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 +2Posted at 1:20pm | re: Ariel Pink's Haunted Horror Movie Guide (38 comments)

It’s gonna be tough. He’s been pulling a Mark Kozelek in reverse for me. I’ll still be giving it a shot, though, and his antics have seemed more transparently baiting the media for headlines whereas Kozelek’s seem to undermine all the insight and wit that made me love his new record in the first place.

Reactions to things are complicated.

 +1Posted on Oct 29th | re: Album Of The Week: Run The Jewels RTJ2 (108 comments)

Though, it’s probably going to get lost in the hypestorm that is RTJ2 (which is understandable because holy shit, this album), I’ve really been digging Objekt’s Flatland.

 +3Posted on Oct 28th | re: Premature Evaluation: Taylor Swift 1989 (156 comments)

I sort of disagree because craft in and of itself can certainly be art, and I think it’s silly to say that anyone is analyzing an Ikea catalog for craft. People DO analyze designed furniture in all sorts of ways: as functional pieces, as designed works of art, as part to whole elements in space, etc. There are so many words on it! Music, in a similar way, can be approached from a myriad of angles, and I don’t think anyone here is arguing that craft is the way music “should” be analyzed, but rather, one perspective from which it is possible to appreciate a work or discover more about it.

I also think it’s important to recognize a distinction between “craft” and “production.” Certain albums sound “crafted” (see Derrick’s example of AC Newman) where other albums, I think, fall under the idea of “produced”–ie, work is undergone and the pieces are intentionally brought together, but it’s missing a level of care and specificity that helps define “craft.” The problem, I suppose, is how we remain aware enough of the work to not simply label music we prefer as “crafted” and dismiss other works as “produced.”

I have no opinion on this album.

 0Posted on Oct 28th | re: OK Go - "I Won't Let You Down" Video (7 comments)

Whoa. When did they go neo-disco?

 +4Posted on Oct 24th | re: Download Run The Jewels RTJ2 (53 comments)

Honestly, while I was listening to it for the first time, I was imagining their would be some people getting upset by that line. Then Gangsta Boo’s verse kicked in, and I’m pretty sure I said “Oh shit” out loud.

 +14Posted on Oct 24th | re: Download Run The Jewels RTJ2 (53 comments)

Even the guest spots feel way more integral and necessary. The way they flip “Love Again” on its head is fucking sublime.

 +5Posted on Oct 23rd | re: U2 May Have Scrapped A Danger Mouse-Produced Album (14 comments)

Kind of a bummer. I don’t think Songs of Innocence is as bad as Stereogum seems to think, but I liked “Invisible” alright. I would have been interested in hearing what else came out of that.

 +5Posted on Oct 22nd | re: Taylor Swift - "Welcome To New York" (83 comments)

We’ll always have Tom Waits, at least, who can pretty much create sonic representations of the city whenever he wants.

 +19Posted on Oct 22nd | re: Taylor Swift - "Welcome To New York" (83 comments)

On some Sufjan record that we will never hear.

What a time to be alive.