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Frankie Cosmos – “Sinister” Video

Frankie Cosmos has shared a new video for "Sinister," a track off of Next Thing, one of our favorite albums of the year so far.
James Rettig | 5:18 pm

Third Man Records Details Plan To Play First Record In Space

Last week, Jack White's gimmick factory/label Third Man Records teased that their next stunt would be "making vinyl history" by playing the first record in…
James Rettig | 5:02 pm

Sia & Sean Paul End Drake’s #1 Reign On Hot 100

Drake's "One Dance" has probably become the de facto song of the summer due to there being no other viable options, but the song just…
James Rettig | 4:53 pm

Watch Toro Y Moi Play “Grown Up Calls” From Live From Trona Concert Film

Next month, Toro Y Moi will release a new live album and accompanying concert film called Toro Y Moi: Live From Trona featuring new live…
James Rettig | 2:44 pm


Fern Mayo – “New Ketamine”

Last year, Fern Mayo released their studio debut, Happy Forever, and the Brooklyn-bred group is following that up with a three-track EP called Hex Signs,…
James Rettig | 1:10 pm

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No one is safe from Carly Slay Jepsen
+21 |
July 21, 2016 on Danny L Harle – “Supernatural” (Feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)
Oh, those are two separate thoughts -- Devil & God is about to turn 10 in November, Daisy's only 7. I made it a little clearer up top. My fave (and I think the most lauded) is D&G!
+9 |
July 15, 2016 on Staring Down The End With Brand New At Madison Square Garden
Ok, I get why maybe you'd be icked out by this in that regard, but as far as I can gather Sarah (who is in the photo + leads the band) has been responsible for all the visuals for her project, and I'd imagine it's the same for this.
+4 |
July 5, 2016 on angelic milk – “Tie Me Up”
Don't really see how it's "problematic." Sure, it's ~provocative~, but it's pretty clearly (to me) a play off the whole aesthetic of Virgin Suicides and other movies of that ilk.
+3 |
July 5, 2016 on angelic milk – “Tie Me Up”
I think they are supposed to be bats. Or birds! Spooky
+1 |
June 30, 2016 on Crystal Castles Tease New Album Release In August
Very high up there. Only beat out by like... Abi Reimold, PUP, and Mitski :)
+7 |
June 22, 2016 on Japanese Breakfast – “Jane Cum” Video
We've had the album since like March, so not exactly! It holds up.
+12 |
June 15, 2016 on The 50 Best Albums Of 2016 So Far
Oops yep sorry about that! January 2015 feels so long ago!! Fixed
+5 |
June 13, 2016 on Preoccupations – “Anxiety” Video
I totally felt the same way at first! But after a few more listens and some long car rides, I warmed up to it a lot more. Perfect Cast and You're Gonna Miss It All definitely have stronger hooks, but I admire what they did ~artistically~ and ~thematically~ here a lot more. Spend some more time with it (if you want!), it could grow on you.
+4 |
May 10, 2016 on Stream Modern Baseball Holy Ghost
No :/ But I want to! What are some good episodes to start with? I'll put a few on my phone and try to listen on the train this week.
+2 |
May 9, 2016 on Carly Rae Jepsen & Ariel Rechtshaid Break Down “When I Needed You” On Song Exploder Podcast
Different writers, different opinions!
+6 |
April 27, 2016 on AlunaGeorge – “My Blood”
It's Monday!!! http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_LbEOZqOqjYs/TKnSHv9GOxI/AAAAAAAARxE/20jlkKVSW-c/s1600/ack.jpg
+7 |
April 4, 2016 on Watch Amy Schumer’s Hamilton Takeoff With Lin-Manuel Miranda & Questlove
I always win.
+3 |
March 29, 2016 on Stream GFOTY VIPOTY EP
Oops i even saw it on Broadway last year... fixed.
+2 |
March 8, 2016 on Hedwig Stars Plan Radiohead Tribute Concert
Last time I wrote about them I called them preeminent and got called out for it in the comments! :( I can't win!
+6 |
February 29, 2016 on Explosions In The Sky – “Logic Of A Dream”