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 0Posted on Nov 26th, 2009 | re: The 25 69 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2010 (325 comments)


 0Posted on Nov 25th, 2009 | re: The 25 69 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2010 (325 comments)

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm have you forgotten no ones first and your last? it just came out like 4 months ago…

 0Posted on Nov 22nd, 2009 | re: New El Guincho - "Antillas (XXXchange Remix)" (9 comments)

pretty sure this came out BEFORE merriweather …

 0Posted on May 24th, 2009 | re: New Modest Mouse - "Guilty Cocker Spaniels" (Stereogum Premiere) (82 comments)

Oh please, Modest Mouse still has it. But hahaha, poop sandwiches….

 0Posted on Mar 18th, 2009 | re: New Grizzly Bear - "Southern Point" (66 comments)

This is great, I’ve given in and decided I need the low fi version. where can i find one

 0Posted on Mar 16th, 2009 | re: Billy Corgan Endorses Ticketmaster/Live Nation Merger (154 comments)

Finally, a legitimate piece of industry news.

 0Posted on Mar 16th, 2009 | re: Old Folks Review Animal Collective (88 comments)


 0Posted on Mar 16th, 2009 | re: Thom Yorke Responds To Miley, Kanye Drama (53 comments)

wayne coyne can tear me a new asshole any day ; ) wait, i mean thom yorke

 0Posted on Mar 16th, 2009 | re: Fundamentals Of Phish Economy Are Strong (41 comments)

jesus people, whatever the hell phish are they are crazy and unlike any other band and in my book that makes them respectable. GO JERK OFF TO SOME ARCADE FIRE

 0Posted on Mar 8th, 2009 | re: Flaming Lips Vs. Arcade Fire Round 2: Win Butler Strikes Back (159 comments)

who is wayne coyne you ask? are you fucking seriuos? pick up a copy of zaireeka and tell me you dont shit your pants