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 +1Posted on Oct 18th | re: Bono Explains Why He's Always Wearing Sunglasses (24 comments)

Bono will never have the “weird charisma” Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan. Right Tom?

If only a band that’s been around almost 40 years and became popular for playing live gigs all over the world and putting out timeless music could be as “extremely likable” as Nude Beach. The Black Keys are the Tom Breihan of music BTW…

 0Posted on Oct 15th | re: Prince To Play SNL With Host Chris Rock (2 comments)

He also performed in 1989 at one of their anniversary shows. It was on (not ready for) primetime.

Nice performance. Thanks for posting.

 -1Posted on Oct 10th | re: Houston All-News Radio Station Will Now Play Only BeyoncĂ© (3 comments)

It’s a good thing she’s not U2. That would never get such a positive endorsement from you guys. She’s so talented. Such a well rounded artist who sings songs where she had zero input on the creative process.

 -2Posted on Oct 7th | re: Kanye Has 20 Finished Songs For New Album (19 comments)

“The Preceding Article Was A Paid Advertisement.”

 +2Posted on Oct 7th | re: U2 & Lykke Li Song Sneaked Into Walking Dead Promos (3 comments)

“There They Go Again!” What’s the big deal? It’s a good song. I’m sure U2 forced Sony/AMC to play their song even though they’re label is Interscope/Universal.

 0Posted on Oct 3rd | re: The 10 Best KISS Songs (33 comments)

Actually tons of great songs, which is the only reason anyone cares about them 40 years later. “Lick It Up” is pretty bad IMO, but “Cold Gin” is definitely one that needs to be in your list.

It’s the hip thing to do. Bash the latest U2 album and praise the horsesh*t flavor of the month. So edgy Stereogum/Pitchfork/Internet Trolls.

I love “Pop” as well and it deserves to be up there with “Achtung Baby” but this cover is not going to go over well. It’s just too damn creepy. Why not have a picture with Larry and his son when he was young? Who’s going to even know that’s his son unless they are diehard fans? All the crap they received from the Apple thing is not going to compare to this backlash. I’m a Prince fan and I know a dumb album cover can almost sink a career. After the “Lovesexy” cover it took the miracle of the “Batman” soundtrack to resurrect his stature. U2 are going to destroy the otherwise positive fan response of this LP by putting out this polarizing photo.