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Can’t be any worse than the last three Transformer movies that have been shit out.

 +1Posted on Jul 9th | re: Judas Priest Albums From Worst To Best (30 comments)

Definitely not disappointed in this list, glad to see Stained Class as #1 as Beyond the Realms of Death is one of my favorite Priest songs and has my favorite guitar solo of all time. Great list and thanks!

 0Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Ryan Adams Ryan Adams LP Details (5 comments)

If it makes you haaaaaaappppyyyy!

I’ve become so numb from all of this arguing.

Uh yeah

 0Posted on Jun 30th | re: Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2014 (183 comments)

Enough with the complaining already, we should all consider ourselves lucky that we have a music website to go to where the staff actually tries to appease the mass of commenters.

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 0Posted on Jun 28th | re: Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2014 (183 comments)

What I meant was that Japandroids had a brief rise in popularity, not quite to mainstream levels but I do remember them getting name dropped a few times on television and such. I’m not saying they were one hit wonders or anything.

 -16Posted on Jun 25th | re: Prince Albums From Worst To Best (58 comments)

They’re all the worst.

For sale on itunes, on Youtube and Soundcloud. I’m not sure how Stereogum is bogarting the song.