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 +1Posted on Dec 20th | re: Madonna Releases Six New Tracks, Announces Album Rebel Heart (10 comments)

Aside from the creepy fact that she’s almost 60 years old and recording songs that are probaby too immature for an Arianna Grande album, I find it pretty surprising that of the ‘sacred’ songs that she has blessed upon the world early, two out of six of them need to have the word ‘bitch’ in the song title. Thought she’d be a little above that at this stage in her iconic career. Bitch, why you tryin’ so hard?

 +1Posted on Dec 11th | re: Stereogum's 70 Favorite Songs Of 2014 (181 comments)

In no particular order, just songs I found myself playing over and over and over again…

Luna – Bombay Bicycle Club
Argentina Pts I,II & II – Tokyo Police Club
West Coast – Lana Del Rey
Last Words – Hospitality
Primitive – Real Estate
Alta/Waterfall – Fear of Men
Money On My Mind – Sam Smith
Light House – Future Islands
All My Life – Run The Jewels
Fuckers – Savages
JM – Strand of Oaks
Micheline – Sun Kil Moon
Continental Shelf – Viet Cong
Simplethings – Miguel
In Reverse – War on Drugs

 +3Posted on Dec 11th | re: Jay Z Meets With Gov. Cuomo To Discuss Criminal Justice Reform (5 comments)

Yeah, because go ahead and criticize Jay, who has done everything possible to reform himself first, make conscience effort to show himself off as an example to the community that you can change.

NYP and David Laska, you are perfect examples of fools taking truly humane effort to provoke and ignite awareness with positive influence by individuals who have a strong voice and presence…and finding a way to incite negative, violent debate.

Things will never change with cowards like those standing in the way, doing what they can to prevent it.

Knowing that this song, and whatever Radiohead is currently working on for their next album are completely separate and by no means all…I sure hope any fraction of an amount of vibe from this tune seeps into their eventual release or what they are brainstorming. When Jonny plays without any sorta ‘electronic’ influence, he’s as remarkably bluesy as anyone. Coulda swore I sniffed a little ‘Lurgee’ goin on in there, too.

 0Posted on Dec 10th | re: Billy Corgan On The Smashing Pumpkins: "The Fanbase Is Gone" (37 comments)

“Fool enough to almost be it, cool enough to not quite see it.”

 +9Posted on Dec 6th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (70 comments)

What’s interesting about War on Drugs is that I believe the album was released early March and it’s staying power to withstand 3/4 of the year and still be in the conversation for album of the year is pretty impressive for what is basically a classic rock album. I remember us all cooing over that album when it leaked, hailing it as AOTY then and here she is holding strong in December. Clearly, a true achievement for an album that was (respectfully) barely recognized outside of the alternative music community. This was quite an interesting year for music.

 +1Posted on Dec 5th | re: Making Sense Of The 2015 Grammy Nominations (76 comments)

I absolutely agree…I always look at film in times like this. Birdman will be just as much a contender as any film from this past year, but it will probably always go to something like Unbroken in the end

 +2Posted on Dec 5th | re: Making Sense Of The 2015 Grammy Nominations (76 comments)

We have to keep it real here…Run The Jewels would not exactly be a practical nominee, so there will always be a somewhat ‘meat grinder’ music approach to the Grammys.

That being said, I always find it odd why a little more time and effort to be somewhat relevant with certain sections isn’t happening. Take for example, the Alternative/Rock category…Wouldn’t a list of nominees like this below generally please us? Granted, this may not be what I believe to be the five best albums in this category, but it certainly captures a good chunk of how the year went, and it would make the Grammy’s a helluva lot more respected, and more impotrantly (especially with such a bitter year it was regarding streaming services) give some bands and record labels a nice financial bump and hope that awards can build a healthier industry.

War on Drugs
Sharon Van Etten
Future Islands

 0Posted on Dec 2nd | re: Album Of The Week: Wu-Tang Clan A Better Tomorrow (18 comments)

I actually played that AC/DC album today and I gotta tell ya…fuckin thing BANGED. AOTW.

 +3Posted on Dec 2nd | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 (529 comments)

Wait, I thought you had U2 at 50 for some reason….my eyes were glazed in frustration and missed that. I still stand behind the ones missed though