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 +15Posted on Nov 21st | re: Vitalogy Turns 20 (36 comments)

Vitalogy: screwing up your shelves with its odd phsical shape for 20 years (their best album BTW).

 +1Posted on Nov 17th | re: Band Aid 30 - "Do They Know It's Christmas? (2014)" (27 comments)


 +1Posted on Nov 16th | re: Neil Young Says "Goodbye Starbucks" In Angry Open Letter (32 comments)

Yeah I go to local coffee company’s all the time. But I live in the pacific northwest and it is hard to avoid Starbucks when you are hopelessly addicted to caffeine. BTW the guy is never in Vancouver. I have unconditional love for the guy but he is never here.

 +14Posted on Oct 29th | re: Led Zeppelin Albums From Worst To Best (83 comments)

being a troll is very timely. didnt zepplin have 12 songs about trolls?

 +1Posted on Oct 29th | re: Led Zeppelin Albums From Worst To Best (83 comments)

that Plant solo album with “Sea of Love” should be number one.

 -1Posted on Oct 25th | re: Beady Eye Break Up (7 comments)

Prob for the best

stereogum…. youve changed man. it used to be about the music

 0Posted on Oct 2nd | re: The 10 Best KISS Songs (33 comments)

….OUT on the street for a live eeen

 +1Posted on Sep 24th | re: The Kinks Albums From Worst To Best (33 comments)

Great read. Face to Face is the cash money #1 for me. Village Green is catchier than ebola. hey ohh.

 +1Posted on Sep 19th | re: Guided By Voices Break Up (Again) (18 comments)

Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!! Fuck this sucks. I really enjoyed them this time around. Love the new albums (not just a shitty cash grab reunion) and saw this incarnation twice. Well it was great while it lasted. Don’t Stop Now?