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Yeah, I don’t remember Pork and Beans being considered “utterly reprehensible, indefensible trash” at all. In fact if we go back to 2008′s Stereogum post:

“Such a sweet, savory dose of self-referential, self-deprecating Weezer rock. Interesting that in the lyrics Rivers is so focused on giving himself a makeover — this stuff sounds very familiar in a good good way.”

 +12Posted on Sep 26th | re: Thom Yorke Tomorrow's Modern Boxes Comment Party (101 comments)

Like Urban Outfitters?

I had a hunch we’d get a “surprise” album release today, though I was expecting it to be from Kanye.

 +13Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Kendrick Lamar - "i" (89 comments)

I’m just surprised that beat wise it’s pretty straightforward. He’s essentially rapping over a cover of “That Lady”, not that I’m really complaining because I love that song and I do really dig that bass solo at the end.

 +9Posted on Sep 23rd | re: Tanya Tagaq Wins 2014 Polaris Prize, Says "Fuck PETA" (47 comments)

Kudos to Polaris voters for voting outside the box and not giving the prize to one of the more bvious candidates,

By making golden showers, of course.

 +4Posted on Sep 16th | re: Sun Kil Moon: "The War On Drugs Can Suck My Fucking Dick" (67 comments)

Hahaha Lorde. She’s not folk, she’s a rock artist!

 +8Posted on Sep 14th | re: Kanye Halts Sydney Show Until Seated Fans Prove They're Disabled (62 comments)

Or at least called upon his friend Jesus, who seems to show up at his shows, to help.

 +12Posted on Sep 12th | re: Funeral Turns 10 (198 comments)

That’s all fine and well, but where is the anniversary article for Thunder Lightning Strike?

Yeah don’t bring him into this beef. He’s vegan.