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Earlier today, the producer known as BOOTS released “A Day In The Life Of Jordan Asher,” the opening track on his forthcoming mixtape, and now, he’s released its closing track: “Dreams,” which features guest vocals from none other than Beyoncé. He’s releasing the song with the intention of benefiting the charity Day One. In a Facebook status update, the producer had the following to say about the track and his intentions:

Lily Allen nabbed the award for Best Album Title Of 2014 when she announced her new record would be called Sheezus, and now, the album’s title track has been released. The song sounds nothing like anything on Yeezus, sadly (though not exactly shockingly). On the chorus, Allen runs down a list of pop’s biggest women — Rihanna, Beyonce, Lorde, Lady Gaga — and the ways in which they vie for chart supremacy. Listen.

Courtney Love’s music is about as erratic as her personal life/online persona, but at her best, she’s a truly kickass songwriter and singer. As she mentioned earlier this month, she’s releasing a new double-A-side single, “You Know My Name”/”Wedding Day,” to coincide with her forthcoming UK tour, and the first half of that single is available to hear right now. “You Know My Name” is old-school, no-frills, no-fat punk rock with a huge, knockout hook on the chorus and a perfectly shredded vocal performance that only gets stronger as it gets more ragged. (Frankly, based on this, C-Lo kinda would’ve been the perfect Kurt stand-in at that Rock Hall jamboree.) This, to me, is Courtney at her best — or if not her best, then as close as she’s gonna get 20 years later. Listen.


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I wouldn’t consider any Radiohead to be Britpop — Pablo Honey predates Modern Life by months, and is largely influenced by American bands. The Bends was released during Britpop’s apex but really had nothing to do with Britpop (aside from maybe “Fake Plastic Trees”). And OK Computer was pretty much the death knell for the whole thing.

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I actually wrote about it last year, when we premiered the first track:

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I think he technically holds the title of “junior staff writer” or something, as he has since graduated from intern to paid contributor. I can’t vouch for the “drinking thru straws” thing. He’s also a great guy! Welcome indeed!

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James Rettig!

Guarantee this is some weird viral publicity thing for Season 2 of Orphan Black.

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@Michael_: Definitely not trolling you, didn’t mean to offend you. I think your feeling is totally valid; it’s just not the way these lists are assembled/produced by us. And it’s not analytics that establish a blogger, but words, and you’ve published a lot of ‘em. I say that with the sincerest respect. WITH THAT SAID I am jumping out of these comments now, because the work is piling up over here. Thanks for listening!

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@Ben: Yeah, it happens every time, and for the first few months doing these franchises, I would always step into the comments and explain that these are always and only assigned to writers who are passionate fans of the artist in question, and we’ve in no way asked them to either follow or reject consensus, but to present a list that reflects their feelings as honestly as possible. I stopped making that address in the comments because it made no difference; people accused of us trolling just the same. The only reason I called out Michael_ is because he’s a longtime reader and a pretty established blogger himself and I think he knows in his heart that we don’t operate that way. But it’s a good opportunity for me to restate our editorial policies, even if they only go read by you and Michael_ and other people who comment here regularly anyway.

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Nah, you have my word — hand to heart — we approached this with no such intention, and James was given no such direction (and to be clear, no writer with whom I’ve worked has EVER been told directly or indirectly to be “more controversial”). I’ll be totally straight with you: In this case, we actually considered asking James to reconsider his decision to leave Teen Spirit off the list, before finally deciding that doing so would have been kind of invasive and dishonest. That said, if I had written this list, Teen Spirit would have been No. 1. But I hold James’ opinions on music in the highest esteem, and they’re presented here unaltered, and they are 100-percent sincere.

 +24Posted on Apr 4th | re: The 10 Best Nirvana Songs (163 comments)

You think it’s safe to assume we hired James Jackson Toth, an acclaimed songwriter (bka Wooden Wand) and outstanding critic in his own right, to write 3200 words on Nirvana … to troll commenters?

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For anyone not inclined to read the intro, I just want to highlight one section of it, which precedes the list itself:

“Many readers will note the conspicuous absence of Nirvana’s most popular and enduring song from this list. For the record, I concede that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a great song (possibly the best song to ever rip off the Pixies), but the fact is, Nirvana recorded better ones. At least ten better, as a matter of fact. Here they are.”