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Without a single note yet recorded, and based on this predictably Coldplay title, I give the album a 5.8
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May 13, 2015 on Coldplay Confirm New Album Title Head Full Of Dreams In Studio Update
Listening to new Tame Impala in pieces as opposed to sum of its parts might be the most aggravating auditory experience. It's like hearing The Wall on random play. All I wanna do is highlight track one...and push play.
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May 7, 2015 on Tame Impala – “Eventually”
Aside form so many things wrong with this entire read, the actual song is about as cookie-cutter Marley reggae as you can get, from the Jah Jah name drop in the title to the 'leaving Babylon with Zion on his side' references (which coming from someone who grew up in Brooklyn is less than credible, to say the least) Regardless, I liked it! Now where's my Kaya album...
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May 6, 2015 on Eddie Murphy Has A New Reggae Song Called “Oh Jah Jah”
It's MCIII this week for me. He hasn't skipped a beat, still cranking out absolutely irresistible indie.
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May 5, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Metz II
That must have happened right after it killed the radio star.
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May 4, 2015 on Stream My Morning Jacket The Waterfall
I just got the irresistible urge to throw on my "Mona Lisa's Sister' album.
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April 30, 2015 on Graham Parker Eviscerates New Singles By Mumford & Sons, Carly Rae Jepsen, & More
Is it possible that, in this technological Age, we cannot find a way for Twitter etc. to create a filtering method for something that's typed online before its able to post? I'm no Bill Gates, but this is an example of something that should never see the light of day, and is tracked and caught immediately via catching the IP address from where it originates. Pirated music could be caught on Napster, but we can't hold someone who is clearly disturbed and needs to be exposed gets to type away without consequence....sad.
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April 23, 2015 on Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry Responds To Misogynist Trolls: “Bring It On, Motherfuckers”
What is it about a loving daughter of a polarizing, troubled rock star paying fantastic tribute to someone, her father, who was both conflicted and talented that makes this so both overrated and "a bit much?" Did you even see the documentary?
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April 21, 2015 on Hear Kurt Cobain Cover The Beatles’ “And I Love Her”
Have yet to skip a many fantastic moments throughout this
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April 20, 2015 on Stream Mew +-
I've been on a Pandora kick lately in my car and my radio station has been Grizzly Bear (tap into it, its a fantastic mix) but regardless, its been awesome to listen to all things GB from early Horn of Plenty/Yellow House stuff with some Department of Eagles popping up from time to time, too. And, then you mix in some Fleet Foxes, Phoenix & Arcade Fire and you have quite a driving station....
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April 15, 2015 on Grizzly Bear’s 5th Album Will Be “More Adventurous”
Man, this is coming off as a totally 'new' sound with me....I honestly don't think I'm committed to it yet, although I'm glad he's pushed his boundaries out. His previous albums were so sparse and emotional...and it soooo worked. He's failed to let me down though, so I'm not too worried yet.
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April 14, 2015 on The Tallest Man On Earth – “Dark Bird Is Home”
For me personally, either She Sends Kisses or Everyone Chooses Sides made it onto almost every mixed tape I made in 2003.
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April 14, 2015 on Hear An Outtake From The Wrens’ New Song “Three Types Of Reading Ambiguity”
Seriously dude...she's almost 60. Go back to your Twitter and bitch.
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April 13, 2015 on Watch Drake Recoil From Madonna’s Long Kiss At Coachella
Seriously Madge, dress your age...she looks like that lady that sits on a stool at the end of your local bar. You know the one I'm talkin about.
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April 13, 2015 on Watch Drake Recoil From Madonna’s Long Kiss At Coachella
I believe you are correct, I'm seeing the 28th, actually. Three tracks available for DL on The Evil Empire, iTunes....all fall right in line with their back catalog. Should be another typically outrageously satisfying purchase.
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April 7, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Waxahatchee Ivy Tripp
Where's Spencer Davis to weigh in on this ridiculous argument when ya need him?!
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April 6, 2015 on Tame Impala – “‘Cause I’m A Man”
Godspeed You!......Sufjan Me!
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April 1, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Godspeed You! Black Emperor Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress
Ironic that you mention Amazon...take the Kindle as an example which makes zero money for the company as an item of sale, but what does? All together people...."the content you put into it."
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March 31, 2015 on Behold The Half-Assed Hubris Of Tidal
This is all Apple's fault. Damn you Jobs, damn you to hell...
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March 30, 2015 on Coachella And Lollapalooza Ban Selfie Sticks