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Sounds like Perry is the dark horse in this legal battle.
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June 30, 2015 on Nuns Try To Block Sale Of L.A. Convent To Katy Perry
I think I would have been a fan of Huey Lewis & the News back in the day, and 'Do You Believe in Love" is one of those songs that I love to catch on the radio when scanning the stations. That being said if for some reason I were ever to go see Huey Lewis et al in concert and this is the version they played I would be pretty disappointed. I can only imagine the concert has run long and most of the old folks in the audience are now up past their bedtime so Huey is singing a lullaby version of the song to help everyone fall asleep.
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June 21, 2015 on Watch Brandon Flowers Join Huey Lewis & The News On “Do You Believe In Love” In Atlantic City
John Wick (the movie) was really bad.
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June 17, 2015 on Status Ain’t Hood: Classic Rap Radio Is The Best Shit Ever
Is this the first mention of new The Darkness stuff by Stereogum? C'mon.
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May 14, 2015 on Q&A: The Darkness On Vikings, Music Media, And Nickelback + “Hammer & Tongs” (Stereogum Premiere)
Hmm.. No thanks.
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May 9, 2015 on Prince May Make “Baltimore” A Tidal Exclusive
Don't resist arrest.
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May 3, 2015 on Prince May Make “Baltimore” A Tidal Exclusive
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April 28, 2015 on Cat Power Had A Baby
You guys hear Guitar Hero 4 is coming out soon! I think there is a trailer for it somewhere.
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April 18, 2015 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
This sounds really familiar.
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April 16, 2015 on Kiss 1O8 – “Bleach”
a man!
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April 14, 2015 on Braid – “Because I Am”
well, the song was about statutory rape.
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April 12, 2015 on Tyler, The Creator – “Fucking Young” Video
I was hoping this was a Beyonce cover.
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April 8, 2015 on Prince Rama – “XO” (Stereogum Premiere)
That's exactly how I feel every time I listen to Remember the Name by fort Minor.
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March 31, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Godspeed You! Black Emperor Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress