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May 10, 2016 on Yacht Promote New Video With Fake Sex Tape Leak
"He was just the kid in my screenwriting class who would show up with pages that began "IRIS IN: On the anus of a goat." Same attention-getting, pseudo-provocative nonsense he's still doing today." Mike D'Angelo on Harmony Korine. Love that.
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April 20, 2016 on Rihanna – “Needed Me” Video (NSFW)
What a fitting comment for my triumphant return to SUD
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April 8, 2016 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
YEEESSSSSS we back and we back and we back and we back and we back
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April 4, 2016 on Chance The Rapper Says He’s Dropping A New Mixtape This Month
Damn. Sad news.
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March 23, 2016 on R.I.P. Phife Dawg
But, Sam? Latch was the only good thing
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March 3, 2016 on Sam Smith Really Hates His Song “Money On My Mind”
Devastating. Exceptionally talented man.
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January 11, 2016 on R.I.P. David Bowie
It's hard when Get Innocuous is one of the greatest openers in the history of music and time
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January 5, 2016 on James Murphy Announces New LCD Soundsystem Album, Addresses Betrayal Of Fans In Blog Post
Kendrick (Kendrick) by Kendrick Kendrick
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December 9, 2015 on The Gummy Awards: Vote For The Best Music Of 2015
No it's definitely SOPHIE. Fucked Up is a different act.
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November 3, 2015 on Grimes Thinks SOPHIE’s Name Is “Fucked Up”
Yes, their opinions represent everyone in Britain, like the way all Americans are represented by Kid Rock.
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September 11, 2015 on Mac DeMarco Discusses Trolling By “Disrespectful” UK Buzz Band Fat White Family