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"He was just the kid in my screenwriting class who would show up with pages that began "IRIS IN: On the anus of a goat." Same attention-getting, pseudo-provocative nonsense he's still doing today." Mike D'Angelo on Harmony Korine. Love that.
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April 20, 2016 on Rihanna – “Needed Me” Video (NSFW)
What a fitting comment for my triumphant return to SUD
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April 8, 2016 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
YEEESSSSSS we back and we back and we back and we back and we back
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April 4, 2016 on Chance The Rapper Says He’s Dropping A New Mixtape This Month
Damn. Sad news.
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March 23, 2016 on R.I.P. Phife Dawg
But, Sam? Latch was the only good thing
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March 3, 2016 on Sam Smith Really Hates His Song “Money On My Mind”
Devastating. Exceptionally talented man.
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January 11, 2016 on R.I.P. David Bowie
It's hard when Get Innocuous is one of the greatest openers in the history of music and time
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January 5, 2016 on James Murphy Announces New LCD Soundsystem Album, Addresses Betrayal Of Fans In Blog Post
Kendrick (Kendrick) by Kendrick Kendrick
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December 9, 2015 on The Gummy Awards: Vote For The Best Music Of 2015
No it's definitely SOPHIE. Fucked Up is a different act.
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November 3, 2015 on Grimes Thinks SOPHIE’s Name Is “Fucked Up”
Yes, their opinions represent everyone in Britain, like the way all Americans are represented by Kid Rock.
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September 11, 2015 on Mac DeMarco Discusses Trolling By “Disrespectful” UK Buzz Band Fat White Family