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Pretty reasonable outburst.

 +2Posted on Nov 3rd | re: Ariana Grande - "Love Me Harder" (Feat. The Weeknd) Video (4 comments)

An important message to all the 14 year old virgin girls out there singing along to this: actual sex is nothing like this song, fortunately.

 +2Posted on Nov 2nd | re: Charli XCX - "Boom Clap" Video (Tokyo Version) (6 comments)

Straight dude here. It was just your gayness.

 0Posted on Oct 29th | re: Dr. Luke Sues Kesha's Mom (1 comments)

Dr. Luke’s character aside, I’m having trouble believing some of these charges brought against him by Kesha. The main reason is that Kesha clearly has been feuding with him for a while and has no quams about stating her unhappiness and frustrations regarding Dr. Luke publicly. Why stay silent for so long on these very serious allegations? I know a lot of women do not reveal abuse out of fear or love for there abuser, but if you look the things Kesha has said about Dr. Luke in the months leading up to her lawsuit, she clearly neither fears, loves, or even respects the guy. Maybe there’s additional information that hasn’t been brought to light yet, but as is It just doesn’t add up to me.

 +3Posted on Oct 27th | re: OK Go - "I Won't Let You Down" Video (7 comments)

This song is far from their best, and their albums as whole frequently come up short. But most of the singles are enjoyable. Also, the ending of this video is cray.

Here I was hoping for a cover from the song from the “Into the Woods” soundtrack. Blood curddeling scream and all.

Am I missing something here, is Ariel Pink referring to himself in this quote?

So, I’ll ask you now, what necessarily makes all small white sheltered men racist/sexist/etc? What you’re saying really isn’t exclusive to “sheltered white guys”, there are plenty of oblivious, self obsessed, racist/sexist people out there in all walks of life.

The Rwanda thing is pretty hilarious. But, Tom, I’m confused about your confusion at the inclusion of the word nice. Why couldn’t sheltered tiny white men be nice, pleasant human beings? Or are you just shocked he called any group of people “nice”?

I hope you choke on your next plate of fried chicken and waffles and there is no mimosa in sight to save you.