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 0Posted on Dec 19th | re: Oneohtrix Point Never - "Rush" & "Bubs" (Feat. A. G. Cook) (3 comments)

MY boy! Pumped Tom’s on board but R Plus Seven was anything but “queasy” to me. Maybe magical.. glowing.. transcendent?.. lol

 +1Posted on Dec 19th | re: The 40 Best Rap Albums Of 2014 (56 comments)

Can’t wait to check out Hell Can Wait, but disappointed that you’re saying the flows aren’t showcased. That was my favorite part of the tape he did that Mac Miller produced (not sure if it was Shyne Coldchain 2 or a dif one), his repetition of really catchy well thought out rhythms. Expecting big things from Vince.

 +3Posted on Dec 19th | re: Watch The Daily Show Defend Jay Z's Honor After Fox News Smear (20 comments)

They forgot “current fake Occupy shirt vendor” to go along with “former crack dealer.”

 +1Posted on Dec 18th | re: Watch Stephen Colbert Sell Michael Stipe (2 comments)


 +1Posted on Dec 17th | re: The 40 Best Rap Albums Of 2014 (56 comments)

I’d argue The Tour as also being bloated. Problem is with the Rich Gang tape is so much of the material is absolute dressed up garbage.

2014 was kind of Young Thug’s breakout year, which was good with singles like Stoner (or was that 2013?) and Lifestyle, but bad with so much awful filler. I want a solid album from this guy, not just smatterings of label confusion and impulsive releases. Thought Black Portland was really bad :(. But only so hard on him cus he’s the heir apparent.

As far as Run The Jewels goes, I kind of know what you’re saying about the vague middle fingers. I completely drained that record when I first got into it and was so into everything about it. Then I was kind of turned off by the vagueness. But THEN, I re-realized, they’re the f*cking men. Lines like “protesting for a fucking look book” are extremely specific, pointed, and hilariously capture the fitting fury of the times.

Don’t agree at all about the rap being flat on it, though. Recently saw an interview with Mike and he was talking about how they play with tone on it, and I can totally see how they were trying to do that now. Real inventive flows, in my mind.

 +4Posted on Dec 17th | re: Watch Kendrick Lamar Debut A New Song On Colbert (29 comments)

Wow. Such a cool build, and the dude’s showing Outkast-like, boundary pushing tendencies. Musical interludes, a def rock feel akin to Black Skinhead at the end. Was impressed with “i”‘s musical breaks but didn’t like the lyrics and delivery, lookin real forward to his album now.

 0Posted on Dec 16th | re: The 40 Best Rap Albums Of 2014 (56 comments)

Totallly. Love the lyrics in My Planet too. Hustle + Grind = Amazing, every time.

 +7Posted on Dec 16th | re: The 40 Best Rap Albums Of 2014 (56 comments)

Crazy how Oxymoron seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Got some great press when it was released. Really liked the album, but guilty of having kinda forgot about it myself..

Was also hoping to see We Amongst U on here, great Mixtape Of The Week alum from this year. It Was A Nightmare is such a surreal trip.

 +4Posted on Dec 15th | re: Panda Bear - "Boys Latin" Video (18 comments)

This song is fucking amazing

 +3Posted on Dec 13th | re: D'Angelo Announces Long-Anticipated Third Album Black Messiah (30 comments)

It was just 4 years, but they were extremely turbulent.