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 -2Posted on Jul 23rd | re: 30 Essential Songs From The Golden Era Of Emo (150 comments)

Putting Jawbox and Sunny Day on the same list as some of these whiny hacks doesn’t make any sense. If you’re going to go sort of old school, where’s Quicksand/Gorilla Biscuits? I have no idea why Weezer would be on here either.

 -2Posted on Jul 14th | re: The Afghan Whigs - "Matamoros" Video (1 comments)

This desperate video isn’t going to save this disappointing album. I’m a fan but Dulli screwed up when he fired Rick McCollum.

Horrible picks. Queens came out last year and the Beck is okay. That’s it. No wonder these artists suck.

 +1Posted on Jul 10th | re: Judas Priest Albums From Worst To Best (30 comments)

Like a lot of commentators have said, I’ll give you credit for even reviewing this criminally underrated band. However, putting “Screaming…” at 9 is really odd. Also “Painkiller” & “British Steel” have to be top 5.

 +2Posted on Jun 26th | re: Prince Albums From Worst To Best (58 comments)

Like others have stated, this was a huge undertaking and you deserve a lot of credit for going through all these releases. That being said, no offense, but I grew up around the time these album were hitting, and I’m a big Bruce fan, but no way did BITUSA eclipse Prince at the time. People forget “Purple Rain” was a number one album for 6 months straight. BITUSA wasn’t close to that domination. I will also say that are some true head scratchers in your personal chart. Almost all the comments mention “!999″, and I will too. It’s an incredible album. Also, “The Black Album” and the “The Gold Experience” are great LP’s that are in line with his best work. “Lovesexy” was an incredible tour(better than PR Tour) but you have it rated a little too high for me. Anyway, here’s my picks based on the albums you have listed:

01. SOTT
02. PR
04. Dirty Mind
05. Controversy
06. Prince
07. Black Album
09. Diamonds & Pearls
10. Gold Experience
11. Parade
12. Batman OST
13. Lovesexy
14. 3121
15. Come
16. Symbol Album
17. For You
18. Graffiti Bridge
19. Musicology
20. Chaos & Disorder
21. 20ten
22. Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic
23. Emancipation(probably his most overrated IMO)
24. Rainbow Children
25. The Truth
26. Planet Earth
27. Lotusflow3r
28. Xpectation
29. N.E.W.S.

Yeah the crowd is really going crazy for him. People are exhausted with all the hype on this guy who’s lost his relevance in the music world and has his management scrambling around to bring the tabloid crowd in. His last album was a flop even with the biggest producer in music working on it. Half the media is reporting what really happened at Bonnaroo(like all the booing) and the rest, like Stereogum, is on the payroll. Triumphant? What a f*ckin’ joke.

That last guy knows his sh*t. I saw Gruntruck blow Alice In Chains & Screaming Trees off stage. Seaweed were a solid band also.

 -1Posted on Jun 7th | re: Purple Turns 20 (61 comments)

I’m glad this site has these articles and that the author doesn’t consider himself too cool to represent his past. Anyway, I would say the comment about STP being better than PJ is not off base. I’ve seen both bands several times each and there is no doubt when Weiland is on, he’s a hell of a lot better than Vedder standing around hugging a wine bottle and a mic stand(which is what he was doing in the mid 90′s). Just like their live show, STP’s catalog of music is not afraid to have some fun and their lead singer usually welcomes the rockstar thing. Even their reunion album from a couple of years ago had some nice songs on it that were a lot more accessible than what their peers have delivered the last couple of years(AIC being the exception. Hopefully they can quit fighting and at least get back on the road.

Nice article. I’ve also taken a lot of crap over the decades for being a fan, and I believe it is because of the success of this album and primarily the title track. Detractors always use that one to crack on The Boss without ever witnessing one of his live shows(which made me a lifelong fan since high school). I have a theory about that time period in music. CBS Records in the mid 80′s milked the hell out of “Thriller”. The success of that album made them rethink their marketing strategy to continually shove their popular artists down everyone’s throat ad nauseam. They did a similar thing with “Faith”. I think that’s when the real backlash started and probably why he rarely performed the title track for years.

Granted he’s been performing for 40 years and that song is from the 90′s garbage that most of the longtime fans loathe.