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 +1Posted on Apr 15th | re: Watch Kids Try To Use A Walkman For The First Time (15 comments)

Dude. There 8. Get a grip.

 +2Posted on Apr 15th | re: Courtney Barnett - "Anonymous Club" Video (1 comments)

Love, love, love this song and album. This album continually reminds me of Exile on Main with every listen. Hope its not forgotten come year end.

 +2Posted on Apr 10th | re: Watch Dave Grohl & Krist Novoselic On The Tonight Show (5 comments)

Fallons ‘that was awesome’ charm is exactly why he is such a success. Thought this was a pretty cool bit…they seemed to be subtly reminiscing with a grateful charm, especially on Krists end.

Reminds me of a story you’ll probably not read, but I must express anyway cuz I’m feelin it this AM….

I remember a few times where bands blew up right around the time I was able to catch them live, similar to what Dave was talking about in the interview. One of those Holy Shit moments involved, of all bands, The Counting Crows.
One time, me and couple friends caught them at a small club that was less than half full. The cool thing Duritz’ would do was wander about the club and have a few beers pre-show, which I keenly sniffed out. So, I’d randomly bump into him and chat for awhile which was mostly just me expressing my ‘that was awesome’ charm while shootin the shit about their outstanding debut album, August and Everything After. They were so good on stage that night (you have to remember, early on they were one of the best live bands around). So we traveled their tour route for few more shows, and as we did, the clubs got fuller and fuller with each show until they were quickly starting to sell out. And, during this whole time, there was Duritz wandering the bar, and there I’d be tuggin on his shirt while we exchanged mutual looks like, “Dude, you’re starting to sell out here!” Finally, I remember hitting Northhampton, MA, and it was impossible not to see the transformation. ‘Mr. Jones’ had officially blown up on the charts, and they were off and running. Place was sold out and a line of 75 or so waiting to get in. The entire street was buzzing. Imagine REM and Murmur spiking Athens, or Coldplay and Parachutes catching on in Boston, or Radiohead with their Here is the Future of Alternative Rock moment in Chicago.

Then, true story, we slogged across the street, moped over a game of pool because we just traveled two hours to find out their popularity was evidently now through the roof and preventing our ability to see them again. So, with drunken beer muscles, I decide to call the club pretending to be a Geffen Records rep, imploring the page to track down any member of the band for me because I needed to relay something ‘very important.’ Sure enough, after a few minutes of ‘no way is this going to work,’ Adam is on the other end of the line. I quickly told him who I really was, not to hang up (creeper alert!) and where we had met over the past week. Wouldn’t ya know it, he got us into the sold out gig. I remember him asking for one request which was for me not to yell in his ear while if we should see each other again. Evidently, in my short ‘interviews’ over beers with him, my excitement would get the better of me and would become a titch excitable. Told us to cut the line and our names would be at the ticket counter with the page.

Ended up havin another few beers with him (again) after the show, asked him why he never plays Raining in Baltimore, whats up with the hair, and how did it feel to be gaining fame at such a explosive clip. They literally grew into a power band during that one week long stretch run up I-95N. You could see his surprise, his look…like “Finally, I think we are doing it,” and I tried my best not to yell.
Was a true music fan experience.

I know this isn’t the popular vote, but if you are going to go so off the grid like this with Jett, then I honestly think Courtney (of all people) should have been the choice here if going female. Think the emotionalism would have been sky high, or at least come across that way.
But, the problem is that the band hates her, and she can’t stand upright for more than ten minutes at a time.

Either way, this all is no more than a nice glancing tribute. JJ will be fun.

It should totally be Dylan Baldi.

 +2Posted on Apr 4th | re: The 10 Best Nirvana Songs (163 comments)

Personally, I thought Rape Me was by far the boldest move the band made during their fleeting moment in rock for so many, many reasons.

 0Posted on Apr 3rd | re: R.E.M.'s Mike Mills Announces David Letterman's Retirement (13 comments)

If this is indeed true, then I’m gonna feel pretty old when I wake up tomorrow…

 +16Posted on Apr 2nd | re: The Cure's Robert Smith Goes Nuts On Guardian Critic (31 comments)

Personally, I thought her ‘buy a drink’ quip was designed as a simply rhetorical retaliation to Smiths ALL CAP written assault on her, but whatever…hardly the point here.

The shock here is that a writer took an effort to point out a band (playing for a worthy cause, mind you) playing ‘too long?’ If you are going to criticize a show, I’m sorry, but length should not be on the top of any negative commentary regarding the event. How about something like, “…and although the set was a monstrous 45 songs, The Cure came and delivered for the crowd which is quite commendable.”

We’re talking about a band that’s been around for 40 years, and the fact they took to the stage for a 45 song set list may be one of the most devoted gestures any band could have done for their fans or the cause they were there supporting.

As if I needed a reason to love Smith more.

 +2Posted on Mar 30th | re: Watch Sam Smith Play SNL (8 comments)

On one hand, I thought there lacked a contrast in the song selections…both took on a similar pop-croon approach, but I thought he did as great job of representing and ‘explaining’ himself too an audience that essentially had no idea who he really is. Someone is definitely misusing him, but he could have come off pop candy, but didn’t. His voice shined and I think he maintained that level of mystery…
The problem we all have here is that we are such big fans of ‘Money on my Mind’ and I think we all wanted more of that, which I believe will eventually come about. Be patient.

 +6Posted on Mar 28th | re: The 5 Best Songs Of The Week (10 comments)

Like this particular song or not, hard not to see big things ahead for this cat, Sam Smith.