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The Flying Lotus/Kendrick Lamar collab “Never Catch Me” is one of the highlights from FlyLo’s upcoming album You’re Dead, and now it has a great video to go along with it. The Hiro Murai-directed clip follows two kids who start off by jumping out of their coffins at a funeral and launching into an rapturous schoolyard dance while the adults sit around looking jaded and somber. It follows them out into an actual schoolyard as they jump into a hearse and drive off into the sunset. It’s a beautiful video, thought-provoking and a lot of fun, and you can watch below.

Migos just released the first track from their next mixtape with Rich The Kid, called Streets On Lock 4, which followed the third iteration which came out earlier this year on 4/20. The track title and the song itself is based around the fakewatchbusta Instagram account, which calls out rappers who wear fake jewelry. Basically, the crew is saying they can’t bust ’em because all their jewelry is 100% authentic and genuine. Listen below.

Mary J. Blige will release her London Sessions album at the end of the November. One of her collaborators on the record was Sam Smith, who co-wrote at least two songs. The first was lead single “Therapy,” which we heard last week. Now here’s another, “Nobody But You,” which sounds a lot like what Smith does on his debut album (and I’m pretty sure that’s Smith’s vocals chopped up in the background). Listen to it below.


 +2Posted on Oct 1st | re: Watch Future Islands Take "Seasons" To Jools Holland (7 comments)

Yeah, let’s go with that! Sounds more fun.

 +1Posted on Sep 30th | re: Lakutis - "Body Scream" Video (5 comments)

oh crap, sorry about that. i do actually (i like his track w/ kitty), but had a total brain fart and didn’t even double check. fixed now!

I don’t know, maybe he went in a little hard on the bro, but I can’t help but root for him considering all of the times I’ve felt unsafe/uncomfortable at a show and would have loved to say something similar. I don’t go to a lot of punk shows, but I grew up in Jersey so I have a lot of friends (mostly girls) that do and it’s about time someone stood up to all the hyper-masculine bullshit that happens at some of these shows.

If you look at the Facebook comments on the statement, there’s some really ugly things being said from some entitled boys in the “community” that really put a different spin on it. I don’t see how you can read some of those and not support Joyce Manor taking a stance.

I buy a lot of tapes, mostly from artists who throw up their stuff for free on Bandcamp and then do tape releases. It’s a way to give money to the artist while also getting something cool in return. I have an old boombox that can be hooked up to my stereo system that I’ll sometimes play tapes off of, but I can’t say I listen to them all that often. It’s more about owning something physical from smaller artists instead of just having the MP3s. (And, as a plus, they look nice next to my vinyl collection.)

Agreed. Joanna Gruesome tweeted something along the same lines last month after a mosh pit at one of their shows in D.C. put someone in the hospital:

“The character limit on twitter is too small for me to talk about this, but I had to personally put a woman in a cab to a hospital tonight. when I talk about how I don’t like mosh pits I fucking mean it. 4 guys elbowing people is not a good time. Someone had to go to hospital. a woman had to go to hospital because of some fucking shitheads moshing tonight. if you think that’s ok, don’t ever come to our shows, buy any of our stuff, or even acknowledge the existence of this band ever again. I’m gunna talk about this more tomorrow but I have never been this mad after a show before in my life.”

I was at one of their shows with Perfect Pussy a few nights before that in Brooklyn and something similar happened. No one got hurt as far as I know, but Alanna stopped the show and told the few people in the crowd who were moshing to stop. It’s only fun for the assholes who are doing it and it makes everyone else around them feel uncomfortable and unsafe. It’s a huge problem, and something that’s completely antithetical to the safe space values that DIY venues should be upholding. I get that people want to “express” themselves at punk rock shows, but there are other ways to do it that don’t impose on the people around you. It’s a nasty relic left over from an earlier time and should not be what shows are about today.

Saved all my opinions for the comments but, guys, this SUCKS. Urban’s vinyl market consists of 16-year-olds who want to play Lana Del Rey on their Crosleys. I’m glad vinyl sales are up and people are getting more interested in physical media, but there’s no reason to buy overpriced records from a corporation when there’s the internet and local record stores where you can get it for cheaper and artists get more of a cut. Please…

 +1Posted on Sep 22nd | re: Hear Two Dev Hynes Demos Written For Britney Spears (13 comments)

Fixed! Side note: this article from a few months ago is one of the best reads on Britney ever.

 +1Posted on Sep 22nd | re: Azealia Banks - "Chasing Time" (4 comments)

In this case, I think so — this could have easily slotted next to anything on Fantasea and borrows from a movement/aesthetic that lasted for ~3 months and arguably didn’t even exist to begin with. I don’t know, sounds like leftovers to me. Obviously not everything recorded two years ago sounds dated.

 -2Posted on Aug 24th | re: VMAs 2014 Videos, GIFs, Vines, & Winners List (21 comments)

She is the first female artist to win for best rock video, though, which is a good thing.

 +8Posted on Aug 24th | re: VMAs 2014 Comment Party (122 comments)

Her reaction to Nicki’s ass: