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 +3Posted on Apr 18th, 2012 | re: Progress Report: Lower Dens (1 comments)

Cannot wait for this record.

 +14Posted on Mar 21st, 2012 | re: Premature Evaluation: Beach House Bloom (155 comments)

Yeah, the “Teen Dream 2″ assertion is right on the money, but for some reason that’s not bothering me at all. They don’t really take many risks here, but they are just /so/ good at doing what they do, so it doesn’t matter.

 +2Posted on Feb 9th, 2012 | re: of Montreal Play Fallon (9 comments)

Great performance, but I’ve never seen Kevin so subdued. It’s weird to NOT see him in make up or without pants or dancing across the stage.

 +1Posted on Sep 8th, 2011 | re: Watch Jeff Tweedy Cover Black Eyed Peas, Wilco's "Born Alone" Video (15 comments)

I wasn’t trying to say that loneliness is only a concept and not a reality, just that it’s a common trope in songwriting that is still effective when executed well, like in this song.

 +2Posted on Sep 7th, 2011 | re: Watch Jeff Tweedy Cover Black Eyed Peas, Wilco's "Born Alone" Video (15 comments)

Did anyone else read the Atlantic article? I found it extremely interesting, both as a look into Tweedy’s creative process in originally writing this song and then Wilco’s creative process in making this song what it is. This quote especially stuck out to me:

“I thought this lyric at the end—’born alone, born to die alone’—sounded like one of the most dire things that you can sing, but also defiant. I had strong feelings singing that lyric and wanted it illustrated in some defiant, triumphant way.”

Being lonely (and defiantly so) certainly isn’t anything new, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful and important of a concept.

 +2Posted on Sep 3rd, 2011 | re: Wilco The Whole Love Comment Party (77 comments)

I’ll echo everyone’s gushing over Art of Almost. So good! As is the rest of the album. Now I just have to wait until the 27th for the deluxe edition to make its way to my doorstep.

 +1Posted on Aug 31st, 2011 | re: Premature Evaluation: M83 Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (49 comments)

I agree with you on the vocals. I like the subtle, hushed vocal delivery; I think it complements his music so well. Not to say that the vocals on Hurry Up are bad, it’s just different, and it might take a few more listens to get used to.

 +11Posted on Aug 26th, 2011 | re: Neutral Milk Hotel Box Set Details (14 comments)

oh my god

 0Posted on Aug 25th, 2011 | re: Atlas Sound - "Terra Incognita" (6 comments)


 +2Posted on Aug 25th, 2011 | re: Atlas Sound - "Terra Incognita" (6 comments)

Bradford Cox is very high up on the list of people I wouldn’t mind being, and this is why. The guitars on this song shimmer in such a subtle way. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait for the record!