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 +1Posted on Nov 21st | re: Watch Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars' SNL Promos With Cameron Diaz (1 comments)

I wonder what they’ll do for the second song. Take a cue from last weeks performance and bring Jann Arden out on stage?

 +9Posted on Nov 19th | re: Album Of The Week: Chumped Teenage Retirement (75 comments)

So what you’re saying, based on the first paragraph, is that Stereogum should obviously award Album of the Year to Taylor Swift, right?

 +2Posted on Nov 19th | re: Flying Lotus - "Medication Meditation" (Feat. Krayzie Bone) (3 comments)

You must go to some strange parties…

 +19Posted on Nov 18th | re: Album Of The Week: Chumped Teenage Retirement (75 comments)

But what’s your excuse for not even mentioning One Direction’s new album? I thought this site was all about shitty pop music now!

 +5Posted on Nov 18th | re: Pusha T - "Lunch Money" (Prod. Kanye West) (20 comments)

I feel like such a nerd for recognizing that the song was sampling Jean Jacques Perrey’s EVA before it was made obvious later on.

 +1Posted on Nov 16th | re: Ariel Pink Calls Grimes "Stupid And Retarded" (48 comments)

But here’s the part of the story that I’m still intrigued by and wonder if its relevant to this whole thing:
Is Madonna actually working with Blood Diamonds on her next album?

 +2Posted on Nov 16th | re: Watch A Sweaty, Black-Lensed Kendrick Lamar Return To SNL (7 comments)

If you told me back in the late 90s that in fifteen years, Chantal Kreviazuk would be on SNL singing the hook for a song by a couple of rappers, I’d call you crazy, and yet here we are

 +19Posted on Nov 14th | re: Dave Grohl Weighs In On Taylor Swift Vs. Spotify (47 comments)

I thought more people here would on board with Dave Grohl’s stance on all of this, in that he doesn’t give a fuck about Taylor Swift is doing.

This is all fine and good, but how can we bring Taylor Swift into all of this?

 +3Posted on Nov 6th | re: Azealia Banks Surprise-Releases Broke With Expensive Taste (43 comments)

Was Mark Kozelek there as well?