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 -1Posted on Jul 25th | re: Thank Arcade Fire For The Unicorns Reunion (4 comments)

I’m honestly befuddled by his prior disparaging of The Unicorns. Yes, it’s not “serious” music. And their oeuvre may not hold a candle to Return to the Sea.

But Arm’s Way was middling, and every Islands project afterward fairly bland and uninventive. Tell me what compares to the sound or the fun of Jellybones?

 +4Posted on Jun 3rd | re: Caribou - "Can't Do Without You" (36 comments)

“Let’s wait to see what the other songs sound like before thinking he hasn’t progressed”

“…most definitely going to be one of the better albums of 2014″

a.k.a. Don’t jump to conclusions guys, because i already have.

mixed the order up on the first line. that’s how blinding my rage was.

“Than it’s not” instead of “then it’s not”
“Their job is..” not “They’re job is…”‘
“your prop argument…” NOT “you’re prop argument…”

swear to god, one of you better start using proper grammar because i do not have the energy to hate two people today.

 +1Posted on Apr 15th | re: The 10 Best Galaxie 500 Songs (36 comments)

Snowstorm being absent is absolutely criminal. On my own list, i’d rank Strange much higher too.

 +2Posted on Mar 25th | re: Check Out Daft Punk's Retro Ads For New Merch (7 comments)

you’re better than mediocre merch posts guys. you know you are. what does columbia have on you?

a Chance/Clams collab had me psyched but this was pretty underwhelming. Maybe i just find the Pia Mia vibe too generic and it’s like 80% of the track.

 0Posted on Feb 26th | re: You Can Buy James Murphy's Specialty Coffee Now (5 comments)

We get it, James. You read GQ. Congrats.

 +1Posted on Feb 20th | re: Conor Oberst Issues Statement About Rape Accusations (36 comments)


(although I still don’t really agree with your premise to begin with. Why would you release a statement to the press about this sort of thing if the story wasn’t already In The Press?)

 0Posted on Feb 20th | re: Conor Oberst Issues Statement About Rape Accusations (36 comments)

You’re wrong. See here:

Oberst hadn’t commented one way or the other at the time of Stereogum’s reporting.