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Went to the reunion show in 2008. Pretty exciting, tho the rarities disc is questionable…not sure how some of those qualify as rare.

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August 30, 2011 on Ben Folds Five – “Tell Me What I Did” (Stereogum Premiere)

I seriously got downvotes for feeling bad for Ginger kid?! I know there are some high and mighty hipsters that really can’t help but to hate on everything, but I thought they’d have more interesting things to do…like yuppying the hell out of Williamsburg and coming up with new ways to be ironic.

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November 19, 2010 on Ginger Kid Releases Soulless Music Video

Kind of a low blow. Obviously, he has made this available to the world via YouTube, but it seems kind of bullying to repost it for humor. No one told little dude that acapella and peace aren’t cool (Prob should’ve known about acapella tho). If his message had been packaged and delivered “better”, I’d hope folks wouldn’t hate on it.

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September 20, 2010 on Ginger Kid Releases Soulless Music Video

Dear person who says “at least we have the first rentals album”, please get over Matt Sharp! As a matter of fact, DEAR WORLD, PLEASE GET OVER MATT SHARP! This opinion is so cliche now that I have to believe that at least half of the people who express it, never even HAD a legitimate appreciation for this band even in their prime. I’m tired of pre-Greenists who’ve been saying the same stuff over and over again for 10 years – you’d think they would’ve stopped talking by now. It wouldn’t matter if this album was a turd or if it was solid gold, you would NEVER like it because it’s not 1996!

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September 13, 2010 on Weezer – Hurley Premature Evaluation

This grossed me out so hard, I had a panic attack.
…And I like Hole.

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September 13, 2010 on Hole Covers Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”

Crawling from boarding school.

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September 10, 2010 on Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands Of 2010

PS – song is “When Your Love Is Safe”

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September 10, 2010 on Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands Of 2010

I saw Active Child last night open for School of Seven Bells and I swear, they played a song with a melody identical to “Follow You Down” by Gin Blossoms. Now, I understand that this is Stereogum and that most of you have probably put that band somewhere in the black box of your mind ‘cause you’re cooler than I am. And duh, I know that all musicians subconsciously borrow every now and then, but when it’s like a million measure run, it’s really hard to ignore. Not trying to rain on any parades; it might be a coincidence, but at the end of the day, that song will still sound a lot like that song by Gin Blossoms.

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September 10, 2010 on Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands Of 2010

My childhood address didn’t work. I guess Wauwatosa, WI isn’t a very cool place to grow up.

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August 31, 2010 on Arcade Fire – “We Used To Wait” Video

Vernon and West take break from bickering about vocoder vs. autotune to bring us this less-altered track of “What the hell is this?”

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August 30, 2010 on Kanye West – “Monster” (Feat. Bon Iver, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj)

I saw this shitshow on Letterman last week. Vocals sounded forced and unnatrual and she looked like hell in the most unoriginal way. Maybe being rock enough isn’t what earns you the privilege of sporting a leather jacket, maybe it’s about being not horrible and whiney. Taylor Momsen, NO LEATHER JACKET FOR YOU!

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August 30, 2010 on Taylor Momsen Covers The xx And Rihanna AT THE SAME TIME

In the tradition of lyric absorption via video text a la “Right Now” and “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand” comes this colorful vid boasting F-bombs!

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August 27, 2010 on Cee-Lo – “Fuck You”

Don’t you think it’s possible that Weezer funded their record with money they earned from doing these various promotions with Hurley and that’s what they meant by “Hurley paid for our record”? Unless they were going for something more subliminal, they’d probably not deny the association. I get that anything that even smells vaguely of “sell-out” is a major issue with you people, but I’m just wondering why it’s such a huge flipping deal. Labels fork out the $ for production on a lot of records, although it is usually recouped, but what is the difference in the end if Hurley exchanged for some promo. I hate all the bitching and whining you pretentious pre-Green / Matt Sharp-era loyalists do…you’re the same kind of people who list your favorite bands on your Facebook profile as “OLD Weezer” or “OLD Smashing Pumpkins”. Bottom line is Weezer still lives in 2010; let these 40-somethings do whatever they want.

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August 27, 2010 on Weezer Confess, Deny Nike Funded Hurley (The Sweatshop Song)

God bless ’em. Pop outstanding.

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August 2, 2010 on Built To Spill Love The ’80s

I do think it’s possible that some people out there really enjoy this stuff, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume they’re not spending a lot of time on Stereogum…they’re probably probably weaving a blanket out of troll hair or tattooing horses or something. Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s beyond me… it’s not like it’s some complex form of art that I’m just not deep or hip enough to understand. These are excuses some kids make in order to feel like obscurists. Of COURSE they’re going to listen to a bearded sister duo and say it’s the most mind-opening experience ever. Plus, they’re like French, right…so their music posesses some sort of sophisticated Frenchy intelligence that regular Americans just don’t “get” unless they’re like totally cultured and shit. I’m going to stop being mean. I guess some people are fascinated by the weird…but a lot of us are just really tired of everyone’s efforts to shock us.

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July 27, 2010 on Op-Ed: An Artists’ Dialogue On CocoRosie’s Grey Oceans

Not that I’d ever advise against supporting local record stores, but the Matador pre-order was a stellar bargain.

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January 11, 2010 on Pavement’s Greatest Hits Get Name, Release Date

Timberlake escorts Biel to Africa; stays inside tent inventing sweet dance moves.

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January 11, 2010 on Santigold, Lupe Fiasco, Jessica Biel Climb Kilimanjaro

Even if The Postal Service never existed, even if this delinquent had been a pioneer and his authenticity was never in question…his lyrics would still blow goats for pennies. Cheeseville, USA:

“I’d get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance.”

Why are we arguing?…

Additionally, how can ten thousand lightning bugs give you only one thousand hugs?…that would be at least ten thousand hugs, if one hug per bug…unless the bugs would give ten thousand hugs each…which seems like it would actually be a horrible experience.

Bugs don’t hug and Owl City sucks.

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January 11, 2010 on Owl City Rips Off Album Art, Too

I thought they were playing “Boys On The Radio” off of “Celebrity Skin”.

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January 7, 2010 on Hole Is Back, Sort Of

Saved By The Bell…”Go For It” by Hot Sundae (Jessie / Kelly / Lisa)

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December 18, 2009 on New Washed Out Video – “Belong”