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So just to recap, ASAP Rocky and Skrillex can parade around a favela pretending to be gangsters, while actual residents (whose lives are made very miserable by the gangsters ASAP is emulating) dance in the background. That is okay. Sky Ferreira employs black actors to make a cutesy gangsta motif video. Not okay. Got it.

 +2Posted on Apr 16th | re: Sky Ferreira - "I Blame Myself" Video (10 comments)

Working really hard at this late 80s era Madonna impression. If this had come out in the late 80s it would have been pretty edgy, now it just seem bizarre. She looks good though, which I guess was the point.

 +2Posted on Apr 9th | re: Drake Is Hosting The ESPYs (3 comments)

Is Drake in character as the wheelchair kid in those photos?

 +4Posted on Apr 8th | re: Famous Album Cover Art Imagined From A Different Perspective (12 comments)

This is cool.

 +4Posted on Apr 3rd | re: Lana Del Rey - "Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight" (9 comments)

Someone should ask Lana if she’s ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight. Amirite, guys?

 -1Posted on Apr 2nd | re: The Cure's Robert Smith Goes Nuts On Guardian Critic (31 comments)

Okay, but seriously people, you don’t find the ALL CAPS thing is a bit silly? Robert Smith also wasn’t saying anything that most people would have already realized if he had simply said, “Uh, no we didn’t like the article.”

 -8Posted on Apr 2nd | re: The Cure's Robert Smith Goes Nuts On Guardian Critic (31 comments)

Robert Smith is a grumpy Gus.

 +1Posted on Apr 2nd | re: Drake - "Draft Day" (9 comments)

That picture gets my goat.

 +4Posted on Mar 28th | re: Dozens Of New Kurt Cobain Death Scene Photos Released (17 comments)

Can we please stop with the asinine Cobain garbage internet? No? Okay, then.

 +5Posted on Mar 27th | re: The Week In Pop: Shakira And Latin Pop's Too-Big-To-Fail Era (17 comments)

I’m not sure if the author is aware of the this, but the term “too big to fail” means that something is so important that to allow it to discontinue would be too important to allow, NOT, that something is great and powerful there is no conceivable way it could fail.

I say this cause I really don’t see how this could A. Relate to an era of music or B. Relate to the Latin invasion.