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This whole thing feels a lot like celebrity message board. What Rollins said was bad, for sure, but everybody has an emotional melt down on the internet from time to time, we’re just not famous. Rollins is usually a pretty sharp knife and he’s issued a very sincere sounding apology. I hope this doesn’t escalate any further.

This is easily the hottest Nicki Minaj has ever been.

More of this racist, sexist B.S? And if you are confused by that last sentence, YES, it is racist. “No one else can do these things unless they are the same race as me”. Pretty much the exact definition.

Wow, Tame Impala took that cheesy ass bubble gum crap and made into an actually good song? I wish this was true, I’d be so impressed.

 +7Posted on Aug 4th | re: Dev Hynes Assaulted By Security At Lollapalooza (19 comments)

I know this might be a moot point but regardless of your opinions around the circumstances around their deaths, neither Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis’ deaths had anything to do with police brutality.

Very great first day. This Festival is very well run.

 +2Posted on Jul 22nd | re: Weezer - "Back To The Shack" (59 comments)

This isn’t bad. Very good musically, lyrics are a little hokey but I can live with them. Hopefully its not the best song on the album though.

Raditude and Make Believe are Weezer’s two worst albums. We are All on Drugs is their worst single. Hurley is a little underrated (though it has a couple of duds). Red album is very underrated if you include the bonus tracks (which are vintage 90s Weezer quality).

 +1Posted on Jul 19th | re: "Weird Al" Yankovic - "First World Problems" Video (3 comments)

Best Pixies song in years.

I we sure she’s talking about Interpol the band? Because I feel like we’re giving her a lot of credit thinking she even knows who they are.

 +7Posted on Jul 3rd | re: Here's Your Song Of The Summer 2014 (53 comments)

Facebook People, barely people since 2004.