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 +2Posted on Sep 15th | re: Snoop Dogg Under Fire For Homophobic Instagram Post (23 comments)

I was wondering the exact same thing. What is Snoop Trying to tell us?

Tyler the Creator’s caps lock looks broken.

I’m confused, are people upset by the fact that this is technically true and that frustrates them or they don’t even think he’s ripping it off?

 0Posted on Sep 9th | re: Weezer - "Cleopatra" (24 comments)

The chugging guitars too… it just sounds so sterile.

Ripping off isn’t stealing.

 +10Posted on Sep 9th | re: Weezer - "Cleopatra" (24 comments)

Maybe not the Weezer we wanted, but certainly the Weezer we all deserve.

I just listened t… braaaaaiiiiinnsssss

 0Posted on Sep 4th | re: Disney Says Deadmau5's Logo Is Too Similar To Theirs (7 comments)

Well, they might have a case, small children would probably think that’s a Mickey head.

 +4Posted on Sep 2nd | re: Death Grips Soundtrack Adidas Commercial (7 comments)

These sneakers really capture the struggle of our artistic endeavors, yo!

This whole thing feels a lot like celebrity message board. What Rollins said was bad, for sure, but everybody has an emotional melt down on the internet from time to time, we’re just not famous. Rollins is usually a pretty sharp knife and he’s issued a very sincere sounding apology. I hope this doesn’t escalate any further.