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I want to see a music video for Eulogy for a Rock Band.

Holy shit you’re right about “I’ve Had It Up To Here” passing for a Darkness song!

No I don’t.

I bet a friend of mine that he couldn’t sneak in five Pokemon names to a paper he wrote in college and he did it, it was hilarious. .

Yo Pharrell much love yo JK yo music sucks.

 +30Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Tanya Tagaq Wins 2014 Polaris Prize, Says "Fuck PETA" (47 comments)

Yeah they should just write the whole article in the headline.

This was complete shit, and what the fuck is she doing in that bush?

So someone thought that Avril Lavigne was deserving of that horrendus Hello Kitty song? That actually makes a lot of sense.

 0Posted on Sep 10th | re: Neil Young - "Who's Gonna Stand Up? (And Save The Earth)" (3 comments)


 -2Posted on Sep 9th | re: Weezer - "Cleopatra" (23 comments)

Bands don’t sound the same forever, if they came out with the blue album over and over again people would call them boring and one note, I’m liking this album so far.