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damn, this song's giving me the chills.
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July 13, 2015 on KAEB – “There’s No One” (Feat. JonWayne) Video
Man, this imagery really reminds me of Michael Borremans. Can't wait for this album.
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November 19, 2014 on Viet Cong – “Continental Shelf” Video (NSFW)
So great! Also, it's worth noting that they just signed with Flemish Eye, Women's old label. Also, for those who are interested I believe there are a couple songs on their bandcamp:
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March 14, 2014 on Viet Cong – “Bunker Buster”
Whoops, the article was definitely edited. I noticed the same thing before the change.
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January 24, 2014 on Stream Arcade Fire’s Her Score
Pretty Surprised either of the latest Mount Eerie albums didn't show up. Seems like a natural fit.
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December 5, 2012 on NPR’s 50 Favorite Albums Of 2012
whoops, "seriousness of what happened" *
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May 21, 2012 on Dan Harmon Replaced As Community Show Runner
To clarify, what bothers me is that it undermines the seriousness of the what happened by casually using a word that defines the intended audience as less-mature.
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May 21, 2012 on Dan Harmon Replaced As Community Show Runner
There is a difference between addressing people as "kids" as opposed to "friends."
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May 21, 2012 on Dan Harmon Replaced As Community Show Runner
Does it bother anybody else that he starts the post by addressing everyone as Kids?
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May 21, 2012 on Dan Harmon Replaced As Community Show Runner
God, this is like my dream band. Maybe plus Ed Droste, but it's always nice to have dreams that don't come true as well.
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December 6, 2011 on Air – “Seven Stars” (Feat. Victoria Legrand)
This may be the single greatest thing I've ever seen to this point in my life.
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December 6, 2011 on Man Whistling “Georgia On My Mind” On 1980s Detroit-Based Talk Show Completes Me/Us
Best news I've heard in a while.
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November 21, 2011 on Air Prep Le Voyage Dans La Lune
A little bit off topic but, maybe you could start every post with "Good new everyone!"
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October 5, 2011 on The Coen Brothers TV Show Movie Quotes Game
Seinfeld 2
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September 28, 2011 on What Should Dane Cook Call His New Sitcom?
That WAS a "real steal" sir, yes it was...
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September 22, 2011 on Hugh Jackman Lets The Publicity Stuntman In Him Take Over On WWE Raw
What is this garbage even?
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September 15, 2011 on Way Yes – “Automail” (Stereogum Premiere)
I have a horrible feeling that this show has given grossly immature bros validation for what is surely a charmed husk of an emotional center.
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September 12, 2011 on Entourage S08E08: Series Finale
After my first listen I was a little unenthused. I guess I'm one of the few that really enjoyed Some Loud Thunder and I was hoping for a bit more experimentation than this album has been giving up. Though, after reading these mostly positive comments I think I'll continue to listen and look around. I'm sure there are things I simply just did not pick up on.
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September 6, 2011 on Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Hysterical Comment Party
For some reason I thought it sounded like a dog barking that's been messed around with in the computer or something. Like in really old terrible keyboard synths when they'd have the "nature soundz"
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August 30, 2011 on Bon Iver x James Blake – “Fall Creek Boys Choir”
Damien Hirst guys? I feel like this album cover is more name-dropping than a good album cover.
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July 6, 2011 on RHCP Unveil I’m With You Cover