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Obviously, someone who really believes that listening to/liking a band will lead to satisfying sex has never even touched a pussy/cock.

Besides, liking a band because they might get you laid is pretty much the definition of being a poser. I’ll go for girls that want my junk because *I’m* awesome, not because I happen to like whatever band it is that “hip” and “trendy” people also dig.

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June 9, 2009 on New Kings Of Leon Video – “Notion”

God damn if the sound of J’s guitar doesn’t immediately flash me back to age 14! I love these guys. Probably the only reunited/old vanguard act that still interests me. although, the new SY album sounds pretty cool from what I’ve heard of it.

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June 6, 2009 on New Dinosaur Jr. Video – “Over It”

But, I bet Sonic Youth will never write a cool song about Feist.

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June 4, 2009 on Wavves’ Meltdown In Spain (And Apology)

“…coasting on the admittedly great but ten year old Soft Bulletin. Enough victory lap tours.”

Geez, man, can’t you give a guy a break? Coyne is 48 years old for god’s sake. Soft Bulletin was released 16 years into the Lips’ career! I for one don’t believe that artists have an endless wellspring of musical ideas to pull from; at some point you exhaust your most innovative creativity and either hang your hat up or you take it a little easy and play to your fans. Very few musicians stay innovative for their whole life.

The Lips were an underground 80s band that missed most of the initial alternative hype wave; 10 years on they then released a kitschy pop single that seemingly doomed them to one-hit wonderdom; fell into drug addiction; somehow defeated the odds against them (old, one hit, drugs) and released one of the greatest albums of the 90s; then Yoshimi! (oh yeah, all the while putting on some of the most innovative, risk-taking live shows of the past 20 years)

Dude *needs* to take a nap. He’s earned it.

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March 8, 2009 on Flaming Lips Vs. Arcade Fire Round 2: Win Butler Strikes Back

Funny that you mention Puddle of Mudd. I don’t know personally, but from a friend who worked at a festival they played I heard that they were really nice. Terrible band, though.

Also, I worked at a record store once, and Godsmack sent us a box of chocolates for whatever reason. I think they’d gotten high with our owner when they passed through on tour or something like that. Nice guys, terrible musicians.

Not that being nice makes you a terrible artist. Some people are jerks and some people aren’t. We can’t all be Paul Newman.

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March 8, 2009 on Flaming Lips Vs. Arcade Fire Round 2: Win Butler Strikes Back

How’s this for creepy:

“Creep” , “Achy Breaky Heart” , *and* Miley Cyrus were all “released” in the same year: 1992.

The song “Creep” is older than she is.

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March 8, 2009 on Miley Cyrus Vows To Ruin Rude, Stinky Radiohead

First I guess we’re supposed to qualify ourselves by talking about how much better one artist is than the other, right? Well, I own more Cure albums than Radiohead albums, so take that to mean what it will. I like both bands, honestly.

I don’t understand what exactly is meant by people who say “The Radiohead model” won’t work for “upstart” or “young” bands. As far as I can tell, young bands most often give their music away for free; they’ve been doing it for decades. Am I the only person whose pockets are constantly inundated with local CDs everytime I go out on the weekend? And people have been haggling over prices on CDs and letting people name their own prices forever, just ask any kid who sells his own CDs out of his trunk.

Anyway, in my experience, giving music away for free online doesn’t preclude you from making money selling CDs. My band has been doing it for several years, and we make plenty of money selling physical CDs at shows. The idea of “value” in art is flawed. People value the musicians, not the music. If the audience has no personal connection to you, then they won’t think twice about taking your art for free. If they feel some sort of empathy towards you–as in something tangible or real, not just that they like your music–then generally they are happy to help out by buying an album; because buying an album in that context doesn’t feel like “commerce” or “business”, instead it feels good. What doesn’t work is brow-beating people into paying for 1s and 0s when they don’t really like you or your music much to begin with.

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February 27, 2009 on Robert Smith Says Radiohead Model Is “An Idiot Plan”

Good Lord, Saul. You are a fucking idiot. How can it possibly bother you so much that someone dislikes U2?

No one is talking about ‘living in the past’. They’re talking about “listening to shit music”. I think U2 sucks, hard (always have, really). I don’t care how many “fans” they have or how many stadium seats they overcharge for. Soulja Boy probably outsells them. You want to fight that battle, now? Kanye outsells them in the stores and on tour, so he must be waaay more relevant and talented, right?

And “only band from the 80s”? Just off the top of my head I can think of REM, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, The Flaming Lips… alright I’ll stop there. How embarrassing for you. Indie License revoked!

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February 15, 2009 on U2 Doing A Five Night Residency For Letterman

OK, I usually don’t care about this sort of thing, but you must be 14 years old or something. I was in 7th Grade when Dookie came out, so that put me into *exactly* the demographic their label was shooting for in the early 90s and even as “a little kid” I knew that shit was about as far from “punk” as you could get. You could’ve called me a snooty 12-year-old, sure, but don’t think for a second that Green Day was ever considered “indie” or “punk” or anything like that except by the most “Orange County” of punk kids in the 90s (kids who also liked “The Offspring”! HA HA [/7th grade fuck]).

Green Day was never, EVER, evereverever, considered punk/underground/indie by *anyone* outside of California. Anything that tells you otherwise is simply revisionist history.

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February 10, 2009 on New Green Day Forthcoming This Spring

“Cinco Joe!

For every Records Label, ages 2 – 37!

Reggae Joe, Indie Joe, Hippie Joe, Girl Joe, we’ve got a warehouse FULL of ’em. Even the discontinued Halloween TV Special favorite: Count Otto Von Joesmark!

Everytime your Billie Joe shows the slightest signs of age, we’ll replace it, FREE FROM C-C-C-Cost!

Did your Joe get beat-down by 3EB, again?! Try combining TWO Joes for Ultimate Sonic Gestalt Actionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”

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February 9, 2009 on New Green Day Forthcoming This Spring

Reporting about “The Grammies” only encourages it. Just post the relevant videos; no need to pretend that anybody cares at all about this award show (which is completely decided by sales figures if I’m not mistaken, so we could just look up who’s going to win right now)

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February 7, 2009 on A Few Reasons We Are Excited To Liveblog The Grammys


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February 3, 2009 on New Oasis Video – “Falling Down”

Yeah, because women are so straightforward with everything they mean, *never* try to deceive anyone, or twist logic to justify *anything*!

That logic is just another form of subtle sexism. “Women are weak, so no one would fight if they were in charge!”

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February 3, 2009 on New U2 Video – “Get On Your Boots”

Weird, just looking at the first 11 headliners, this festival could have happened anytime in the last 15 years (almost 30! if you take the first 9! ) …except for Wilco, of course.

It looks a lot like a mid 90s Hullabalooza lineup at first glance.

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February 3, 2009 on Bonnaroo 2009 Line-Up: Phish, Springsteen, And More Phish

This video reminds me of a much less funny version of Michael Jackson’s “Leave Me Alone”.

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February 1, 2009 on New U2 Video – “Get On Your Boots”

Yeah! We, too, can leave our kids with an enormous national debt, a credit crisis, an impending depression, and a consumer culture totally bereft of any redeeming values! And then we can make an ad for a high-fructose-stoked soda that makes us look even better!

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January 31, 2009 on Bob Dylan And Will.I.Am Are Pepsi Pals

Uh… I don’t know that Sub Pop has ever really been that “indie”. The label’s entire career has been based around the emulation of Big Label marketing. Poneman and Pavitt have said as much *countless* times in interviews. Read interviews with Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, and any of the other countless bands that made a name for Sub Pop (although Poneman and Pavitt would like you to believe that *they* made a name for those bands); every one of those bands complained about the strong-arm major-label style tactics of Sub Pop in the early 90s (ignoring artists, refusing to pay royalties, shelving records, etc). Why do you think they all left for major labels? Most of those artists even had *more* control over their art once they signed to majors.

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January 30, 2009 on Fleet Foxes = Still Indie

[QUOTE] from noahholla = “I’m just pointing out the fact that all these skinny jean wearing, converse sporting, Indie kids that only listen to radiohead are quick to judge a rapper that puts out something new every month.” [/QUOTE]

While I have to admit that you’re absolutely correct in certain ways, you’re just digging the hole deeper and deeper.

Why do you assume everyone here is a “converse sporting” indie kid? I’ll admit that a lot of people around here *may* wear Cons (although I don’t, nor do my friends; it’s not 1989 anymore after all).

Maybe a majority of kids just know Wayne’s newest stuff and jumped on the bandwagon, but that doesn’t mean you should paint everyone who’s into “indie” music with the same brush. Some people just actually like the music, regardless of how street they are. Hell, I grew up just outside of New Orleans with Cash Money at every party I went to during and after high school, but I still think Animal Collective/FleetFoxes/FuckedUp are great bands.

It’s just music. It’s notes–vibrations in the air–it seems silly to draw ridiculous divisions that exclude people for being “johnny come latelies”, meanwhile they still honestly love the music. Why hold that against someone?

But I take back the “a little racist” quote, I was just being over the top. Maybe I’m just angry because I had to put up with a 40+ year old woman complaining about the Hip Hop I was playing while DJ’ing last night.

::cheers:: Tip back a shot for Hip Hop fans everywhere.

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January 29, 2009 on Lil Wayne Makes Live “Rock” Debut On AT&T’s Facebook Page

Actually, some “indie fucks” are from the NO area, and have been tired of Wayne’s antics since he first popped up at age 16. Some “indie fucks” have even been following Cash Money’s output since day 1 (and have the whole collection of Rap Snacks in their home). Don’t be so quick to assume a group of predominantly white people don’t know anything about Hip Hop. It makes you look a little racist.

Also I’d like to run a test: Who’s the second-best rapper alive? I’d like to know what “great” rappers Wayne is supposedly better than according to his fans.

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January 28, 2009 on Lil Wayne Makes Live “Rock” Debut On AT&T’s Facebook Page

Yes. I think it should be a requirement that all bands on tour play New Orleans. They really don’t know how much they miss out on skipping Deep Southern areas (fuck those Yankee-ass mofos from the Carolinas and Virginia(! even) that talk about “the south” right?)

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January 22, 2009 on Animal Collective Announce Merriweather World Tour