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Friday Is Officially The New Global Record Release Day

I think we can safely say that we've reached a point where release dates are totally 100% irrelevant. Albums still leak, of course, and albums stream online in advance of their "official" release date, and sometimes a digital release will precede a physical release by days if not weeks. One of my favorite records of… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 26, 2015

Watch Action Bronson Reenact The Recording Studio Scene From Boogie Nights

There Will Be Blood is a great, great movie, but for my money, Paul Thomas Anderson's best film to date is 1997's Boogie Nights, about the rise and fall of fictional porn star Dirk Diggler (played by Mark Wahlberg). At the crest of that fall, a delusional, coked-out Diggler attempts to move from porn to… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 25, 2015

1 Terrifying Mashup Only ’90s Kids Will Understand

I've made no secret of my disdain for Limp Bizkit -- I literally just published a Black Market column today in which that disdain was directly addressed -- so it feels like some bizarre atonement (punishment?) to be forced to witness this: a mashup of Limp Bizkit's 1999 song "Break Stuff" with the theme… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 25, 2015

The Black Market: The Month In Metal – February 2015

At the very end of January, a few days after last month's Black Market was published, Tom interviewed Wes Borland -- the guitar player in Limp Bizkit who dresses like he accidentally went onstage with the wrong band -- and Tom, bless his heart, confronted Borland directly on my behalf, asking… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 25, 2015

Built To Spill – “Living Zoo”

Built To Spill haven't released an album since 2009's There Is No Enemy: a great record, IMO, one of my favorites of that year. They didn't go on hiatus or anything after that, but they did lose a few members -- drummer Scott Plouf and bassist Brett Nelson -- and replaced them with Steve Gere… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 24, 2015

Elder – “Legend” (Stereogum Premiere)

The psychedelic stoner-doom band Elder have been making music since 2006, and over the course of their existence, they've released a pair of LPs (2008's Elder and 2011's Dead Roots Stirring) as well as an EP (2012's Spires Burn/Release) and a live album (2013's Live At Roadburn). So maybe you know Elder already, and maybe… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 23, 2015

The Darkness – “Barbarian” Video

Depending on how you view these things, the Darkness arrived either two decades too late or a decade-or-so too early. The band's great first album, Permission To Land, came out in 2003: If it had come out in 1983, it would have been right at home alongside releases by bands like Judas Priest, the Scorpions,… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 23, 2015

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Treated For Cancer

The first time I heard Iron Maiden -- when I was like 11 years old -- was the moment I recognized music as something bigger than songs on the radio; it was the first time I was able to embrace music as a part of my identity. Iron Maiden were the first band whose T-shirt… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 19, 2015

Blur Announce New Album Magic Whip, Hear 1st Single “Go Out”

Blur's last album, Think Tank, was released in 2003, but they've spent much of the last few years teasing a follow-up, with Damon Albarn saying as far back as 2012 that "there will definitely be another Blur album." Today, though, that album has been announced, via a video chat on the band's Facebook:… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 19, 2015

Watch Faith No More Debut “Cone Of Shame” In Tokyo

Faith No More have been rolling out their upcoming Sol Invictus VERY slowly -- first announcing they were at work on the album (their first in 18 years) last September, and only revealing its title and release date earlier this month. They've given us a few new songs, including the non-album track "More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 18, 2015

Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth – “Unnamed”

Whenever I attempt to mount my (admittedly specious) "nu-metal was a plague upon all metal" argument, I'm met with a counterargument suggesting that grunge was equally responsible for metal's ill health in the '90s/early-'00s. I disagree. I've addressed this before, but the essence of my response is: In many respects, grunge was just… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 16, 2015

Waxahatchee – “Fish Eyes” (Bottomless Pit Cover)

Bottomless Pit are the Chicago band that formed from the ashes of the excellent, unsung '90s indie rock act Silkworm, after that band's drummer, Michael Dahlquist, was killed in a car crash in 2005. Bottomless Pit are excellent and unsung, too, and you should get to know their catalog if you don't. (Their last wa… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 13, 2015

Ghost Bath – “Death And The Maiden”

The Chinese one-man black metal band Ghost Bath are responsible for my favorite song of 2015 (so far): the Envy/Deafheaven-esque "Golden Number," the lead single from Ghost Bath's upcoming sophomore album, Moonlover. I've listened to that thing a few hundred times over the past month and a half and it still somehow liftsMore »

By: Michael Nelson / February 13, 2015

Pallbearer – “Fear And Fury”

Last year, Arkansas doom band Pallbearer released one of 2014's best metal albums: their sophomore LP, Foundations Of Burden. They've been touring the hell out of that thing pretty much ever since it dropped, but they're about to embark upon a new jaunt, the Decibel Magazine Tour, where they'll… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 12, 2015

Guess Who Hates The Brit Awards. (Hint: Rhymes With Borrissey)

Remember when Kanye West said all that stuff about the Grammys yesterday? No? You might have missed it. I'll recap: Kanye shared some choice words and strong opinions about the Grammys. In an interesting bit of "coincidence," today, Morrissey offered a 1300-word diatribe of his own about music award shows -- specifically "the British… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 10, 2015

Lightning Bolt – “The Metal East”

Last month, the Providence, RI-based noise duo Lightning Bolt announced some details of a new album, Fantasy Empire, their first new LP in five years. The album was recorded at Pawtucket's Machines With Magnets studio (where Krieg and the Body recorded their recent albums), it's coming out on Thrill Jockey next month, and it… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 10, 2015

Stream Death Karma The History Of Death & Burial Rituals Part 1

Prague's Death Karma are a duo whose two members -- frontman/mastermind/multi-instrumentalist Infernal Vlad and drummer Tom Coroner -- also play in the trio Cult Of Fire. Cult Of Fire's first album, Triumvirát, was released in 2012, and Death Karma made their debut a year later with the A Life Not Worth Living EP, and over… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 10, 2015

Tool And Mastodon Members Form Nautical-Themed Supergroup Legend Of The Seagullmen

It's hard to decide exactly what to make of the Legend Of The Seagullmen, a new high-concept "supergroup" featuring Tool's Danny Carey and Mastodon's Brent Hinds (alongside OFF!'s Dimitri Coats and film director Jimmy Hayward). On one hand, it's a garishly nautical-themed project played for maximum kitsch: The graphics harken back to '60s pulp novel… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 9, 2015

Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon Has Some Harsh Words For Courtney Love And Billy Corgan In New Memoir

Kim Gordon's memoir, Girl In A Band, is out next month, and while I personally haven't read the thing, what little I've read about it suggests it's going to be totally fascinating. The new issue of Vogue includes an excerpt, in which Gordon offers some details about her move to New York City… More »

By: Michael Nelson / February 3, 2015

The Black Market: The Month In Metal – January 2015

Coming into the new year, the five guys who curate the Black Market -- Ian Chainey, Aaron Lariviere, Wyatt Marshall, Doug Moore, and me -- had a few long discussions on what we might do to improve this feature in 2015 (and beyond). We considered expanding its scope, increasing its frequency, changing its format and/or… More »

By: Michael Nelson / January 28, 2015

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