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 +7Posted on Oct 24th | re: Download Run The Jewels RTJ2 (42 comments)

This all of a sudden makes that Jessie Ware as AOTW seem like a unlikely choice….

Nice little Thursday streaming treat! Love these guys although they’ve definitely tamed down a bit since their first few albums but for some reason, I don’t mind at all. I can actually understand Graham a little better now it seems. ‘Fourteen Autumns’ is definitely a good place to start if new to them. I’ve always thought of them as a blend of Arcade Fire and Frightened Rabbit for some reason.

If Pitchfork and Stereogum are the definition of small potatoes, then load me up with starches. Hopefully there’s plenty of room on Billboard and Variety for ‘craps player.’ He can comment on the Hot 100 singles..

 +1Posted on Oct 20th | re: Stream Yusuf (FKA Cat Stevens) Tell 'Em I'm Gone (4 comments)

I need to understand something, (and this is in no way, shape or form meant to be ignorant) but why is “Cat Stevens” always next to Yusaf Islam’s name whenever there is a song released by him or an article written that involves him. I get that he changed it for Muslim reasons, etc…much respect… but for God’s Sake, the man changed his name in 1978! It can’t still be the ‘ole “Who is Yusaf? Oh yeah, he’s the great folk singer, ya know, the ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ dude.”

I thought this pic was Austin Powers remaking Whiplash…not gonna lie, I was kinda psyched.

 0Posted on Oct 16th | re: Viet Cong - "Continental Shelf" + Debut LP Details (4 comments)

I LOVE the Cassette EP…vibe comes off like early Talking Heads mixed in with a little Wolf Parade.

 +1Posted on Oct 15th | re: Album Of The Week: DJ Quik The Midnight Life (54 comments)

Allo Darlin’s new one is such a great Fall album..

 0Posted on Oct 15th | re: Wilco Reveal Tracklists For Rarities & Greatest Hits Comps (9 comments)

That was Jay Bennetts song, I believe. And, we all know how that whole thing turned out

 +8Posted on Oct 14th | re: You Can Finally Pay For U2's Songs Of Innocence Today (12 comments)

Be careful young man….you may on that same lunch break twenty years from now with a free Arcade Fire album in your clutches.

 0Posted on Oct 14th | re: You Can Finally Pay For U2's Songs Of Innocence Today (12 comments)

Bravo Eggy…bravo. It’s so easy to lob in random comments in an effort to be cool. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Motorola store? I hear all the cool kids take their lunch breaks at Verizon…