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 0Posted on Jan 22nd | re: The 10 Best Black Crowes Songs (24 comments)

Sometimes Salvation is a hell of a song. I remember they played it on SNL and watched with my dad and he thought it was a mess, which it might have been. But I thought it ruled.

 +1Posted on Mar 12th, 2014 | re: The 10 Best Hold Steady Songs (50 comments)

My top 10 HS songs not on this list:


“Cutters”, “Atlantic City”, the new single, and (sorry) “Southtown Girls” don’t belong on this list, and there are a few better choices from B&GIA than “Hot Soft Light” too..

 +1Posted on Nov 13th, 2013 | re: David Lowery Leads Effort To Shut Down Lyric Websites Like Rap Genius (83 comments)

Dear Stereogum,

Please stop posting my words in your comment section. What gives you the right? Failure to comply will result in legal action against your website.

Thank you,
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 -1Posted on Apr 10th, 2013 | re: The 10 Best National Songs (198 comments)

Wow, this list is drawing some first rate negativity…

And it really truly deserves it. This list doesn’t even come close. Of all the “10 Best Songs” lists of bands/artists I am very familair with, this is by far the worst.

High Violet is not on par with Alligator or Boxer, let alone “unquestionably their greatest moment” or whatever nonsense the article purported. The quality of the songwriting is well below those other two.

In fact this list includes 3 songs that I think are among the band’s worst: Conversation 16, Lemonworld, and Afraid of Everyone. How are those better choices from HV than Terrible Love?, which suffers from poor production but is clearly a great song.

Here’s mine, thrown together quickly, but focused on their best albums:

Daughters of the Soho Riots
All the Wine
About Today
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Start A War
Mr November
Slow Show
Secret Meeting
Apartment Song

album: ty segall – twins/slaugterhouse (2. Woods: Bend Beyond; 3. The Men: Open Yr Heart)
song: king tuff – “wild desire”
new artists – royal headache
TV show: The Walking Dead

thank you

 0Posted on Oct 17th, 2012 | re: Yo La Tengo Albums From Worst To Best (53 comments)

Yeah, I liked Fortune a lot when it came out – there’s a big jump in quality on the Shannon McArdle songs. Bracy’s songs are typically pretty great, “Metro Pictures” being one of his very best, but some of the tracks sound a little over produced to me, they lack the rough around the edges sound of their older stuff or the really well-crafted folk rock vibe of the last two

 0Posted on Oct 16th, 2012 | re: Yo La Tengo Albums From Worst To Best (53 comments)

Just noticed from the comment above that Timothy Bracy co-wrote this post….am I correct in assuming it’s Tim formerly of The Mendoza Line? If so:

7. I LIke You When You’re Not Around
6. Fortune
5. 30 Year Low
4. Poems to a Pawnshop
3. Full of Light and Full of Fire
2. We’re All In This Alone
1. Lost In Revelry

Nice job with this YLT list. I like Popular Songs better than some you have above it and Ride the Tiger too. Summer Sun ain’t underrated. Fakebook would probably be lower on my list too.

 +2Posted on Oct 9th, 2012 | re: Premature Evaluation: Titus Andronicus Local Business (47 comments)

Haven’t heard Local Business yet, and can’t wait to. Liek the article says, The Monitor is one of my favorite rock records of the past few years easy.

That being said, Lonerism is so good they should have called it Bonerism

 +7Posted on Aug 16th, 2012 | re: The 10 Best Wilco Songs (158 comments)

As a long time Wilco fan (started listening to UT through the No Alternative compilation), this list has several problematic inclusions. Opinions are opinions of course, but “Nothingsevergonna…” and “Hate It Here” are in no way among the Top 10 Wilco songs. As one commentor said earlier, “Nothings..” not even in the Top 10 on Summerteeth. And “Hate it Here” is just seriously the pits – one of the most annoying and pandering songs Tweedy’e ever written.

That being said, bravo for “At Least That’s What You Said”, a personal fave. Also, I appreciate how you try to include something from all eras of the band. I guess “I Must Be High” is a good choice from AM, but “Box Full of Letters” to me is the better song. Also, “Monday”, while a fun, Stonesy-rocker, is not as good as “Far Far Away”, “Outtasite”, “Sunken Treasure”, “Red Eyed and Blue” and a couple of other Being There songs.

A lot of commentors are crying foul over the exclusion of “I Am Trying to Break Yr Heart”, but I’d agree that “Ashes” is a better choice from YHF, as would be “Poor Places”, “War on War”, “Reservations”, or “Kamera”. Maybe a few others too.

In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, off the top of my head their best tracks are:

Passenger Side
Can’t Stand It
Shot in the Arm
Hell is Chrome
Handshake Drugs
Pot Kettle Black
I’m Always in Love
Not for the Season (Laminated Cat)
Wishful Thinking
Impossible Germany

A top 10 is pretty hard for such a great band. Nice try though.

 +2Posted on Mar 30th, 2012 | re: Stereogum's 25 Most Anticipated Albums For Spring/Summer 2012 (138 comments)

Have any of you people heard King Tuff? That dude should be mentioned