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With much respect, I am very similar to you and I gotta tell ya, I love following all the great personalities that make up the Stereogum comment board. We are a nation!

My mirepoix started with a scuffed up Stones ‘Still Life’ cassette and the sly punk of Talking Heads, then mixed in with a little garage dust of The ‘Mats, Beastie Boy brat rap and ultimately the band that changed the course of my listening joy, The Bends and Radiohead. I’m very proud to love this group of bands.

But…it was that anthem rock of the 80′s and 90′s that started my love affair and one I will never forget or disrespect. It was the air splits of David Lee Roth with the fret tapping of Eddie. It was the bridge between Waters’ Final Cut and the unavoidable baton pass to Gilmour. We’re talking Born in the USA, REM’s Murmur, Back in Black, Mr. Brownstone and yes, Boy and subsequently War…The Unforgettable Fire among so many others. The power of arena rock grew in front of my eyes. I remember the smell of a coliseum, the scalper we met in the hotel I knew by first name still today.

Ya know, (and I apologize for the sports reference) its like that athlete in the twilight of his career. You wanna see that last shot to the gap that he stretches into a double, or the scramble away from a sack before firing a bullet in between tacklers…but you cannot expect it at some point. You just have to let it pass on and covet what memories were given to you while never forgetting what it meant to you as you were living it.

We’re all cynics, I get that, and there’s no better avenue to stroll down with that disposition than with the the internet as our vehicle, and I know we live in different times. Vinyl is dead. The cassette is a memory and the joy of Tuesday mornings and running to the record store to grab Neil Young’s ‘Freedom’ or reading Loders Rolling Stone review of it are long gone..

Keep it up blochhead, I’ll keep reading.

Just trying to keep it real, my man. At the core, everyone here loves music…we all need to bear that in mind before we criticize those who deserve rock and roll immunity. This is a band that is partly responsible for our love affair with it in the first place.

I have no idea why so many here continually rip a band whose discography is one that a handful could only possibly wish to accumulate? Do they really need to justify themselves to your snarky degree anymore? The constant, sarcastic commentary relating to a band that is not at all ashamed of the position there are in today comes off pedantic and narrow minded. We all are supposed to be students at the school of rock and instead, criticisms and disrespectful comments are tossed around as opinions that you think are credible for no reason other than self righteousness.

This is a band that released some of the greatest music of my generation, and because some communistic company like Apple buys into U2 as an institution in order to make another billion bucks with a band that is in their twilight and truly feels no need to justify themselves to anyone, you feel the need to sit up in your ivory tower and rain down pompous opinion with no merit to their successes..

Seriously, go back to that 500 capacity club and watch the next band play their version of Boy for then to only to know that in 25 years, you’ll shit on them, after they have proven their strength to survive for decades.

 +3Posted on Sep 27th | re: Premature Evaluation: Thom Yorke Tomorrow's Modern Boxes (58 comments)

The fact that we just got the ability to sink into some more Yorke music as a bridge between Radiohead albums is pretty much the only thing that needs to be appreciated here. Evaluating the $6 album is the last thing on my mind. There is nothing new going on here…its an album made up of Thom putting together some late nights at his cpu and soundboard. Good enough for me. Enjoy.

Pretentious, but that’s U2, and this certainly falls in line with War and Boy’s theme with the whole channeling father/son spirit and ‘innocence.’ However, they coulda put up a pepperoni pizza as their cover and drawn criticism merely based on the whole iTune backlash so ya gotta hand it to them on this and respect the unwavering uniqueness.

So that’s the reason he keeps playing that damn Happy song. It’s all clear to me now.

Here’s what Radiohead should do…. release their next album exclusively on vinyl. Then, sit back and watch digital consumer world blow up while Best Buys sales of record players goes through the roof. Now THAT is an encore to KOL

 +17Posted on Sep 18th | re: U2 Are Planning To Save The Music Business (36 comments)

Seriously Bono, get off my lawn.

 0Posted on Sep 17th | re: Premature Evaluation: Alt-J This Is All Yours (16 comments)

Thankfully, there was no Hugh Grant in that, but yes…I agree on both fronts. You really need to settle into this album on an infinite loop if you can. It’s pretty risky and bold for a sophomore album from a band that essentially built their popularity (at least in US) primarily on buzz and word of mouth. As far as I’m concerned, this is a win. They’ve maintained that very unique aloofness while still pushing forward with that subtle edge that keeps them away from mediocrity.

 +1Posted on Sep 16th | re: Premature Evaluation: Alt-J This Is All Yours (16 comments)

This album is like when you sit down and start watching some meat grinder rom-com only come to find out it’s directed by Tarantino. You don’t want to love it as much as you do, but it’s unavoidable. Now, I know what your sayin….Tarantino? Rom-com? That actually might be sorta cool, but then you see Kathryn Heigl and Hugh Grant and you’re like, wtf, but then some weird bounty hunter comes in and next thing ya know, there’s blood everywhere…

Either way, I can’t stop listening to it.