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 0Posted on Oct 22nd | re: The Smashing Pumpkins - "Being Beige" (49 comments)

I’m fairly certain you’re talking out your ass. Don’t you have homework to do or something?

Noel delights my soel.

That singer for Clean Bandit has the most obnoxiously punched-in vocal style I’ve heard in awhile. Shame to waste some fun production on that.


 +9Posted on Sep 26th | re: Thom Yorke Tomorrow's Modern Boxes Comment Party (101 comments)

Ooooh me nips.

Karen is definitely prettier than Julian, these days. But I’d let either one serenade me.

 0Posted on Sep 24th | re: Weezer - "The British Are Coming" (38 comments)

Fair enough

 0Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Weezer - "The British Are Coming" (38 comments)

What Tim said. Every band comes with the baggage, whether positive or negative. If we can take a track like this, compare it to former Weezer, and be happy…then that is a positive thing.

 0Posted on Sep 19th | re: The CD Still Rules In Japan (16 comments)

(didn’t mean this as a reply…oh well)

 +2Posted on Sep 19th | re: The CD Still Rules In Japan (16 comments)

I’ve had a few years of living over there under my belt, and just visited Tokyo again this past July. Not only is Japan a collectors country, they’re a culture that holds their passions sacred (something America knows little about, unfortunately. We’re a very disposable culture, generally speaking.) They view music and art in a unique way that only handfuls of us do out West. A CD to them is a shrine to the artist who holds their affections.

 +5Posted on Sep 18th | re: Premature Evaluation: Aphex Twin SYRO (24 comments)

Kidz Bop version