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 0Posted on Apr 18th | re: The Faint - "Evil Voices" Video (3 comments)

right on. I think I might check them out in June.

 -5Posted on Apr 18th | re: Throwing Copper Turns 20 (65 comments)

warpath? nah, just some snarky comments. If you’re gonna totally slag them off, I feel it’s fair to return some fire in the comments.

If you had said something intelligent about why you don’t like the new songs, I might not have disagreed with you. But to just call them all awful is I feel a moronic bid for attention, like Pitchfork’s 0.0 review. “Hey, look at me, I’m not some Dad Rock critic! I piss on the Pixies and celebrate Iggy Azalea and for this I hope I’ll earn some career longevity.” This is the fucking Pixies, releasing their first new songs – show some freaking respect, even if you don’t like it! Particularly because if you just listen to the songs and not the trends, you’d have to admit that it’s a better record than 99% of the other ones you’ll write about this year.

 +1Posted on Apr 18th | re: The Faint - "Evil Voices" Video (3 comments)

I saw them 12 years ago too and their show was killer and the crowd was going apeshit to a point I really haven’t seen since the 90s mosh pit glory days.

 -6Posted on Apr 18th | re: Throwing Copper Turns 20 (65 comments)

“Treated with respect?” Is this a new concept for the author who just called ALL of the long-awaited new Pixies songs AWFUL because he was told to by Pitchfork or some 15 year old kid at a David Guetta show?

That’s cool that they play instruments and are one of the few somewhat-interesting EDM acts, but I’m not sure anyone here cares to read or comment about this stuff.

More interesting would have been an interview with Black Francis about the dope new Pixies songs.

 0Posted on Apr 14th | re: Watch Arcade Fire's Full Coachella Set Featuring Debbie Harry (5 comments)

Loved that EDM shade. Beck also got off a good one when he told the crowd he hoped they survived “the sun and the wind and the dust and the four-on-the-floor.” Lines are being drawn.

 0Posted on Apr 13th | re: Coachella 2014: The 9 Best Things From Saturday (11 comments)

next month, the internet trendsters will all be saying, you know what, the new Pixies is actually amazing, once they think they can stand out more by taking that stance.

there are a million people like me and you that are loving the injection of new Pixies blood. The least enjoyable second of the least enjoyable new Pixies song will bring more joy to more people than Chris DeVille could hope to do with a thousand lifetimes worth of his work.

 -10Posted on Apr 13th | re: Coachella 2014: The 9 Best Things From Saturday (11 comments)

If you think modern Pixies material is awful, have you checked out modern Chris DeVille material? Long odes to the likes of Demi Lovato. It’s quite pathetic.

the obvious ones…but if she’s down, and they’re down, i’m down!

Thank you for that predictably amazing read from Ian!

One thing I always found strange about Pavement’s cover of Killing Moon is that they play the wrong chord in the chorus and it totally changes (misses?) the mood of the song. The Bunnymen’s chords are G major to C minor. Pavement plays a C major, which makes it seem like a typical song. The C minor is so crucial to the dark Bunnymen vibe. I was never sure if that was an intentional choice by Pavement or a mistake or just slacker insouciance in the extreme.