreciates you. You stay classy, SG.